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If the idea of an unconventional relationship makes you uncomfortable then this is the episode to listen to! Peak into Whitney’s world with us and get a taste of how she’s able to love so freely. A former Miss United States, she has competed as a professi–Sex–Jealousy–Plant-Medicines–and-the-Pageant-Circuit-e1qiqcn

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majic hour episode #9 transcription

(00:01) start the intro again before anything happens okay all right so without further Ado let me introduce today’s guest someone who pulls off short hair so much that she constantly makes us want to cut her own my Charisma and booty goals the sexiest wake Surfer I know a burning man veteran an avid traveler an Ayahuasca and huachuma Drinker a knife throwing Harley riding Jiu Jitsu Queen and boxer the on it first lady and former Miss USA the host of Glory Kickboxing a very vulnerable and honest woman that I’m so

(00:38) lucky to know please welcome Whitney Miller [Applause] you’re on oh too much pressure um so what we were actually before you jumped on the call we were discussing jealousy um and I know you and Aubry are in an open relationship Jade and I both agree that jealousy is a learned emotion but tell us how you have managed to reframe how you feel about jealousy and how you maintain your peace when it comes up again oh yeah it just seems a good one because really something that we all experience and honestly for me I was the most

(01:26) jealous girlfriend ever in my past like I was the one going through your phone and like you couldn’t look at another person because why would you want to be crazy um but I was also like fairly unhappy because I was doing [ __ ] behind their back too like I wasn’t being honest and I wasn’t being authentic to how I actually felt I just didn’t want them doing it um so there was definitely a disconnect there and so I think it’s just you know going through a whole kind of the Journey of an open relationship

(02:02) brings up all of your insecurities like it highlights every crack in the foundation and when you feel something like jealousy come come up realizing that you don’t have to you don’t have to go down that rabbit hole of like just death you know because it can take you so so far and then realizing okay why am I jealous am I afraid he’s gonna leave me do I have abandonment issues do I have self-worth issues I have self-love issues like realizing that underneath jealousy there’s all of these other

(02:34) layers that you can dive into and get to know yourself a lot easier and so when you when you reframe it in your mind like that okay what can this emotion teach me and why am I feeling this way instead of oh I’m just pissed and jealous because he’s talking to another girl you’re learning more about yourself in that moment I guess it’s hard in a closed relationship if you feel like there is you know something Shady going on especially if you’ve been cheated on a lot in the past to be able to do that

(03:03) and control that emotion because there’s also like that fear of being hurt as well you know but um yeah I know go ahead no go you’re fine I was wondering so for me I noticed that I get more jealous or like have the tendency to want to go through um my husband’s phone or my past Lover’s phone or whatever it is you know uh During certain times of the month so like hormonally I can be triggered as far as my neediness goes I can be triggered as far as like whatever abandonment issues I have in the past getting brought up to the

(03:38) surface it’s like it turns on certain times a month you find that yeah absolutely absolutely I mean you know I can tell on my periods about it I just I know that coming so it’s already just a little more added pressure is basically what it is so you do have to be aware of that and that’s something that I’ll mention to Autumn like you know I feel like my period’s coming I’m just feeling emotional and this [ __ ] suck yeah but like we’re still we’ve had so much practice that at least

(04:09) getting that out out in the Forefront and being like yes okay I am feeling this way because my hormones are a little bit out of whack so sorry if I’m being a little more agitated or emotional or whatever it’s just like putting everything out there and setting the scene for it and then you can work through it so tank men aren’t as um understanding of that in the beginning and then after a lot of wow this is really true this is yeah yeah then they’re kind of like they know yeah yeah and I for me though it’s when I’ve

(04:39) lacked sleep that’s when I’m super needy and emotional I don’t hormone’s going to play for me but more than anything it’s sleep and being a new mom that she said yeah I mean your physical estate dictates how you act in every part of the day in your relationships with friends with lovers with whatever it is so yeah I think also realizing being in the best place possible is going to help with the process yeah so where you’re at in your open relationship how do you cultivate an environment where you do feel vulnerable

(05:16) and safe it’s a constant I mean it’s a constant thing first and foremost is communication because everything has to be out on the table because everything between us is permitted so if it’s permitted if there’s any sort of like withhold or Omission or shading of the truth or a little white light here and that becomes so much bigger because it’s not communicated in a 100 honest type of way yeah do you think that your your other partners feel vulnerable and safe in the relationship or or do they seem

(05:50) not as like comfortable with it at first I think it’s definitely a learning process you know um I haven’t had too many relationships that have been a long-term type of thing to where there’s been that depth um whereas Aubry has that’s something that that’s how his kind of relationships go um recently I found somebody and now it’s kind of like we we are getting to that point of being like how are you feeling about this you know at first he was like absolutely not I don’t want to do it and then he realized all the

(06:21) benefits and the positivity that can come from it and we’ve talked about that and so once again it’s 100 open communication with everybody involved that’s the only way that it makes it smooth the only way that it’ll work so how do you introduce introduce the other partners into this situation like how does that how do you bring it up how does it start um it just kind of like depends the situation the situation yeah we’re so open both in a relationship but most people you know but if I meet somebody then

(06:55) it’s like hey just so you know I I am engaged but we’re in an open relationship and I’m allowed to like explore the people and enjoy and express and and whatever else and so do you just laying it out there do you find that people are often like uncomfortable with that or they just won’t go there or how do they you know like I’m just trying to this is so interesting to me because it’s just like I am for me it’s like when men told me that I thought they were lying to me and just wanted to cheat on their

(07:23) partner you know but with y’all it’s different because y’all are y’all are open about that to the public so it’s like they have we know the evidence but with me I was always like you’re lying yeah usually it’s like oh you know don’t ask it’s no don’t ask don’t tell policy yeah exactly yeah so your wife has no idea what you’re doing yeah yeah until she goes to your phone and catches you and then it’s like nothing whereas with us it’s it is very very open and most of

(07:51) the time actually every single time we’ve been with somebody else it’s Aubrey meets them or I can meet them or you know some of my best friends the first girl that Aubry started seeing when we started to do this open relationship is now my best friend yeah people think that’s just so crazy but it’s like we went through all of the [ __ ] we had to have those hard conversations that you don’t want to have like be vulnerable we had to be open we saw each other at our worst and saw each other at our best and so it’s

(08:20) like of course we’re gonna be friends now yeah and they don’t I guess they do they went through a period of not seeing each other and now they see each other again and so it’s kind of been like an ebb and flow of the relationship and as me and her so close it actually helps things a lot it makes it more fluid and smooth I guess one of the reasons why it’s so mind-boggling to me is because it’s something that I never feel like I’m able to do and it’s not even about I don’t know if

(08:48) it’s jealousy or if it’s ego or um I don’t know so it is really mind-boggling to me and I know um something I talked to Kyle about is I was like and I don’t know if this is something y’all do regularly but I notice people that micro dose on LSD regularly are more into the open relationships and I know that it came out in the 70s um that big the big um like open relationship and free love all that freedom came out in the 70s when people were doing LSD a lot so I was wondering if it changes something in your brain

(09:18) that makes you a little you know like yeah as it helps you set aside your your inner being from the ego something of this yeah for sure you know I don’t really micro dose LSD all that often I’ve only done it a few times and every time I’ve done it it’s been great um for us and I I think for both of us it’s the fact of just psychedelic medicine in general it allows you to look at your [ __ ] and it does show you you know this is your ego and this is your ego being yeah because you know it wants to be this big

(09:54) thing that controls your life and blah blah blah and so it really does allow you to separate who like your higher self from your small cells is that one you want to be in your small self then you’re going to be triggered and you’re going to be jealous and your ego is going to yell and be like look at me yeah and if you’re coming from it from your higher self then it’s like oh [ __ ] all is love like your pleasure is my pleasure if you’re happy that’s that should make me happy like I should not

(10:18) be upset by somebody that I love smiling or having a good time yeah or hugging somebody in the end of the day that’s the important part is you know make sure yeah you want is that the person to experience as much love as possible yeah learn about it sorry sorry it keeps glitching a little bit so I never know when I’m interrupting go ahead so I’m sorry it’s okay and it’s you know one thing that we say is like think about it as your best friend right if you’re talking to one of your best friends and they’re out and

(10:48) they met somebody and they had a really great time and blah blah blah you’re pumped for them like great that’s amazing are you gonna see it again what is it gonna be like you know what do you think but if that happens with our partner then all of a sudden it’s like oh hell no you’re not that’s so true really it’s all love like just allow that person to fully Express and fully enjoy life right yeah we rarely treat our partners like our best friends and we’re a lot of us are so different with

(11:16) our partners than we are with any of our friends they would describe us as a little bit different you know but um so is plant medicine what because I know in the beginning you weren’t um as well like wanting to do the open relationship and then um you decided to was it plant medicine that caused that transition I mean I think it was multiple things that caused that transition really for me it was no I don’t think it was night medicine I think it’s that’s helped for sure that’s been definitely like an aid for both of

(11:46) us but this is something that you know he wanted to do and we had read multiple books and we had talked about it on like a philosophical intellectual level and then he was ready to put it into practice and I was like nope not gonna do it we’re done so we split up I moved out of the house and I went on I first started it was supposed to be a month-long trip backpacking trip to Peru and I did watch Huma there for the first time um and then I went on a it turned into three months so I took the furthest direct flight that I could

(12:20) get out of Lima and landed in Madrid I did Madrid and Barcelona I went to Thailand and trained Muay Thai for a month um met some really great people there went to the following with them and so this whole kind of like finding myself and it was the first time I’ve ever traveled by myself and realizing and I had a connection with somebody there but I’m still very much so in love with Bob and I was like oh wait I can have a connection with somebody and enjoy somebody but still fully love somebody else just because

(12:53) and takes my love away from Aubry and so when I got home he was like I still really want to be with you and I was like great I still really want to be with you but we’re going to do it under this kind of new open relationship container and that’s kind of how it started yeah that’s so crazy so cool that you share this story with you know you’re so open with it because I think it’s something people of course think about when they’re in relationships it’s very natural for humans to wonder right especially if

(13:24) their needs aren’t met sure and um I guess it leads me to also the question or maybe just you can give a rundown on how you practice like being safe um as far as like STDs and that type of thing go in an open relationship because I think people who are interested or intrigued on on the whole open relationship thing it’s important to know sure and I think that’s what to me is actually it’s 2DS it’s like what I am way safer now than I’ve been ever in my entire life because it’s you’re for us it’s

(14:05) everybody has to get tested and you have to show your papers when do you ever do that when you’re single and you’re gonna hook up with someone yeah you know like I don’t I mean I’ve definitely gotten tested I’ve had somebody else get tested but I’ve never been like okay great I think it would be awesome for us to hook up however I need you to get it tested and you need to show them your papers otherwise we’re one thousand percent using a condom and there’s no other way that it’s going to go otherwise we’re

(14:27) just not gonna have sex you know yeah and so for me it’s we’re just that’s how it is it’s very safe it’s open papers are shown everybody knows the deal and that’s that is there any I guess I don’t know for me I’d be like nervous about the people that you’re in other outside relationships with who also you know are open to being with other people as well like anything becoming I mean I guess anything’s possible in any relationship ever so there’s risks you run yeah yeah I mean there’s always a risk

(14:58) but that’s also the thing is you have to trust yourself and and Trust the other person and really know that if you’re getting into some sort of sexual relationship with somebody you should be able to trust them yeah you know of course there’s always something that could come up but um you should be able to trust that person and you know for us it’s like okay if you are with somebody else and you don’t use protection then you have to get tested yeah before we’re together um so if all one day came to you and it was

(15:36) like I want to you know I want to close our relationship I want to become closed is that something that at this point you would want to do are you enjoying this the way it is no I’m totally enjoying it it’s fine you know I mean yeah um have like the man that I love so soaked and I still get to go and explore and have fun and get those butterflies that maybe aren’t here in a seven year relationship it’s you know it’s just different layers and levels of a relationship that if you’re monogamous

(16:07) you don’t get to fully experience I don’t I don’t have to wonder about it I get to experience it on my own yeah but the other thing is is you know the container the boundaries and the agreements and the container of the relationship is malleable yeah it can change it’s fluid just because we’re open today doesn’t mean we’re going to be open 100 the same way for the rest of our life you know it’s like great if we’re open now and it’s working for us and that feels good let’s do that now

(16:35) down the road one thing that comes up if I when I get pregnant how are my emotions gonna be am I going to feel kind of awkward in my body is that a moment or a time period to where we close the relationship for a little while you know so it’s it’s really just figuring out what works best for us in the moment and and dictating and kind of changing our agreements to fit that yeah that I didn’t even think about the pregnancy thing that would definitely I think settings yeah yeah that’s a really good point I didn’t think about that

(17:09) either I did think about like well you know once you have kids it’s like it’s probably a lot harder to like dedicate time to family and you know outside as well but that’s a good point um before you go on Jade um I was gonna ask about the so being in a in a really solid relationship with Aubry for all these years now is having outside relationships something that brings up like a freshness over and over again or like is it this competitive nature that comes out or what is the things that kind of relights

(17:42) the fire over and over that comes from having an open relationship yeah it’s you know it’s kind of the fact that you can’t really get complacent in your relationship you know because you want to keep the spark there and the spark stays because you get to experience other people and and have fun doing that yeah but then at the same time you get to come home you’re like Yay here I am at home it’s like if you go on a trip for a while you’re excited to come home but if you’re living in the same house

(18:13) constantly and working together and sleeping together and doing everything at some point you’re like man can you just leave me alone you know I think that’s just kind of like human nature yeah um yeah I would think also it would almost make less conflict in a way because you’re kind of getting your like energy out you know what I mean like in other ways than just like I’ll focus on one person almost two sure I mean definitely not less conflict um it’s been one hell of a ride and it’s yeah

(18:53) because it brings up your core [ __ ] yeah like you hide you can’t strap yourself which is something we’ve recently been talking about it’s like always it brings something up for you so you have to go in and look at it whereas if you’re in a monogamous relationship not all monogamous Relationships by any means but if you’re in some sort of relationship to where you can kind of like oh you know what we just don’t really need to talk about that we don’t need to go down that road we don’t need

(19:17) to do this you know so it’s still going to have its own um challenges but I mean open is hard as hell or not it’s not even something that I recommend for everybody by any means I think some people should be monogamous and some people should be an open but be aware of how difficult it actually is getting into an open relationship but also aware that it can be incredibly freeing hmm so um I’m doing my 10th plant plant medicine ceremony uh in three weeks and I know that looking back it’s hard to

(19:52) choose just one that like stands out and you know influenced you the most because they’re also transformational but if you had to choose just one to share with us and our listeners what would it be um for me it would I want Shuma for me is a huge heart opener huh yeah a huge heart opener and it’s the like grandfather wisdom and so I you know I have my headphones on one day and I listened to this song as I was going out you go out on the Amazon and it’s kind of like about a 12 to 14 hour trip and I

(20:26) was listening to One song and when we came back that same night you know eight hours later or whatever I heard the same song again and I remember saying to myself oh I remember when you listened to that song when you were a little girl and this was referring to myself eight hours before so it was living and they say you live a lifetime in a single day and that’s exactly what happened and it was just like it takes your fear away it took my fear away to just exploded my heart and that like one moment always sticks out to me and one

(20:57) another one that’s huge for actually Aubry and I we were going through a really difficult time I think we were I think we were actually split up and we were in Peru together with a big group and we were out of beach on the second watch Uma day and we were both under the medicine and we it was basically a realization of like oh my God like this what are what are we doing you know like this we have we’ve built up so much of our resentments and our armor and things that scared us and all of these things

(21:30) of why we couldn’t do this and wanted to push each other away and then that relaxed all of that because you just you’re not even really able to live in in those lower you know vibrations down near on plant medicine like that so it allowed us to see each other with completely fresh eyes and like come like totally revamp our relationship wow I love her yeah I’ve never done it before but I’m very intrigued um how would you say plant medicine has has benefited your life most and what would you say to those

(22:05) like me who are intrigued but haven’t gotten to the point yet of trying it yet well for you guys it’s you know when you’re fully called to do it like that’s when you should do it I don’t let out anyone else draw you into it because you really won’t be able to relax into the experience and you won’t get what was meant for you you know sometimes you do psychedelics like Ayahuasca and huachuma and they don’t have a single vision you know so it’s really when you’re ready to go and when you’re ready to

(22:36) release and surrender and just have no expectations and let the medicine take you that’s the best time to go yeah um and I think that kind of goes for anything but um for me it’s been it’s been really helpful before I met Aubry I was I was basically like a steel trap like nobody could penetrate my anything I was just I kind of cried in like five years or something it was what made you that way I think it was you know for me it was I grew up um being told like crime’s not going to do anything for you why are you crying I

(23:14) was like oh you’re kind of right isn’t helping a situation at all so I’m just not gonna cry and I’m gonna do everything that I should do and no one can hurt me I know I can do this and that you know I was just like so so like armored from my you know childhood I think it mainly was you know me and my dad are super close now but it was like growing up with a single father he raised me from the time I was four or it when I was in fourth grade up through high school and college and he was you know single

(23:47) father very hard working um but there are multiple women that kept coming into my life and trying to dictate how I was supposed to be and what I was supposed to do and so I was like hell no I’m not going to do that if I wouldn’t listen to anybody it was really difficult for me to have relationships with females because I didn’t trust any of them and um so I was just a steel trap basically um and then I was in a really bad relationship in college and that just enforced it you know and so when I’m at

(24:19) Aubry it was I am a one thousand percent completely different person today than I was you know seven years ago yeah um when I met him and I think the first thing is we did a cleanse together and that was the first kind of like opening of this whole new world and then we did psychedelics and it’s it’s giving me the opportunity to shed that armor and shed those fears and see where the fears come from and and it’s just been so freeing what kind of cleanse did you do to start out liver and gallbladder cleanse so it’s

(24:58) just juice and smoothies for I think it was seven days in Sedona but it was also paired with um ecstatic dance in holotropic breathing and body work and it was like Beyond powerful and yeah stuff you’d never experienced before that right yeah I was like sweet I’m gonna go and drink some juice and lose some pounds I know yeah yay and then it was just this whole like mind-blowing transformational experience that I couldn’t even to this day it’s one of my most transformational experiences that I’ve had in my entire

(25:32) life even including psychedelics yeah I love that you that that’s uh you know something you got to do that was just you it wasn’t necessarily you know having a plant medicine or something that kind of forces that Awakening it was you finding a little piece of yourself you lost I think it’s funny you can um you can still reach these higher Realms and these higher vibrations without you know taking an external substance there’s so much that you do with just your breath with dance with meditation with yoga with with

(26:06) nothing else other than you you and yourself yeah I think it’s funny how um close you feel to your partner when you do a cleanse together like uh it’s always I feel like to me there’s always a lot more humor added to the relationship maybe I don’t know uh if it’s because you’re a little bit more present because there’s no other like distractions and substances and then um you’re being cleansed out um so yeah so there’s like a lot of humor so I love that um and then I love ecstatic dance

(26:39) because sometimes for me it’s like a miniature ceremony without any medicine you know it’s very freeing but I actually when I do huachuma it’s at a ecstatic dance so we’re like it’s together and it is it’s always so aligning um I don’t know if you see this uh picture right there at the very top of that woman with like her heart going into her throat yeah yeah the first time I love it yeah the first time I did watch Huma um during a dance ceremony um my neck like my neck was all the way

(27:09) back like I was I was thinking like oh my God everyone’s gonna come over here and like be worried about me because my it was like the back of my head was connected to my back like it was so far back it was hurting and I couldn’t pull it forward if I wanted to and my my heart was like on fire and it was my they were merging and I hadn’t seen that photo yet so they were like merging and I was and I don’t know why in my um or what the Yeah the chakras but my throat I noticed first so I was like yeah I’m

(27:40) gonna be speaking my truth from now on like thinking that I was getting this power and then uh huachuma was like real gentle like laughing like no and then my heart caught on fire in a line then it was like no you’re gonna speak in love um and that was really uh that was it just felt so aligning my my chakras and um I like spent time with the moon and we were like dancing in the a labyrinth and it was just it was so beautiful um and I have another one of those at the end of November so I’m super excited

(28:11) because there’s always like you said it’s like grandfather wisdom there’s always something that I really um you know it’s not like it’s a lot of homework but there’s always some like really strong wisdom dropped where I’m like uh okay this is this is where I need to change how I deal with this do you ever feel ready for it like going into no I’m always scared the day of like I said it’s my 10th one in a couple weeks and I’m and even a couple days ago I was like oh man that’s really soon

(28:37) like what about you oh I always get butterflies yeah for every ceremony even like a static dance you know sometimes I still have resistance to doing something like that yeah even though it’s just dancing around not worrying about anything else because it is like a ceremony it’s going to bring up your [ __ ] you got to be bone you’re coming into a vulnerability yeah it’s uncomfortable I’ve only had one dark ceremony um and it did take me like a couple months to get over um yeah I couldn’t be alone for a couple

(29:08) days it was really really dark but even now when I look back I’m not going to say I’m glad it happened because it was so hard but I at least got something from it like I at least had a takeaway you know I did it too which is something yeah um so what is your biggest struggle currently and how are you using that to grow well for me it’s you know I’m transitioning and I actually talked to Paul selling about this is and what he told me is I’m in this transition from a girl to the capital W woman and that’s kind of like what I’ve

(29:47) been trying to do and so really using my voice because for me like we talked about a little bit earlier I’m good at distraction so I can be like oh there’s that but I’m gonna go over here because this is so much better you know and I can just track this practice track um so it’s like really speaking my voice like you were saying and and speaking it honestly and not being afraid of of who’s gonna think about it or what they’re gonna think in like fully embodying that and and moving into

(30:20) capital W woman and being what was his uh like nugget of Truth for you when you talk to him about that um so we’ll ask about one question and I basically asked him as you know is there anything that’s keeping me from living my truth and um basically he was just like you’re in this transition period to where it is kind of uncomfortable coming into this Womanhood and how big it can be but you kind of like it and it’s it’s kind of fun for you but he also said it was funny he’s like it’s almost like you’re

(31:01) gonna walk you see yourself and you have like the best outfit and you walk into a party and then you slide and slip on your ass yeah and that’s kind of how I’ve been feeling recently like I felt like I had all of this truth and I was like living my truth and I was speaking my truth and I had you know things figured out and then it’d be like Crash and Burn you don’t know [ __ ] and then I’m like okay we can maybe try to do it again it’s like Crash and Burn you don’t know anything and so I feel like that’s just

(31:26) the cycle of Life yeah absolutely um and that’s also particularly for me not judging myself when I do fall and when I do fail or when I do hurt people because I have a strong inner critic that will just like beat me up for any little thing that I’ve done wrong and then I’m not moving past it I’m not healing it I’m just constantly stuck there being like well you suck and you should have known better and you’re stupid and blah blah blah so for me it’s actually probably my biggest struggle at

(31:56) this current moment is notching myself as much and having heal and move on yeah how so you you’re learning to like quiet that self yeah yeah um we had Heather ashimara on she wrote a book with Don Miguel Ruiz that’s coming out um at the end of this month so she um two things I love about her is uh she’s taught me to just say like oops you know like when I mess up instead of beating myself up um but one thing that I really did learn from her a lot is is speaking your truth she says if you look at any of the

(32:38) conflict in your life or any resentment you have it probably started from you not speaking your truth and that’s really that really hit home for me so that helps me to you know use my voice like you were saying yeah um and I was just gonna note for a list anyone listening since you brought up Paul selig he’s someone who we also interviewed on this podcast who channels Spirit guides and is a medium for the living so your experience there is super interesting you guys can go back yes and if you don’t know just go click on that

(33:16) you’ll find out all you need to know about Paul in that house so you obviously have to have confidence and vulnerability in order to do all the things that we’ve talked about this far how do you go about cultivating those two things in yourself how do I go about cultivating confidence are you cut out a little uh confidence and vulnerability how do you go about cultivating those two things in yourself you know for me vulnerability has always been kind of difficult um but it’s as soon as I feel some sort

(33:49) of like constriction in my heart or like there’s some sort of fear that’s keeping me from doing it that’s I use that as like an arrow being like that’s exactly where you need to go with it if you’re afraid of mentioning this to somebody then you need to go like oh you know you don’t have to do it right now or now is not the best time and I think you know through this relationship it’s also helped with that it’s there’s not a better time other than right now like if it’s on your mind you need to

(34:22) discuss it now and just using that and then confidence comes from the proof that you can do that so when you’re constantly showing yourself over and over and over again okay I got it I can do it I can push through the fear then your confidence ultimately Rises anyway it’s like you’re creating competence overconfidence in some ways and I like what you say about the vulnerability like what I I like to I’ve been quoted on this podcast now several times saying seek the pain for positive gain or positive change so basically

(34:57) going into those hard places those painful places and knowing you’re going to have to go through some [ __ ] but it’s you know on the other side is going to be that Bluer sky that better better life absolutely no doubt love it so um we talked a little bit about your traveling the world on your own and going off for months at a time tell me a good story like a story you really just comes to mind doesn’t have to be you know necessarily all positive but uh just a great story you have from your travels alone as a young beautiful

(35:35) woman on the road uh one that comes to mind was I was in man there’s so many but I was in Costa Rica and I really like to stay in youth hostels when I travel by myself and people think it’s like crazy because I love my you know extensive things and I love a nice hotel rooms yeah but it’s like okay I’m gonna stay in a ten dollar night Utah still because that’s what I do and you know I’ve been doing this all the time and I think when I do that I get to meet so many like-minded people and so many people I would have never

(36:10) entered in conversation with I would have never crossed paths with at all and it’s just so fun to be able to do that so I was in Costa Rica and I was going to Nicaragua and me being me I was like you know I’m going to walk across the border instead of fly there or get a car or something because it was I don’t because it I was I knew I was going to have some sort of story and so I go and people are like you for sure shouldn’t do that it’s like not really that safe going yeah it’ll be fine

(36:45) and so I go and it’s just it’s Mayhem at this border and people are like you’re like grabbing your bags and like trying to take there’s machine guns everywhere and go and like you get your you have your passport and people it’s in this like cement block where the walls are blown out and it’s like just a small desk and there’s like chickens it’s just Mayhem and to get through that it through the um other side of the Border you have to like go through a chain-linked fence that’s just like cut out but it was just

(37:21) like that’s to me I was like I cannot believe that I did that it was such a bad idea but a memory of that last strawberry so I’m glad that I did it um and then another one you know for me traveling by myself is such good medicine right huge medicine um and back in Costa Rica because I like to serve so anywhere I go I want I usually like people to speak Spanish so I can practice that and I can serve and I just recently a few months ago went by myself um I didn’t stay in a youth hostel this time but I didn’t take my phone and I

(37:54) was there for one week and just completely disconnected and any you know sat with my thoughts for a full week surfed and when I came home I was just like beaming and so free and so fresh and just like so inspired to get back home and get back to work and and you know share the lessons that I learned and it’s just it’s huge medicine yeah entirely I love that I’ve I’ve backpacked 25 countries on my own staying in hostels some of them didn’t even have running water um and then I’ve I’ve done a couple with

(38:30) my partner but definitely when I backpacked southeast Asia by myself it was the happiest I have ever been in my entire life like I it was such medicine and a couple months prior to that I was actually so down on life that I didn’t want to live anymore just like five months prior um um oh okay that’s okay so um god um God bless you so um there’s like five months prior to um to being in pie Thailand I was literally at the point of contemplating suicide and then in pie I had never felt such peace and happiness and so I had a little Monk

(39:20) Tattoo the word uh smile on my back and Thai writing inside a temple and bless it because it was just a reminder that a smile is always around the corner you know like had I given up I wouldn’t have experienced this um and then there’s a lot of I have a lot of stories in Africa too that like yours where I was like I can’t believe I [ __ ] did that like I can’t believe I got on that motorcycle with that stranger like I could have died yeah yeah so I love I love that story the both of those stories that you shared I

(39:50) don’t have anything as gnarly I mean I went to Petra last year and like we drove through the Jordanian desert for seven hours to get there and stayed in like a little tent camp out in the desert but it was with my husband so I wasn’t really you know it wasn’t like alone with strangers there’s just one story that I remember now that I was um at a house I was there with my ex-boyfriend at the time which is years ago and we were at this beautiful house that was overlooking this Cove and it was all glass and it

(40:24) was just and we had like a whole group but I wasn’t feeling well and so they all went out and I stayed at the house and also and the alarm goes off and this alarm is like a bank alarm it is so loud and I’m just freaking out like I don’t know what’s about to happen I’m trying to call the guy whoever owns the house and they’re all out at the bar and he’s not answering and I’m like I’m about to die like I it’s all over from here so then I go into the bathroom and I get my like

(40:56) like my makeup brushes and I put them in between my fingers just in case somebody has to come in there oh my God all of these ideas of what was going to happen and finally the guy that answers and they get back to the house and and they’re like looking around I don’t see anything they watch the cameras and it was a monkey that set me alarm oh oh my God and I like falling right you know I understand give me the alarm worked I was about to kill a monkey with my makeup brush yeah so I am on all these travels have you met any

(41:30) psychos though or like attracted any weird stuff that came back with you no I don’t think so I don’t think I’ve met any like super weirdos I’ve met some really dope people who I’m still great friends with actually like you know I’m at an Australian girl and her boyfriend in Thailand and I went to Bali with them and now you and they live in Australia but now we see each other every two years they come to Austin they just left Austin and um I meet some of the most interesting people it’s so cool

(41:59) one time um I absailed down the sippy Falls in Uganda they’re like three waterfalls right next to each other and when I got to the bottom I camped at the bottom not thinking that anything bad could happen it was like in the jungle but I knew there were like witch doctors that people were afraid of but I just I don’t know I just didn’t think anything what bad could happen in the Ugandan jungle yeah so it’s just me me a book and this was before iPhones like this was like maybe they were iPhones but I

(42:26) couldn’t afford one at the time so I had no like internet signal I just had well I wouldn’t have anyways but I just had me a book and a lantern inside this tent and I remember after the sun going down just hearing these weird noises around my tent and just like kind of just trying to be into my book and not get worried well then they were getting louder and louder as the sun got darker and I realized they were hyenas like just circling my tent and I was so terrified that this is still so silly but I was so terrified

(42:54) that I wrote letters to my family to say goodbye my God I wrote a letter to my to my mom and my admire and I think my like the guy I liked at the time and to my birth dad and my cousin soul searching I still have those letters actually wow you should send them with like a preface this is when I thought I was gonna die in this tent in Uganda I thought hyenas were gonna eat me I’ll give this to you anyhow I survived wow like yeah I don’t know I don’t know if it’s in pain I tried to stay luckily I didn’t have

(43:32) any food with me for them to spell smell but I tried to stay as quiet as possible um and then so what is absaling is that you called it abseiling is when there’s a rope attached to um the very top and you’re like going down the Rope like it’s a huge long rope and you’re just going down but right next to the waterfall to where you’re like wet from yeah yeah yeah amazing wow very cool yeah it was amazing was there other people there uh there was no one else there besides the one guy that like connects your rope

(44:05) to the thing okay it’s the and then his name was his name was Moses and he carried a long stick and I remember before we were gonna exhale did I know is this in the book of Jade I know yeah I know but before we were gonna abseil because I was so lost and I knew what I wanted to do but I couldn’t figure it out and he was like come with me and he was just walking with the stick and I was like I hope this is a good idea and then he tied tied me to that thing and I have sailed down it was great besides the

(44:35) near death eaten by hyenas yeah I feel better about I feel better about Whitney traveling because I know you’re you practice MMA for a long time right so at least you traveling alone but Jade I’m a little nervous I’m not gonna lie okay I’m like where’s my pen and paper I’ve got notes to write literally all right so there’s a few questions we’d like to ask everyone who comes on the show first off what advice would you give to your 25 year old self um probably same lesson that I’m learning

(45:15) today is just to be more vulnerable and not take anything too seriously stop judging yourself so much like every this whole process is is beautiful right so every challenge that comes up or any um if you hurt somebody if they hurt you it’s just don’t judge the situation and just realize that there’s light at the end of the tunnel and there’s so much that can be learned see it as a gift and not as a curse something I like to remind myself too is like in five years will this matter you know or on my desk bed is this something I’ll

(45:48) even give two seconds to which is the lights on your snow yeah yeah it’s true um so the next question is if you could have the whole world read one book which would it be oh my god well actually just finished reading my favorite books that and they’re by um Ted Decker who’s a really good friend of ours the first one’s called the 49th Mystic and the second one’s actually right here in front of me he rise of the mystics I have that in my cart on Amazon because Kyle told me about it it’s amazing yeah

(46:25) it’s big I didn’t realize it was that thick yeah this one’s have you read the 49 the 49th is the first book so you gotta read that first and then yeah this one comes out in October oh it is October is it out it’s not I think it’s available for pre-order maybe because I think I have both of them named cart on Amazon maybe it’s like not ready to ship or whatever it’s so good really this is the person who wrote the 48 Laws of or what is it no okay no Ted Decker is actually like a Christian Author okay

(46:57) um but he takes like such a beautiful how would you explain I don’t even know how to explain it but he just takes like such a beautiful stance on I don’t know just read it you’ll love it sorry that you get sucked into and you’re like on this journey of self-realization and Challenge and being able to fully understand like the upper world and the high vibrations and how everything is connected but it’s also this like thrilling story so you’re sucked in the whole time yeah that sounds amazing yeah so many beautiful

(47:32) like nuggets in there like I I’ve highlighted so much of this book and taken so many notes and yeah I feel like it’s really helped me along this journey with like a transformation because I can see a lot of myself in the main character and I feel like hmm that’s that’s how a lot of people can relate to it yeah that’s cool that’s so different from what everyone else has said so I like that answer I was gonna say I feel like this for me I like sorry like conscious reading and like having the

(48:00) I I love all like the Mastery of love and you know like you’re saying the 48 49 48 levels of power yeah that’s what it is um those books are amazing and great and I’ve gained so much for them uh but for me having a story behind it allows me to play along and and bring it more into my life yeah yeah it’s easier to integrate sometimes when it’s a story because I was talking about this last night with Chris that every time I read an amazing book I’m like oh my God this is changing my life

(48:35) you know I send it to all my friends it’s groundbreaking and then integrating it into my life and and you know using it as my practice that’s the part that’s hard and you try to read it over and over again and you sometimes just like yeah you get on to the next thing onto the next thing so that’s the hardest thing for me is like figuring out how to integrate these amazing new tools that I’m learning into my actual life yeah have you ever what I like is Celestine Prophecy it’s another really great oh I

(49:02) haven’t heard of that one I never heard of that one it’s so good Jade you would love it um it’s a story and I mean it’s along the lines of everything we’re talking about here but uh I I got the movie no it’s terrible I didn’t even know there was yeah exactly that’s because it never made any noise it’s almost always the the case um yeah Aubry read together um getting the love that you want um that is my favorite relationship book it’s got like some Imago exercises in it

(49:35) it’s pretty intense like if any couple can do it it’d be like y’all or uh like Kyle and Natasha like yeah me and my partner got to exercise three and he was like I’m done like because it’s so so let me give you just an example of the exercises this is in the back of the book after you read it so it really preps you for them but the agreement is there’s 12 exercises you’re supposed to do one a week and like be loyal to it so the first one um is you write out like all the qualities of your mother and father that

(50:06) stood out to you and you Circle the ones that influence you the most so the next week you do the same thing with your partner and you answer this guide that you’re like oh I see how I kind of chose people that have some similarities well the third time and this is where most people probably quit you sit Indian style in front of your partner and you stare in their eyes which is already a little difficult for somebody you know so what the book teaches is that your subconscious cannot differentiate between yesterday and today it can’t

(50:33) differentiate between your primary caregiver and your lover so when you receive healing from your lover it heals parts of you from your childhood so that’s why we seek out certain characteristics so what the book has you do is you stare in the eyes of your partner and you say I’m seven years old you’re always threatening to commit suicide you’re my mother you’re always threatening to commit suicide and you’re blaming me You’re always screaming at me you uh beat me till I bleed it makes me

(51:02) feel worthless it makes me feel like I shouldn’t be alive like you just put it all out there talking to your partner as if they’re your mother or father so then your partner says I’m your mother I beat you till you’re black and blue I blame you for my Suicidal Tendencies and then at the very after repeating everything and validating you they say that they’re sorry wow so and then you take turns and your partner goes um and it’s just I have Goosebumps all over my body talking about it because it’s so

(51:30) may not sound intense but yeah when you do it it’s so much but so much more comes out than what you plan like you think in your head like oh I was hurt here here and here once you’re actually talking to your partner as if they’re your parent so many more emotional trauma comes out and you’re kind of for the next three days kind of a little bit on edge because you dug it all up you know yeah um so yeah I I’d be interested to see what you thought about that but yeah we’ll give it a go it’s amazing

(52:01) [Music] um I like that you articulated that very well Jade I feel like I have to go buy this book now but I’m afraid to do the work um so one more question uh if you could whisper one phrase to everyone on the planet what would it be I love you I love you oh that’s sweet I like that that’s simple and sweet yeah um so we do have from our magic mob which is our tribe of listeners we do have two questions that they came up with for you one was you seem so calm tempered is there anyone you’ve met since you and AV do so many cool

(52:43) interviews and experiences that has caused you to feel Star Struck sorry you cut out yeah so uh you seem so calm tempered is there anyone you’ve met since you and I sorry Jade will you just repeat from like introduce it from the message so we have two questions from the magic mob which are our tribe of listeners um they wanted to ask you you seem so calm tempered is there anyone you’ve met since you and OB do so many cool interviews and experiences that has caused you to feel any sort of like Star Struck at all

(53:24) um it’s a good question that is a good question I feel like I was Starstruck kind of recently but somebody that was oh you know who was it was uh in queue [Music] it’s like right here his name is right here on my dream guest list for the show I used to listen to so much of his stuff and then I met him and was like oh my God it is in queue an hour like and now we’re like friends with them and like you know he’s done a lot of events with Aubry and stuff and he’s he’s amazing but I would say I got

(54:05) kind of star stuck with that for sure yeah also if I read into Conor McGregor I would get Starship oh God yeah yeah um so the other question they had for you was being a previous Miss USA what is your current view on the pageant industry you know at my at kind of where I’m at now is I’m so far removed from the pageant industry and it was kind of for me pageants was something that I just wanted to do and wanted to try so it wasn’t something that I’d done my entire life and I wasn’t fully um into it

(54:41) so but for me I think it’s you know I think pageants do have some sort of a negative connotation surrounding them but it can also be incredibly possible with help gain confidence even though being judged in bikinis and whatever but it really helps with public speaking um gain confidence you meet a lot of really cool girls and so I don’t I don’t have any sort of like negative thing to say about the pageant industry I love how the girls are becoming more fit I think that’s amazing I love seeing the

(55:14) girls and they have you know some abs and their arms look great so instead of the tall skinny super model type of they they’re looking for people who are out there and taking care of their body and are being healthy and that makes me really happy to see yeah I love how they’re starting to take a stand too um I was Miss San Antonio I didn’t go on to Miss Texas because I went through a divorce that year and all types of crazy stuff but um my favorite part was having a platform and uh one night Valentine’s Day night

(55:44) this is still one of my favorite nights in life um I volunt they had me go be a guest at the sweethearts ball for adults with Down Syndrome and uh this woman was probably in her 30s and she asked if she could wear my crown and sash and so I was like yeah sure so I put it on her and like half an hour later her parents came back with like roses for her and and um they were crying and I was like hmm like because I just let her wear my crown and sash and they’re like you don’t understand like she really believes that

(56:14) she’s a pageant Queen tonight and this has been one of her like dream come true is to like be a beauty a beauty queen so um it was really cute and when I I went over to her and I was like can I take a picture with you and she’s like oh yes you may and it was just it was so sweet like she really you know I know I loved it so it’s more the experiences that you get um I think the platform and the experiences you get to like um you know volunteer at certain things that I think are are really cool about

(56:43) it too that I think people don’t realize come with it yeah absolutely I mean you get to do a lot of really great um like you said appearances and charity work yeah it’s fun yeah certainly fun to do yeah so we have a pick your poison question from the magic mom these are always fun the question is would you rather speak seven languages or be able to talk to animals yeah we lost her try and re-add uh oh are you there I’m here now yes okay good okay um I don’t have a video oh yeah I didn’t hear anything okay I have video I don’t

(57:37) I can see her I don’t have anything on my side yet well since since she can hear I know but myself recording yeah sorry wait let’s see this is the last question yeah okay cool I’m still not pulling up for me Jay do you want to see if you can re-add her maybe um I think it’s okay because it’s the last question so yeah uh okay so did you hear you didn’t hear the question right what no okay so we have a question from the magic mob um let me say that again we have a pick your poison question from

(58:27) the magic mob these are always fun so the question is would you rather speak seven languages or be able to speak to animals yeah if you can hear us what we can’t hear you oh there she is I can’t hear you guys I didn’t hear anything again okay okay the question uh let’s see we have a question uh pick your poison question from the magic mob these are always fun so the question is would you rather speak seven languages or be able to speak to animals speak seven languages oh really for sure yeah yeah I already speak to my dog all

(59:14) the time so if I can uh speak seven languages then I can speak to all kinds of animals already yeah no I think it would be dope I I would love to be able to speak seven for Glory all of these Fighters speak at least three to four different languages and we’re sitting there like well I only speak one you know and so I think it would be amazing to do that I know it’s embarrassing when you go to other countries they speak like at least four almost everywhere else but I know it is like yeah mostly in America that we just

(59:51) are lazy with it um it sounds super sexy to be able to speak seven um and it’s definitely easier to travel but I just got a dog last week and I’ve never wanted to be able to speak to an animal more so in Boulder psychic Institute which I’m a student at teaches they have a whole month training on how to communicate to animals and I’m considering taking it now um and seeing what happens so I want to choose that one and maybe it’ll happen like what about you Mercedes I was gonna say uh like you would I already speak to

(1:00:27) my cats fluently I know their language they talk to yourself a lot exactly so what do I need what do I need to do more of that for um me and my dog talk all the time yeah you don’t even need words we just look at each other no you know exactly better exactly so I’d pick seven languages that’s easy for me okay all right wait so really last question for you where can people find you on social media interwebs and the like um so I am missed two jits on Instagram m-i-s-s the number two and then j-i-t-s

(1:01:06) and Massachusetts on Twitter and those are basically the only two platforms that I use so I’m more active on Instagram than anything else so just check me out there cool yeah awesome thank you so much for being on the show that was fun yes yeah of course that was so much fun I don’t know if I’ll ever be in the same place at the same time when it’s you know when you’re in one of those tropical or Spanish-speaking surf locations but my husband’s a surfer and he’s always trying to get me out there

(1:01:33) and I’m mostly drowning more than surfing so I would love to learn from you if you have the patience to teach me one day do it well Mercedes is going to be out here the week after next to try to promote the show like we’re gonna try to get on a couple podcasts and try to do a couple shoots because we launch on Halloween um so she’ll be out here yeah we’re gonna do Kyle’s podcast Okay cool so we’ll be on it to record that so maybe yeah that’d be awesome awesome thank you so much so um if you

(1:02:03) just want to hit the stop button and just repeat what you did when you sent them the test it’ll send him all your audio okay cool sounds good so you can stop export is wave yeah thank you so much what do you want me to title it I guess Whitney brought a podcast yeah yeah thank you so much um and uh I’m rooting for McGregor tonight too so we’ll see what happens me too we just went and placed our bets and so hopefully we’re gonna win a lot of money nice well yeah he’s I saw he’s one and a half to one yes so

(1:02:39) yeah so that that’s cool okay well enjoy the rest of your Vegas day all right you guys have such an awesome day thanks for having me on thank you okay talk to you soon bye bye okay yeah her her video never picked back up for me after that so I don’t know but at least in the last couple yeah yeah oh that was a little stressful why but I was just kind of guessing I feel like it was one of our best episodes actually really yeah why I think the content and the flow of the conversation and I think we’re just getting used to interviews

(1:03:23) now because think about it the first two interviews we knew them and so what she had to say though people are going to be really interested in like I think it yeah I was wondering if we weren’t going deep enough into the questions but we covered so much and I feel like everything was relatable and if not relatable extremely intriguing I feel like if we went in deeper it would have been too long and yeah no for sure yeah yeah and Aubry was like definitely waiting for her to go do the rest of those stuff yeah so I think uh it went

(1:03:52) really good so I actually feel like I know Paul was cool and it was something so different yeah so that’s why I thought it’d be cool to have her so Paul has to be that first one because of the agreement but her being that next second week I think is perfect because it is so different of an energy yeah yeah and it’s so different of an energy and it’s three women and um it’s uh it’s still so uh attention grabbing you know it’s obvious when she’s on too that you can see why she’s

(1:04:26) interested and an interesting person like why you would want to listen to things she has to say so also um I don’t know in the intro um do you want to come straight out of it and do the exit right now you want to do the intro and then the exit might be easier for Adam to just do the exit huh yeah okay uh yeah but I was gonna say to the intro we might think about adding something do we don’t say anything specific about her being with Aubry right uh I don’t think she really wants to be like um I don’t want it to seem like that’s

(1:05:03) why we have her on um but we say the first lady of on it and he’s the owner um Okay cool so magic tricks uh let’s see here where are we at all right boys and babes yeah all right boys and babes there’s one last thing we’d like to leave you with this week and so peruge Jade and I have come up with a magic trick for you Jade which guts so um this kind of uh I didn’t know that her and I were gonna talk about that hochuma but this is perfect for this episode um my magic trick is something I learned

(1:05:44) in a huachuma ceremony um and that is excuse me well he can just cut that part out um or yeah sure and why don’t you say Whitney and I instead of her and I just so you’re referencing there Okay so my magic trick actually is perfect for this episode and I didn’t realize uh when I had planned on this one is uh something I learned in a huachuma ceremony you know okay let me start over again sorry um yeah so my magic trick is something that I learned in a watch him a ceremony which is perfect for this episode since

(1:06:27) wit and I were discussing that a little bit um it is not to confuse someone’s energy with their intention this has been a big struggle for me um because I can physically see energy at times and I didn’t always know that that’s what I was seeing uh and so I was easily confusing it with someone’s intention but even if you can’t physically see someone’s energy you can feel it you know um you can feel it you can feel their moods and it’s important to not confuse that with what they’re intending for you

(1:06:59) to feel um I say all the time we judge ourselves by our intentions but others by their actions and that’s that’s not really fair you know um so but the story about that huachuma ceremony um I was getting ready to go off to this uh ceremony and you know the day of a ceremony you want to avoid any conflict you want to avoid anything dark anything that could bleed into your ceremony that could negatively affect it so I like to do yoga I like to meditate um I fast and uh I listen to some really positive uplifting meditative music on

(1:07:39) the way there and um well that day uh someone was going to be coming to my house that can tend to be a trigger for me but I was going to be gone and uh that person is always late also so I like wasn’t worried about this well it just so happens that that person was a little bit early and um so it was like within like three minutes of me walking out the door and so that person walks in and um I see so she walks in and I this is going to make me sound crazy but I I hear her hissing at me and I see dark circles

(1:08:17) around her eyes and a dark cloud like a grayish Cloud around her and like I said I I know now that I can see energy in auras so it wasn’t too weird to me the the thing around her but I truly thought that this woman was hissing at me and I thought I can’t believe she’s coming in my house and hissing at me like this and um she’s pointing her like I told her so again I didn’t I didn’t know she wasn’t doing this I told her I said something along the lines of you’re gonna have to leave you cannot come in

(1:08:50) my house hissing at me like this and I don’t want this around my children so you can’t be here I don’t know why you’re acting like this and she was pointing at me saying you’re ridiculous you’re ridiculous and I was just thinking and it was coming out as a hissing sound still so I was just thinking I have to get this woman out of my house and you know make her leave I’m really sad about it because I knew she drove a while and but I’m heavy about it well my you know my partner’s in the room and he’s

(1:09:18) like what is going on like you wouldn’t treat a friend like that and I was like well I who would come in my house hissing at me like that and he was like she wasn’t hissing so I’m like everybody else is crazy you know so I leave I start driving to the ceremony and I’m just trying to like get it out that yucky feeling because I want to go into this medicine feeling clear and good and so I’m trying to like flush that out do some breathing techniques I get to the ceremony I have a good hour before I’m going to

(1:09:48) drink the the medicine so you know I’m journaling and um I I take the medicine and the very first so quachuma is not usually visual wachuma is all feeling ayahuasca’s visual huachuma is feeling in like wisdom and the very first message I got from the medicine grandfather watch Uma they say was don’t confuse energy with intention um sometimes you may see someone and like fear comes over your face because you think that they look so angry but you’re seeing their energy and they’re not intending for you to see all

(1:10:32) that so to remember to like differentiate it and um I realized that that’s what had happened with with that guest um and I told the shaman I went up for a second cup later on which make sure you make sure you need that second cup before you take it um but once it’s poured your name’s on it so so I go up for the second cup and I told the shaman what had happened and the message that I received and he said ah yeah your ceremony started early for you so a lot of times when the when you know you’re going to take medicine later

(1:11:02) in the day things will happen to prepare you so yeah he said that um that you know the ceremony had just started early for me and um yeah but that was a really big lesson and uh now I try to remember even if someone you think is just rotten to the core just remember that that’s not necessarily what they’re intending to put out there they’re dealing with their own battles and their own yuckiness from their childhood and I really doubt that people you know are trying to be rotten yeah you know to everyone around them so

(1:11:37) in the best they can at this moment with all the circumstances they’re on their own Journey yeah and remember too what I said in the beginning of this you judge yourself by your intentions but others by their actions so remember that yeah what about you well my magic trick is a quote I think I’ll kick it off with a quote at least so be alone eat alone take yourself on dates sleep alone in the midst of this you will learn about yourself you will grow you will figure out what inspires you you will curate your own dreams

(1:12:19) you are your own beliefs I don’t know if this is a your own belief sorry let me do it again my magic trick is actually more of a quote than anything else quote by Bianca spiracino be alone Eat Alone take yourself on dates sleep alone in the midst of this you will learn about yourself you will grow you will figure out what inspires you you will curate your own dreams your own beliefs your own standing Clarity and when you do meet the person who makes your cells dance you will be sure of it because you are sure of yourself

(1:13:07) so and especially I love that coming off of um you know talking about how Whitney and how you have done a lot of travel solo how we’ve all spent a lot of time just contemplating our own ourselves essentially so that we can become you know the the best people we know how to be in this very moment a lot of what that takes is being alone and being in your own space and really you know looking into the mirror as it were um of who you are digging out all the painful stuff that you’ve tucked away and you don’t want to look at anymore so that

(1:13:48) when you finally can say that you’re you know clear of of a lot of the gunk that you’ve congested yourself with over the years of just life you can have this openness this cleared space inside you for other people for love to fit into but you have to do the work and you know be alone and really get to know yourself before you get to uh clear that space and make that room for that love yeah I love that it’s it’s also like um let your Solitude be so sweet you know that um you’re only going to add someone

(1:14:27) to it if you enjoy their company more than your Solitude I am like like you said I and we were talking about earlier I really enjoyed traveling alone learned so much about myself I enjoyed living alone for a while and I used to love just eating and going to the movies Alone um and I became close with um big cat from Fantasy Factory um because he loved being alone and so since we both love being alone so much we like made the perfect pair to go hang out places because we there was no pressure to like talk sometimes we just

(1:15:01) sit there and eat in silence and it’s like we were still in each other’s company but like we we were being alone together I guess I don’t know um being comfortable in someone else’s silence is such a huge thing oh my God it really is like I’ll test it out with people like I’m chill like I will get it’s not that I’m chill like I I experience the awkwardness that comes with the silence in in the presence of someone new you know around that you don’t know yet but I know that on the other side of that

(1:15:28) awkwardness is this beautiful bonding where you don’t have to use words all the time to not feel awkward like it you can sit next to someone and feel okay even if it’s someone new so I think that’s a big practice for people to just keep in mind in general is like being quiet being still around other people and seeing how you feel like taking notes yeah okay you know adjusting so that it feels comfortable eventually yeah you and I were always quiet once the food got around stop talking oh cookies yeah okay we don’t say we

(1:16:05) just anywho we’re gonna go eat some cookies so thanks so much for listening uh we hope we wear a light in your day and that you enjoyed that interesting conversation with our pal Whitney I did yeah uh we’re always here for you and we’d love to hear from you guys any feedback would be awesome so please leave us a review on iTunes and please take a minute guys this is so important it is it’s so important because then iTunes takes notice and then they start to feature it and this um actually this

(1:16:44) beginning time for us is of utmost importance so please leave us a review it’s going to spread sunshine and we’ll talk to you guys next week until then be a light bye do you want me to do a new disclaimer just so we have a different one of it I don’t know um I like the disclaimer being the same every time because he kind of like plays the music during it and it sounds professional okay um thank you do you want to say though yeah thank you to Whitney yeah I’m gonna say the whole thing on here right yeah okay

(1:17:20) and I’m gonna say magical friends at the end though right yeah thank you so much to today’s guest Whitney Miller you the bomb girl we loved it this is probably my favorite interview so far you can follow Whitney on Instagram at miss two jits and you can oh my bad thank you so much to today’s guest Whitley why am I [ __ ] up damn it thank you so much to today’s guest Whitney Miller you are a badass girl we love you I think this might have been my favorite episode thus far you can follow Whitney on Instagram at

(1:18:02) miss two jits and thank you to at raytone Royal for your for our intro jam and and of course thank you to Adam at Red Fox audio for producing the show we could not make this [ __ ] happen without you stay magical friends cool okay let’s do our intro how should I insure this today I want like different like the same thing but different every time you know um what do you got going on over there are you checking what do you like I saw an eyeliner um uh well we know this will be our third one so you could say what’s up what’s up

(1:18:49) okay I got one welcome to okay go ahead what’s up what’s up what’s up what’s up what’s up ladies what’s up what’s up too much oh you ladies yeah welcome to the magic hour boys and germs and ladies and gents and all those human noids out there I’m Mercedes Terrell and you already know who’s with me my Majestic partner in shine Jade Jade what’s up that’s me today we’re going to be talking to Whitney Miller from Glory Kickboxing who is also the first lady of on it gym

(1:19:33) she is a badass so we got a lot to start with that yep what I love about Whitney is that she’s so open about her Shadows like instead of saying yes I’m in an open relationship with Aubry Marcus and it’s awesome she admits that it’s hard and that she still has to work through jealousy at times she once said in a very vulnerable post that she admits to going through her boyfriend’s phone then asking a ton of questions and I really admired her for her honesty so that her followers didn’t

(1:20:05) just see the Glam and the glitz of what you know social media can sometimes be right and that’s something not a lot of people would admit to also especially publicly to strangers who may or may not react kindly about it for sure I know uh you know I’ve gone through every phone of every boyfriend that I’ve had and I’m not I’m not proud of that um and I did find something every time whether it was that he wasn’t actually divorced that he was just talking degrading stuff with a guy friend or

(1:20:34) that he hung with an ex you know the the like but I do think that if you’re looking for something you’re gonna find it you know um I haven’t done that in years and I like it better this way I do like when couples share their locations with each other because it shows an incredible amount of trust and transparency but I’m also totally fine not knowing passwords anymore yeah what about you have you done have you done that first off I think I’m done have you done the dirty or down the dirty uh I think anybody listening who

(1:21:07) might have been like just just on the verge of looking through their significant other’s phone just got pushed over the ledge with that list of things you found on your previous boyfriend’s phone Jade it is true though you know as I say curiosity did kill the cat and I’m on my ninth life girl curiosity can do the same damn thing in a relationship too kill it um but I guess it’s kind of it’s not really curiosity though is it it’s like it’s your own ego wanting to feel anything like just wanting to feel

(1:21:45) something you’re looking to either confirm you have something or you have nothing to get jealous about so then it’s a matter of assessing out where that jealous part of you is living and hopefully shedding that [ __ ] that’s the goal anyway which by the way is a journey I’m still very much on myself so with that said yes I have done the dirty I have gone through the phone of my lovers um which only confirmed what I already knew was true in my gut about them anyway uh whether that was like that they were

(1:22:25) slimy scummy untrustworthy toads or in some cases that they were exactly who they said they were and and sometimes in the case that there wasn’t even much in their phones to upset me I still managed to find ways to be upset about whatever I found so yeah the fact that they deleted it yeah oh well it’s not here because you deleted it so I mean yeah right there’s only one text in here let’s see what this breaks up but this is all kinds of bad news but I mean if that’s not confirmation that the ego is fully running the show

(1:23:02) then I don’t know what is so stay away from that stuff yeah and it’s also good it’s also like um if you’re doing it you have trust issues and that’s something you have to uh take responsibility for like even if the guy is doing something wrong if you’re looking on the phone you have trust issues so either you know you’ve been cheated on a lot in the past you’re you have abandonment issues from your parents whatever it is that needs to be dealt with before you can be in a relationship where trust and

(1:23:36) honesty happens and probably before you can actually even um choose a partner that’s trustworthy so we have all these other things that come into play like our physical needs and wants that come from underlying sources like our hormones and whatnot that drive us into relationships before we we are really mentally ready you know and it is what it is so we gotta go work through it learn as you can and hopefully you know not make as little regrets as possible and and take as much from each relationship you know take as much value

(1:24:06) as you can out of each lesson you learn yeah along the way um but I was on that note of hormones um I was going to mention that what’s interesting to me is that now that I’ve been tracking my hormonal cycles for years I can see where I become the most insecure like at what times of the month my ego rears its ugly head most ferociously so I can basically predict when I’m most likely to get jealous or be needy and when I’m out you know gonna most likely allow my ego to overcome me it’s kind of cool

(1:24:37) a puzzle of how to manage all of my parts and Personalities in a relationship is still unsolved however but I feel like I’m getting I’m getting closer little by little so so when we talked to Whitney today I’m excited to see what she has to say on the matter since it seems she’s really taking this this whole ego jealousy thing on head to head in deciding to be in an open relationship yeah still don’t know if it’s something I could ever do I can’t even fathom it it’s mind-boggling to me so because of

(1:25:13) that it’s super intriguing so um yeah I’m excited to pick her brain on on all that um and go deeper with her so without further Ado let me introduce today’s guest someone who pulled off short hair so much that she constantly makes us want to cut her own she really does my yeah my Charisma and booty goals the sexiest wake Surfer I know a burning man veteran and Avid traveler and Ayahuasca and huachuma Drinker a knife-throwing Harley riding Jiu Jitsu Queen and boxer the on it first lady and former Miss USA

(1:25:50) the host of Glory Kickboxing a very vulnerable and honest woman that I’m so lucky to know please welcome Whitney Miller what’s up wit act like I already know her I like how that intro got her all like yes yeah I like that’s why I like these intros because when like I got this idea from Tom bilyu because he does like these gnarly build up intros did you ever go listen to one of his and I keep trying I keep thinking that it’s Tim Ferriss oh and uh every time the guests are like wow that’s the most

(1:26:24) amazing intro I don’t know if I can live up to that whatever but it really makes them feel like oh I did do all that you know they feel confident I like them going into it that way plus it sells The Listener on who were who and why we’re putting that person on the show you know yeah so yeah I uh especially if the intro encapsulates like pieces of what we’re going to talk about in the show I think it’s a good way to like preview it almost yeah I think also like when MMA junkie or whoever else would intro me and do it in

(1:26:54) a way that made me feel um pumped up yeah it I went into the interview with momentum like like I am here yeah oh yeah I do have credentials yeah exactly yeah I know I find myself a lot of time going I don’t have any credentials and then I’m like dude I’m a [ __ ] badass I own like several companies like I do a lot of [ __ ] when I list it out but it’s like people don’t see it so it doesn’t feel like it yeah like all they say it was speaking of that I think that after we have a good like 15 to 20 episodes in

(1:27:27) the books um around there I think that you should interview me and I interview you on separate like one one podcast episode I interview you and then another you interviewing getting to know Jade Bryce getting to know Mercedes yeah after we already have a solid listener group that like wants to listen to that yeah because right now we did that they wouldn’t necessarily want to but after they really like what we’ve done then it would be like the that’s so 30 podcast I didn’t do it till like their 100th

(1:27:56) episode but I think it would be really cool I think that’s a good idea too and even we could even do one you know and try to keep it this shortened Curt is possible preliminarily where we do back and forth questions like we can decide what the trigger questions are that are good stories to bring up you know something that’s easy to listen to It’s not like I don’t know anyway I’m sure we’ll come up with a lot of stuff along the way yeah um okay so do we have any pickups I don’t know I think we need to make a

(1:28:28) list of them and do them all at once that way he can just pull from it and yeah um so once he like actually has I’m gonna hit stop once he actually has these complete um we can put next to each one what each one needs and just