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#108 (part 2) You can’t escape your shadow, & the right way to set boundaries w/ Connor Beaton

Connor Beaton speaks from the heart, believing that people shift when they’re presented with stories, not statistical data. He has shared the stage with the likes of Gary Vaynerchuk & Lewis Howes, delivered talks for Apple and TEDx.


He has a no-BS attitude coupled with compassionate understanding of our own human limitations.

In 2014, he founded ManTalks, a community for men looking to expand and deepen their sense of self-awareness.

If you’re ready and willing to go deep, smash through your challenges, and be held accountable for unleashing the hidden potential within you, then this guy may just be the coach for you…There’s a reason they call him the “Bullshit Pressure Washer”.


We discuss in the episode:


•shadow work 


•how to set boundaries around a need with out making our partner feel that’s it an Ultimatum


•why to avoid debating 


•how to get to a place where we aren’t being taken advantage of and being manipulated by our partner OR aren’t taking advantage and manipulating our partner 


•“Happy wife happy life” & codependency 


•how Men can meet their edge in a healthy way


Book recommendations: 

The wisdom of insecurity by Alan Watts

Awareness by Anthony de Mello 


Connect with Connor:


Intro music: @toneroyal 


Production: Reel In Motion Productions

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Mon, 05 Jul 2021 12:15:00 GMT

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