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EPISODE #98 How to Live Your Human Design; Initiating a Deeper Relationship w/Your True-Self & Inner Authority w/ Astrologer: John Cole

All about the increasingly popular method of getting to know yourself and your world better, this episode brings you the need to know information about: Human Design. This particular system is all about remembering who you came here to be. Your Human Design gives you a firmer foundation of who you are and who you’re here to help. And, what this ISN’T is a rigid dogma, but rather a system to dance and experience with! 

Our guest, John Cole, has over two decades of astrological study and full immersion in the Human Design System. He shares this system in a practical and straightforward way, initiating us into a deeper relationship with our true-selves and inner authority. Through his work, we learn that our energy works in surprising ways & that our charts can say so much about the impact we can make on the world! 

This particular system has been wildly impactful on our lives since discovering and experimenting with it, and we hope this episode brings you the same powerful insight and life-altering strategies to turn your world fully on!

In this episode we explore:

  • What is human design
  • Human Design Types
  • Projectors
  • Mental Projectors 
  • Generators
  • Manifesting Generators
  • Manifestors
  • Reflectors
  • Strategy
  • Inner Authority
  • Motor Centers / Energy Centers
  • Energetic Types
  • Not-Self Theme
  • -Energetic Signature
  • Reconditioning 
  • Human design in conjunction with plant medicine
  • The 2027 shift!
  • And so much more!

MAJic Tricks:

•Stick to your “Strategy” for a week.

•Compassion Exercise

Book recommendations:

•Emptiness Dancing by Adyashanti

•Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu 


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majic hour episode #98 transcription


greetings boys and babes it’s the magic hour a place where we navigate through life’s peaks and valleys with all the vulnerability and shamelessness we can muster with the help of world-class guests from all walks of life we uncover new truths and valuable tools for manifesting our highest potential i’m your host mercedes tarot along with my partner in shine jade bryce hey you guys today we have on an expert in human design it’s been all the hype lately and i recently had a session with who we’re


having on today and asked him to come on the show to share how this experiment can be of use to you guys as well yes and i know i’m what’s called a projector and jade i know that you’re what’s called a generator and all of you listening if you don’t know what i’m talking about you can quickly as you’re listening right now just type into your browser what is my human design and then it’ll give you a few options there click on the option for getting your free chart and then all you got to do is enter your


birthday time and place and you’ll find out right away what type you are what type of human design you are and then you can listen and learn along with us about what all this means yes and just make sure that you’re certain on your birth time because for two years i thought i was a projector and was only paying attention to product projector information and then i found out i entered the wrong time and it turns out i’m a generator and i literally just found that out like two months ago that i’m a generator so


um but yeah so make sure you know your birth your birth time for sure that makes a huge difference yeah also we recently had on richard rudd who wrote gene keys some people feel more called to gene keys and other people feel more called to human design but the breath of god is limitless and these are just tools these are both different translations of the breath of god which is infinite so whichever one you feel called to uh you know is meant for you and if you haven’t listened to gene keys i think you’ll really enjoy that episode it’s


just about a month back hmm the breath wait the breath of god or the breaths of god like the whip i say breath oh it could go either way oh it’s so poetic so yes guys these tools are for remembrance so it’s about remembering who you came here to be and your human design gives you kind of a firmer foundation of who you are can kind of help to set you off in a direction which is how it’s played in my life so far and just guide you to who you are here to help as well and i want to note here that what this isn’t


what human design isn’t is a rigid dogma and instead it’s really something to dance with and experiment with so pull up your charts if you have them and let’s dive in jade yes our guest today has over two decades of astrological study and full immersion in the human design system he has a consulting practice called metamorphic human design where he meets the needs of his clients wishing to experiment with this knowledge as the unique individual that they are knowing that they are in fact the expert


on their own life his role is to share the system in a practical and straightforward way initiating others into a deeper relationship with their true self and inner authority he also worked with la familia ayahuasca for four years helping others use human design and integration through his work we learned that our energy works in surprising ways and that our charts can say so much about the impact we can make on the world please help us welcome john cole to the magic hour okay he’s here i’m gonna admit him okay


earlier there was hi hello hi hi nice to meet you nice to meet you good to see you again this is my co-host mercedes hi john hi thanks for coming on i don’t know why your your picture’s not getting big for me for some reason here let me try this oh there it goes um and we’ve already read your intro in bio so we can just act like you just got on and and start with the questions so we don’t use up too much of your time okay um do you wanna is your camera on hd do you know i just i just switched it on hd i


don’t think it was perfect okay cool all right so the way just so that there’s not an awkward silence when you come off of the intro jade maybe just say the last sentence of your history okay making sure amazon’s not going to ring my bell oh you see i’m walking delivering my tea okay please help us welcome john cole to the magic hour yeah hey john hey thanks for having me on yeah we’re so excited yeah this is going to be really cool this whole human design system has been something both jade and


i have been digging into recently and beautiful stuff has been coming from it so i’m glad to be able to share it with our listeners oh good yeah it should be a lot of fun yeah so the the first thing i want to dive into with you is really why you were drawn to human design and called to work with it in the first place if you can give them give us some highlights of your story sure well human design kind of fell into my lap i’d been studying astrology for quite a i guess probably about 20 years before i found human design and an


astrologer friend of mine invited me to look at it kind of just tossed it over to me and uh my first impression was oh no not another system you know i’d been kind of immersed in several different systems of astrology and this one seemed really kind of weird and complex it’s pulling in like the chakra centers um you know it had this whole body graph that i’d never seen before the iching and i think it was you know when i just started reading what it meant to be a projector which is my auric type that it just really hit me


and it ended up kind of being a like a missing link or a puzzle piece for for some things that i’ve been really trying to work out in my own life and trying to understand certain experiences that i had had that are kind of different than a lot of what other people were experiencing and the more i read about what it meant to be a projector it just started kind of clicking and it you know i was looking back reviewing a lot of uh you know my previous years and uh yeah i just started making sense and then that was kind of enough


inspiration to go deeper and start kind of trying to understand what this system was which is kind of a projector thing to do and uh i had been meeting with clients using astrology and i had been kind of you know i found a lot of value and and worth working with astrology over the years but there was like something missing i felt like there was something that i couldn’t quite get traction with with the with the people i was working with and human design kind of filled that that place for me and over time as i started going deeper into the


system i realized that uh that was really what i wanted to do more of i wanted to really work with human design in that context and uh and then it’s just kind of you know took on a life of its own and this is like six years later and i’m still studying still working with people and still exploring the system and you know trying to make sense of it in my life as well yeah yeah beautiful stuff what a i mean i i wonder you know especially i’m a projector as well so i wonder this this idea of coming to systems


because i mean i know for me i am constantly uh like over over looking for systems like i’m always trying to look at the next system okay how does this make you know make sense to me and how can i use this to to figure people out and figure myself out uh is that something that is part of being a projector i think so i think you know one of the things that’s talked about in human design when it comes to projectors is that we’re really here to to share our awareness we’re not really here to to kind of


orient to the world in terms of what we’re creating producing what we’re generating that’s that’s more correct for two-thirds of the population which are the generators who have that energy so projectors uh in you could say that we have inconsistent access to that type of energy to produce work create and instead it’s almost like we’re we’re kind of positioned to to share our awareness in our understanding of mastering a certain system or a field of expertise as a way of kind of coaching or guiding others


the projector orientation is very much on the other person and that kind of is the fundamental projector question is is who is the other where for generators it’s who am i who am i for myself and so yeah let’s go into what human design is and what the types are before we get too much into that that way everyone yeah the basics yeah everyone kind of more because i bet a lot of people listening have just scratched the surface so maybe you could uh talk about it in a way like almost like a way as if people are just hearing


about it for the first time sure uh you know so it is a you could say it’s a astrological related system in that it’s it’s forming a birth chart that’s that’s based on the time place uh and date of birth and so it’s really describing this kind of planetary imprint so you could kind of introduce it as something like astrology but once you kind of get past that point it’s a very different system than astrology and i think one of the things that human design really emphasizes is uh how unique each of us


are like you know one of the taglines of human design is the science of differentiation just showing us a map of how how varied how unique each one of us are and and so i think you can see some of that in astrology but the thing that really sets human design apart i think is its its focus on form consciousness human design has a secondary set of planetary positions it’s like a secondary chart within the body graph the the birth chart so there’s really like two uh points in time and if you’re looking at a body graph if


you’ve seen it the the positions of the planets that are in black are going to be you know they’re based on the time and and date that you were born your birth date going three months back you know to the beginning of the third trimester of the pregnancy you get the imprint of the form which is showing you the characteristics that your body is carrying and so much of human design is about kind of looking at the whole person between mind and body and then directing us back to our form consciousness the innate intelligence or


truth within ourselves with which is really anchored in our bodies and so um that’s kind of a spirit is another word for it the soul or spirit is what we’re it’s like right i think you would look to like the the personality or the black activations for the the part of us that comes in and kind of inhabits the the body the form it’s it’s the awareness that drops in um which we would probably associate with you know spirit i think and so yeah it’s that’s kind of the quick quick overview of it


yeah so uh it does have these different i know we’re going to go into the different sections of when you’re looking at your own design chart and by the way before you came on john we asked our audience to go grab their human design chart and so they could have something in front of them to be looking at because otherwise we’re just talking they have no idea what we’re talking about here um so i guess um well jade let’s go ahead and move in on on the different types here yeah let’s talk about the different


types and um i know mercedes is a projector like we mentioned i’m a generator um the one that doesn’t often get mentioned as a reflector since i think they’re only like one percent um but i met one yesterday so um so yeah let’s go into the type since everyone listening if you know they may be one type but they’re probably living with another type so it benefits us to hear about them all so yeah yeah that’s true i mean we’re going to have some exposure to to all the different orc types or


energetic types and and like you said the reflector is pretty rare that’s the one that’s about one percent of the population and so when we when we talk about type and human design it’s a little bit different than other typing systems like myers-briggs or these type of personality typing systems even astrology if it’s kind of based on the personality it’s it’s describing more that what we would be consciously aware of but when we talk about type in human design we’re talking about


our bio energetic field that how our energy works it’s it’s basically set into a certain pattern and that’s what we mean by by type so you have for example two-thirds of the population which is of this type called generator and then there’s a subtype of manifesting generator and in that’s that’s kind of a aura a bioenergetic feel that’s this enveloping radiating um energetic field that’s designed to kind of pull life to it it’s it’s very magnetic it’s receptive and it’s designed to to


interface with uh with life as it’s happening and kind of pull pull things into it where if you go to to my type as a projector we’re about twenty percent of the population so one in five people and it’s a very different type of aura it’s it’s also receptive and absorbing but it’s very focused and penetrating projectors tend to to really do best when they have something to put their attention on like what is the focus so you see like projectors more comfortable in one-to-one interactions than like


dealing with a group where it’s hard to find the focus and as i mentioned before each type kind of has a uh kind of a fundamental question you know the fundamental question for the generator is is who am i and what kind of comes with that is how am i using my energy for myself where the projectors will tend to to really focus on the other who’s the other and i’ll learn about myself through this through these relationships so you can see projectors who become very either focused or kind of going really


deep into relationships and then there’s of course 10 percent of the population roughly this type called manifesto and manifesters are are those who are really here to initiate things start things to kind of to catalyze a new process or to kick something off and the manifesto aura is kind of designed to be i would say in independent in a way to not be influenced very easy not to be interfered with and and that kind of allows them to to kind of move through the world in a way that they can really um act on their vision without


interference and so that it’s sometimes said that the the manifesto aura is kind of repelling which kind of sounds negative yeah i read that it’s it’s like moving stuff out of the way it’s like it’s with the manifesto it’s kind of like you know get with the program or move out of the way and i was reading too that they’re like the most likely to be the ones conditioned by their parents because you’re like trying to to change them from being that right abrasive or whatever the word would be


well they’re not meant to be controlled i mean right yeah the the generator and projector types are a lot more interactive we’re you know that’s not to say that gen uh manifestos aren’t interactive but relatively speaking it’s really for a manifesto to kind of have their own program their own um depending on what their authority is and what their design is to kind of move through the world in an independent way and i think with kids you know with with what we normally think of as parenting you know it’s like


there’s a lot of control in place like you should do this don’t do that and um knowing their design types is really helpful because it helps you allow them to be who they’re actually meant to be exactly and i feel like that’s one of the biggest gifts of human design is you know being able to raise our kids um according to their design and support them in who they actually are as opposed to like kind of putting our whatever our trip is uh on them which you know in human design is kind of looked at as conditioning or


homogenization where there’s like this kind of blanket approach to things and everyone needs to follow it yeah i feel like a lot of my life i’ve spent attempting to be a manifesto before knowing anything about human design and really pushing and that would be definitely the word i would use i was like literally pushing you know all the boulders in my life uphill like just struggling to to make things happen and the the most beautiful thing that human design has brought to my life so far is knowing my strategy of wait for the


invitation because i could see in my interactions with people that my aura was too penetrating if it wasn’t invited and if i didn’t wait for that invitation it was repelling like people did not want to be around my overtness so that has been huge for me so if someone else is listening and they find out you know i’m a projector and maybe they’ve had that similar experience of feeling like they’re too much i think that’s really a lot of what it felt like for me and i have to relax a little and not


having to manifest at all and i think the reason why like my three closest girlfriends are projectors is because i do love to get advice and so i’m like an open invite to them you know because their whole thing is like waiting for the invite and so it’s like you asked for it a lot too yeah yeah so i think that’s why i get along with projectors so well yeah and you’re you’re both bringing up an interesting point with this what’s called strategy in in human design because that goes right along with with


type so strategy comes from your auric type generators who are the the creators builders producers maintainers of the world their strategy is to wait to respond which means with with their receptive magnetic generator aura that’s designed to pull life to them everything’s going to work best they’re going to find the most satisfaction the least resistance you know the most flow when they have something to respond to something specific that their body can kind of you know resonate with or or meet engage with in a certain way that


feels good to the generator in terms of how they’re engaging with life and so it’s kind of like what you were saying mercedes where if we’re all in this like constant manifestation push push push mode it really kind of takes us out of the natural order of things we start you know operating from the mind and the head and and according to what we think should happen or uh what other people say works for them or this is how how you do it and i feel like that kind of takes us away from our ourselves in a way that’s


kind of healthy and functional but it also i think takes us away from the natural order of of life you know how things work you know you kind of have to meet the conditions of life as they’re they’re coming in and so strategy can kind of be looked at as like a bit of a kind of a mind interrupt a tool that we can use to to take a moment or give pause to that the mind’s incessant kind of need to control things or direct the life and the projector strategy of waiting to for the invitation um is even more specific it’s waiting


for that specific recognition that’s coming in from another person where the projector can can really show up with themselves or as themselves with a recognition of their gifts and and who and what they are and and not have to compromise that and in that exchange um there’s a lot that can happen so i like to kind of say that like with with projectors and generators we we can manifest but we’re going to do it um by imitation or in response or you could say collaboratively like we’re going to do it in a process as opposed


to the manifesto who’s just running out there and and then kicking something off making it happen and then what the manifesto kind of lacks is is the follow-through the energy to continue building that or sustaining that activity yeah beautiful and you put it in such gentler terms because the way i’ve been looking at it is that i’m uh i like to call myself an aware vampire not just so essentially i have to think about the fact that i am kind of earning my energy from interaction with others and also


bouncing it back to them if it’s a healthy exchange um but i have to know those boundaries so that i’m not draining the people i’m around like a vampire so if i could be aware vampire that’s my goal yeah yeah sorry well i was just curious if uh the manifesting generators um is it basically manifestos and generators combined or is it um a completely different thing if that that’s a good question i look at manifesting generators as a subtype of generator or a variation on the generator theme uh the reason being is


that if you have a defined sacral center so if you’re looking at the body graph it’s the second square from the bottom that will be colored in red then that means that you have consistent access to this creative vital life force energy that that we use to produce reproduce to work build and you’re designed to use that it’s it’s healthy for you that that energy doing those things it also sets your aura into this receptive enveloping aura that’s designed to meet life directly but what a manifesting


generator has that a pure generator doesn’t is in the body graph of one of the body’s motors connected to the throat so that would be either the sacral center the solar plexus the ego or the root through another another center and what that gives is manifesting potential in response so once something shows up once life presents a manifesting generator with something that could be a a text a phone call they could see something outside the window it’s like we have a lot of things we can respond to but once once


there’s an energetic connection with what’s happening what we see with manifesting generators is they have this ability to bring things into form a lot more quickly they can kind of like just kind of go right to it where a pure generator would tend to kind of have to follow the steps kind of to stay in the flow the flow of response like responding to the next thing and the next thing and so manifesting generators are kind of like a hybrid they’re a generator but they have this manifesting component to them


[Music] and the way that i read it too was that like this may be incorrect but like a generator and a manifesting generator the manifesting generator is going quicker but because they have to go back and correct their mistakes because they’re going so fast they still end up at the same place at the same time yeah correct okay mercedes husband is a manifesting generator right isn’t it yeah there are often powerhouses there’s a lot of energy a lot of potential there depending on the their design and and they can it can be really hard


to slow down for manifesting generators because there’s so much potential there’s so much energy to work with if they have a design like that and so if they if they get out of their response so they’re they’re you know something comes in and then they just go and run with it they may actually skip steps or kind of things along the way because they’re just now they’re off and running but if they can kind of stay grounded and connected to that response as they’re going through i think it tends to work better and


you’ll see that they’ll still kind of bring things into form kind of more quickly i think okay so i’m gonna we’re getting into stuff that right now because jade and i are are in this work and in this system uh already i think we’re privy to understanding a bit but i know the listener is going like wait wait hold on okay so we just discussed you know a lot of the different well all the different types manifesting generated we have our reflectors not yet no yeah let’s hit reflectors and then what i want to do is get us into


that space of being able to just talk about the different sections of the chart and yeah why they exist what they’re for okay so reflectors roughly one percent of the population uh what is what you’ll see in a reflector chart is that there are no channels defined there are no oh my gosh and there’s so it’s all white and there’s just a bunch of gate activations like that the little numbers the hexagrams in there will be activated but they have nothing fixed and consistent in their design which is


kind of a key point in understanding how human design works is there’s this concept of definition and definition is what’s colored in through the channels and centers and that represents what kind of fixes our energy into a reliable consistent pattern it’s and it kind of defines how our energy works it sets our work type our strategy our authority which is our decision-making process and if you look at that in the context of a reflector chart there is no consistency i mean there are a couple like signposts and markers that they can


use and and you know if i’m working with a reflector that’s what we’ll go to we’ll go to whatever is a good point of reference to while they’re moving through the sea of just constant change and um inconsistency and they’re they’re really just a different breed they’re meant to kind of stand outside of everything and be almost like a kind of objective or impartial observer of things very group oriented uh but yeah it’s a whole different ballgame with reflectors and you said


that’s about one percent of the population one percent of population okay and just to finish up the thoughts real quick on strategy the reflector strategy is to basically wait you know a 28-day moon cycle like a month which is really saying slow down give things time go through your own process because over that course of the month what will happen is they’re going to have a lot of interactions with people they’re going to have a lot of kind of input from the the planet planetary field the transit field and


they’re gonna they’re gonna experience different parts of their definition turning on and uh and through that process they’ll eventually come to some sort of awareness or clarity about the truth of whatever it is they’re considering uh and so that’s the reflector strategy is to wait the the full moon cycle and then the manifesto strategy which is kind of more like a courtesy call than an actual spread strategy because manifestos don’t really have to wait for anything outside of themselves to to act


they may have to wait for their own internal process to move but their their strategy is to inform which i think of as good proactive communication when a manifesto is clear on what they’re doing or what their impact is going to be through whatever action they’re going to take it can be really helpful to to put others at ease and kind of let people relax in the face of their independence or their unilateral kind of action and so the informing strategy just kind of like eases and relaxes you know whomever is going to be impacted by it


so to be kind of upfront with where they’re coming from and you know proactively communicate that makes a lot of sense so it’s about setting expectations for them a lot of it is yeah that makes sense with when we talk about my husband having that manifesto in him for sure that’s a good point i find that manifesting generators they can also benefit from the strategy of informing i’ve seen it quite a bit where it’s not just about responding but you go into action it’s like go ahead and tell people what you’re


doing and work better yeah absolutely all right so we still have a bunch of sections on a chart that are unknowns at this point to us right so um talked about strategies here we talked about the energetic type what about maybe we can get a little more definition on what authority means and and then signature and the not-self themes yeah yeah those are all good good fundamental components of human design to discuss authority is referred to as inner authority in human design and it’s in contrast to outer authority i think a lot of what


people do and what we all you know have to work with on some level is really looking outside of ourselves for for answers like what what should i do how does this work and and that’s not to say that that we can’t learn from others or learn from the outside or learn from experience or the past but what human design is really pointing us to in a very unique way is our own inner truth that in this this truth that operates within the form within the body within the vehicle that we’ve come with and so inner authority is going to be uh


oriented around a particular function like for example half the population is uh emotionally defined they have defined solar plexus and if the solar plexus is defined that means that you have an emotional process of coming to me yes yeah that’s you and so there’s guidance along those lines of slow down be patient go through several cycles of feeling or emotion around something until some relative clarity emerges and and and so that we can get more specific if we’re looking at a chart but that’s the general idea for an emotional


authority the other big one is the sacral authority where if the emotional center the solar plexus is not defined uh then the so the sacral if this is for generators and manifesting generators um means that the the navigation system for generators and nav for generators and manifesting generators who do not have an emotional definition is that that gut response to life that energetic resonance with things is a point of reference inside themselves that says is this activity for me or um is this something that’s going to


bring satisfaction or be uh be healthy or good for me in my life and so that’s that’s another common authority is the uh sacral authority and then for manifesters and for projectors you’ll also see the splenic authority which is the other center down on the bottom left of the body graph opposite the solar plexus on the bottom right and that’s kind of the opposite of the solar plexus the the spleen is this instinctive uh awareness center that has to do with our sensory intelligence in our body our


instincts our intuitions um just kind of how things feel to our body you know and and it’s oriented around our health our well-being our survival and it’s very spontaneous it operates in the moment so this is like kind of again the opposite of the solar plexus or emotional authority where you would always want to make decisions in the now versus the solar plexus authority which is saying don’t make decisions in the now and so just there on the surface of the chart if you have a sense of you know your design


and you can already kind of like work with them at a very kind of simple level and say oh i’ve got an emotional authority let me give it time or i have a splenic authority if you’re a project or a manifesto because they’re the two types that would have that um then i’m always in the now i’m always my truth is always in the moment why does mercedes have no authority yes i was going to ask this is the part of the conversation where i start going uh i have no i have no authority my chart is all you know all my motor systems are


white here so if you can see the chart i’m not sure john yeah so that’s a that’s a mental projector chart and what that what that is showing us is that there’s no consistency below the throat so when we go down kind of blow the throat into the body into the form there’s nothing in there that is consistently operating in in a reliable way because you’re going to be very receptive they’re taking on the energy of whomever you’re interacting with and so if you were trying to kind of operate from these


lower centers in there then it it’s not really coming from you and and so the way i look at the no authority question for mental projectors is that it’s it kind of there’s some variations on this theme depending on the design but with your design because you have the ojna connected to the throat the eyes is right above the throat and it’s connected to the throat center that’s what’s called a sounding board authority which can be a process where you you basically interact with your closest friends or um you’re just


talking to people and you’re you’re watching what spontaneously comes out of your voice your voice becomes kind of an anchor point a voice that’s expressing your awareness and i would say it’s a process oriented authority kind of like the solar plexus in that you know over the course of time as you’re talking it out with different different people it’s not so much that you’re asking for advice as you’re you’re having the opportunity to to hear what comes out of um out of your mouth as you’re speaking


and then also see what comes up in your body as you’re taking in their energy and so it’s it’s again kind of a authority that takes time and patience and it’s pretty subtle you know so it can be kind of tricky to be a mental projector you’re um you’ve got a very specific definition it’s very other oriented and yet you’re so open and and you’re kind of just dependent on the energy that’s coming in from the environment from others and yeah that makes a lot of sense i think


uh when you say it as a sounding board especially or needing to say words out loud in order to almost hear back what that if if that resonates for me or if that’s oh yeah that is exactly what i mean and then it um refines my articulation right and i can get to a point where i feel like that’s exactly what i want to say like that is the intention that i had but it had to go through this process like you’re talking about in order to get to that you know that that exact articulation that then can make sense to the other or


resonate with the other yeah yeah yeah so um and i don’t mental projectors is like a like another one percenter right so it’s not something as big an issue out there yeah yeah so um uh compassion out there for all those mental projectors [Music] and then uh okay so we talked about authority should we talk about not self themes yeah that would be helpful the the non-self themes are also associated with your auric type so the non-self theme uh for a generator is is frustration and i and i think of these not self themes as


not something that’s necessarily negative but again another type of signpost or point of reference for us so the way i understand the not self theme is like if we’re making kind of decisions in a way that’s not really based on who or what we are for operating kind of from um trying to be something different than ourselves uh you know in which in the body graph looks like not following your authority or your strategy and operating from decision making in the open centers but if you’re doing that


the way that a generator is probably going to meet the world is through some sort of resistance they’re using their energy they’re out there spending a lot of effort they’re working and yet they don’t have a lot to show for themselves it’s it’s like there’s this kind of experience of frustration that comes up like i’m doing all this and i’m not really getting anywhere it’s not satisfying it’s not um you know it’s not really working very well that’s why i can’t do a normal job


not for you yeah and and that’s such a key point for generators is to start with that kind of that self-focus like who am i and how am i using my energy for me what feels good or satisfying that’s like the signature of a generator is this signature of satisfaction you know using your energy in a way that that feels rewarding and and so frustration is kind of the opposite of that for projectors this is a this is a fun one but it’s uh bitterness as the not self thing you can think of bitterness is kind of


like resentment you know projectors really feed on recognition like being being seen because that’s really what we’re here for we’re here to see the other and to be especially since they’re giving out advice yeah hopefully they’re waiting to be in otherwise bitterness will ensue but um but yeah so we’re here to see and be sane and and that that comes to this kind of currency of recognition it’s like can someone actually get us see us and appreciate us for what we are and often you know projectors will have


a lot of openness in their chart although that varies by design and so there’s this potential for a lot of awareness we’re sitting around we’re watching you know watching the world or watching others or relationships and no one’s really asking you know and so we get this kind of hunger for recognition to share our awareness and i feel like the bitterness comes up as a result of of maybe being in relationships or that you know people just can’t see us or hear us we’re sitting there and we’re


just kind of waiting all the time and this kind of sense of resentment builds up and it and it tastes kind of it’s like a bad taste in the mouth you know the invitation never comes or something your invitation never comes or you know we’re we’re out there running around trying to be a generator or a manifesto and then we’re getting exhausted we’re finding out that it’s it’s not actually getting us anywhere uh you know maybe our bodies are complaining or our health is breaking down


and and then there’s this type of like general resentment to life to the situation to the others and it and it usually will kind of get bottled up you know projectors will sit on it for a while and then just take it in and and carry it with them and until it just finally gets to the point where it just comes out i kind of refer to it as like you know the the nozzle when it opens up it’s just like get out of the way it’s gonna be penetrating and it the poor person who’s in front of us at that moment


it’s literally projecting all over the world wouldn’t that happen so what do we do john a situation when we’re not being seen yeah so that’s a good question i think it’s pointing back to this you know this question of timing timing in the right conditions for projectors that means the right relationships i think relationships can make all the difference to projectors the the right ones can can put us into a like a trajectory or a new direction in life where everything just works really well


we have this this signature of success you know the success of actually having a life of our own and not being exhausted being recognized you know success will look different for each person but it’s a lot of it’s going to come through the imitation through relationships so there’s this question of of waiting for that and oftentimes i’m asked like when i’m working with people like well what do i do when i’m waiting you know does it mean i’m just sitting around all the time waiting for someone to ask and


and it’s not quite like that it’s not like that you have to be invited to to do the laundry or you have to be invited to go get a cup of coffee you know or whatever we’re really talking about kind of the big things in life that can really shape our life and direction like invited into a new job or profession or invited into a new location in terms of moving or a new relationship they’re all based on that type of recognition and something being there for us on the other side and so i think that there’s a


little bit of a struggle you know for all of us especially the types that are always 90 of population is playing a waiting game and what can we do in the meantime i like to use the the metaphor of kind of being more of a lighthouse than a search party you know if if the projector aura is this kind of focused and penetrating um kind of energy field that’s really looking at the other person if we’re running around you know shining our flood light in everyone’s face it’s kind of like you were saying mercedes people


are like you know hey it’s i’m not asking for that’s too much i don’t want that but if we’re if we’re kind of like centered or grounded or kind of aligned with ourself then i feel like we can we can just keep watching we can look we can be that lighthouse where there’s awareness there’s a light shining out there and eventually we’re going to draw the right relationships opportunities or experiences to ourselves just by being ourselves it’s like the more we align with who we really are we’re sending out


kind of a more clear beacon to the world which i think will ultimately bring in what we need and so it’s kind of like that this is how i see it yeah i i definitely can feel that too and i almost like the idea of taking the time that you’re you’re waiting for the invitation to really sit into the work that you feel called to so like becoming masterful and uh just growing that part of you because you can put your energy there and you can take your you know spend your time there so that when you do get invited to the


invitation you’re really ready to to shine some light wherever it’s asked for um i do want to say and i know that i’ve heard anyway i think i’ve heard from you in some other podcasts you’ve done that projectors most often come to this work over any of the other types come to this human design over any of the other types because they’re looking for a system perhaps um and they have maybe a bigger struggle because of their specific strategy and maybe lack of authority centers and that but um


i have this this question that comes up whenever i hear about you know needing to be a to look for answers outside of me or look for someone to see me in order to feel good and okay um maybe that comes from my own conditioning you know early in life but can you address that part of of where it might feel like especially for a projector to be that they’re giving their power away in a sense by seeking external validation in that way does that makes am i making sense with that question yeah that’s something that


comes up for me where i’m like i’m you know i want to be able to do this all myself or whatever but i also know we’re interdependent beings so yeah i want to address that at some some place of that whatever you feel called to in there yeah i think you’re you’re speaking to this recognition piece that what i what i saw in myself in my early life and i you know i still i think i’ve gotten a lot better about it over the last six years because there’s awareness of that dynamic but i would just kind of sell myself out


for attention for recognition to be noticed you know and when i was a you know a kid i was kind of like a class clown you know and i was just trying to to feed on attention and the energy coming in from others and um and i feel like we all do that to some degree because we get impatient with with the waiting or we think that if i don’t go out there and do something or start something initiate something then it’s not going to happen like you know we in other words we really don’t trust in ourselves and we don’t trust in


life and so uh i feel like it yeah we will just tend to compromise ourselves we’ll sell ourselves out in some way and what that often looks like is we’ll show up and we’ll volunteer ourselves in a way that’s not really healthy for us let me let me tell you let me help you let me share my awareness with you or look what i’m going to do for you will often show up in jobs and certain you know relationships as generators like you know based on i’m going to work or i’m going to provide for you or do


something for you in in in that way energetically and i think it just sets us off on the wrong foot and then that becomes this recipe leading to bitterness it’s like it will work out very well that really resonates with me for sure ooh i’m gonna sit with that for a while i hope that that helped some people that might have been in that same you know mental juxtaposition that i felt and um okay i wanna i wanna move us on to to the colors in the chart and what the significance of these different colors in our whether it be our motor centers


or um like where mine are in the throat or anja or above so so what does the color symbolize because i notice they’re very bright there’s lime green there’s reds there’s gold there’s all this color well the the answer i’m going to give i don’t know if it’s going to be fully satisfying but human design is is essentially a channeled system a downloaded system or it came through this this guy back in 1987 where he had this eight day experience with what he called the voice which i i understand was kind of more


visual than auditory he would he was seeing things and this information was coming into his head over this experience he he thought he’d completely lost his mind and that’s raw right right yeah he he has the assumed name of ra uruhu uh he was a canadian his name was robert krakauer um and and so he has this experience and he sees all these things he’s seeing the chart he’s seeing the wheels he’s seeing all of this kind of fit together and when people have asked him in the in the past he he passed away i think in


2011 i believe but that was a common question why are the centers the color that they were and he said i don’t know that’s what i saw that’s what the voice showed me and so so they don’t actually mean anything uh the i don’t know i i’m looking for the logic in it and the pattern design is a very logical system everything fits together almost like a puzzle and then you get to the colors and you’re looking and trying to figure out what’s the pattern there and nothing that’s an open part


so then i know like you said that i have an open throat and mercedes has a defined throat how would someone look at that part of their chart and know i thought it was based off colors or something so how how does someone look at their chart and know what type of throat they have and also what is open throat and defined throat now that now that people will be able to see in their own chart so that if you’re looking at the body graph the birth chart you’re gonna nine different shapes in there and these lines that are


connecting it the the shapes are centers and they’re roughly associated with the the traditional seven chakra centers but human design kind of looks at uh humanity as being in this process of evolution where we back in 1781 were uh basically kind of upgraded into a new form a nine centered form and so that’s that’s the idea of the centers and there are these shapes in there they’re they’re stationary in the chart so they’re always in the same place the throat will always be where the throat


is that the head is the head center is kind of above the crown the eyes which i know you said there’s not much to work with in my head luckily mine is pulled up right yeah yes well mercedes and i are pretty much opposites so that works for our business yeah and so the the centers what those shapes and those positions will either be colored in or they’ll be white so like the ozine is always green the throat’s always kind of brown um the head’s always yellow so the colors are fixed but they’re either going to be colored or


white and the reason that they’re going to be colored in is that there’s a channel connecting the two centers the channel that’s divine that defined by planets on either side of the channel so you can create activations that are activating the channel and the two centers and so anything that’s colored in your chart you can think of as your imprint it’s part of your imprint which is defined but the definition yeah comes from the actual channel definition the channels are they’re kind of like a they’re referred


to as a quantum where the sum is greater than the whole is greater than the sum of the parts so you take these two things and you put it together and you get this third expression and they’re representing the life force like how our energy is fixed into a certain pattern so does that answer your question in terms of just seeing what’s colored in versus what’s so when it’s white it’s open basically okay and then and what does that mean like to have an open throat or an open whatever you know whichever center yeah


we’re definition represents what is fixed consistent reliable for us it’s what puts our energy into that schematic or that pattern where what’s open is you could say conditional or circumstantial it’s inconsistent and so it’s it’s kind of an interesting thing that you’re kind of pointing to and it’s that we tend to get into trouble when we expect that what’s fixed on us what’s defined should be different than it is like if someone has emotional definition and you think i wish i didn’t have these strong


feelings i wish i could have these down points of of my wave or um you know so you we try to make the definition something else yeah the opposite thing happens where we start wishing we had consistency in areas that aren’t designed to be consistent or they’re not designed to be fixed those open centers can be a great source of experience learning wisdom um but they’re they’re it’s gonna be influenced by whatever’s happening our our relationships so if someone is around us that makes us like i have an open throat so if someone


around me makes me out like makes me feel more talkative it like is more dependent on the energy around me whereas mercedes if i just work but that actually leads into our next question what you were saying about you know um seeing our chart and and wanting it to be different mm-hmm yeah so what does it mean if we don’t feel like our chart resonates with with where we’re at well given that we have an exact correct birth time because sometimes i’ve i’ve had some experiences where the time’s off and i’ll get into like a reading or


session i’ll be talking to some someone and and it’s like something’s not hitting here something’s off and and then and i would say in all those cases it’s come back to be like all right wait no that it was actually it was 12 30 a.m not 12 30 p.m or something and something’s really different but what i’ve i’ve seen consistently is that if we have an exact birth time human design tends to hold up again and again and it it often if the person has some self-awareness or they’ve been doing


their own work whatever that looks like and whatever modalities and you know kind of you know relatively in line with themselves the information that they’re going to hear in human design is going to be more of a kind of a validation or a confirmation than something completely coming out left field that said i’ve seen some situations where people are pretty far off of you know away from where they actually are in terms of their design and they’re living a life that is heavily conditioned it’s been


influenced by their upbringing their education parents peers the the world at large and you’re you’re dealing with that you in human design which would be called kind of a a not-self someone has an orientation they built almost like an alter ego or persona that is really based on these old kind of coping strategies patterns of behavior that don’t really represent who they are and then in that case it can be kind of hard to kind of there’s a lot of work and deconditioning work that needs to be done to get back


to themselves and so i don’t want to make an assumption that if you know if someone doesn’t resonate with human design then it means that there’s something wrong with them but what i’ve seen in my own practice in my own experience is that it tends to hold up and usually when people hear about it they’ll recognize these patterns these coping patterns or these not self patterns and they’ll be like okay i know what you’re talking about i get i need to look at this yeah they’ll be able to feel that there


is truth in there that they just have been trying to shove themselves into some other box yeah that they’ve been conditioned by um like i know for me i’m i’m meant to as a generator i meant to allow my energy like to almost like draw things to me like um generators are supposed to be very magnetic right so like our auric fields draw our aura failed to draw things to us and however like our culture is very much that of like pull yourself up by your bootstraps and like you know work hard and like force things almost and so may


i think too if you as a generator if you feel just as an example if you feel like you don’t draw things to you or you’re uncomfortable with that it might be like the conditioning of our culture that’s just an example of maybe something that may not feel resonant well yeah i think that’s a good point and i think mercedes you touched on it earlier there’s so much manifest or conditioning out there it’s like there’s like especially like from our parents too because just go make it happen go work hard or


go take initiative and you know and and then we’re also in these situations where we’re being kind of asked at an early age to to figure ourselves out before we lived on the planet long enough so it’s like from an astrological point of view and also with human design it’s the saturn return is is kind of the time at around 28 29 when we get to really get a sense of what we’re what this life is about like who are we saturn’s gone all the way around the wheel and it’s gone through every house or you


could say every gate of of the bodygraph and at that point we kind of have this possibility of like okay now i kind of know what this is about but we’re usually asking our kids you know when they’re teens like what do you want to do what do you want all that stuff go out there and do it we’re we’re kind of starting off on pretty shaky ground without a sense of what we’re even about yet and and listening for that and i guess like you could say like because i i started to want to ask you like well what’s the best thing we can


do as parents to projectors or as parents to generators or manifesting generators like what’s the best way we can serve each of them but i guess um the best way for all of them is to just um not try to condition them and to allow them to be who they are naturally i know probably projectors it’s what do you think mercedes since you’re a projector oh well first of all i don’t know what my dad is but i can see exactly like where i got the tendencies that i have as a projector to be overly so he probably wasn’t a projector


maybe he was a projector i don’t know i don’t know his birth time so i’d have to ask him and figure that out but i can see that some of my conditioning came from just generally the people around me especially in my early life and the way i use it though in my life today when i’m using it against my strategy you know out of my strat outside of my strategy doesn’t work well for me so a lot of it always comes back to how can i be more in the flow how can i soften here how can i yeah stop trying stop trying


i was more curious about like from like from a parent or a partner how how we can better serve like you know a projector generator or manifesting generator but i also know like just looking into their charts uh when i thought i was a projector i remember reading that like projectors need a lot more time to wind down before bed and it’s best that they sleep alone you know like there’s all these like things and i know my projector son shares a bunk bed with his generator sister so um there’s just i guess a


bunch of tools in parenting when you actually look into what your child is and what that means for them yeah it’s it’s a it’s a pretty deep and important subject i think i i grew up in a family of uh three generators both my parents my brother and i obviously no idea that i was a projector back then and uh i was i was the crazy one i was bouncing off the walls i was running around like like a lunatic half the time and they ended up putting me on ritalin and and diagnosing me with a you know adhd and uh and i can look back on that


and go wow maybe i was just amplifying all the energy in the house and i had no idea what was going on you know and and so i think just having the awareness of like your kids design you know on a very simple level like okay i’m dealing with a projector who’s really open or i’m dealing with a manifesting generator who’s very defined very fixed in a way and if we can kind of meet them as they are using human design as a point of reference i think it can really go a long way and then there’s more


specific things we can do um in terms of like the protocols of interaction where generators tend to do best when they have something specific to respond to so you can ask a generator like would you like two questions would you like to do this the questions that can be kind of answered with yes or no that they can then take inventory or check in within themselves and and you can kind of support that process where projectors it needs to be a bit more specific than that like it’s it’s almost inviting their awareness and saying hey what do


you what are you seeing what are you interested in um you know and not kind of putting on putting that generator pressure or trip on them which is you know you need to get out there and work and be productive and do all this stuff it’s like eventually going to lead to some some stage of burnout or exhaustion and then there’s some dietary stuff too on it and the deeper levels of human design where you can see specifically what support their body needs at a young age and like certain ways of eating or eating conditions that can be supportive


to their digestion and their their body as they’re growing and developing and uh just with a little bit of that knowledge you can really make a difference yeah and for those of you who want to dig that deep into it you can book a session with john through correct yeah okay um i was also curious because i know that you’ve served with la familia for a while how human design can be used in conjunction with plant medicine for both preparation and integration yeah i i i was never serving medicine with them


oh yeah but you worked with them sorry but i did a lot of work with with those guys and they’re close friends of mine and uh and you know it’s interesting too from the point of view of human design in that both both plant medicine and ayahuasca came into my life roughly at the same time with within i would say six months of each other both ayahuasca and human design yeah about about six years ago and i had heard about human design through a friend as i mentioned earlier and then i got invited to do a retreat


by another friend of mine um to to go and do a three-day ayahuasca retreat and i did that as i was still kind of like getting my feet into the human design material and and working with that and they both kind of took on this kind of like complementary interwoven kind of role in my life of what i think is ultimately de-conditioning like i was able through you know like i said with human design in kind of understanding what it meant to be a projector how my energy was designed to work having a basic understanding of my body graph just to


start experimenting with that and often that looks like just letting go of stuff like okay i’m not gonna maybe do that anymore or maybe i’ll try this thing and um and it’s kind of just offloading things that just aren’t really healthy for me or that weren’t working for me then i go into to the the plant medicine experience and it’s going kind of directly into the body and bringing up all sorts of stuff that that i didn’t know that i was even carrying around like you know trauma that i thought that i had already


kind of addressed or dealt with i realized that i had kind of a lot of emotional work to do i was really shut down in certain areas which i associate with kind of the the deconditioning of my solar plexus i have open solar plexus and um and so yeah it kind of evolved into this this kind of exploration where both of them were kind of working at the same time and i feel like what human design was really doing was giving me a point of reference to to for my mind really to to work with as all these things were being


let go of or being cleaned out or released i feel like plant medicine can be kind of destabilizing you know and that’s why there’s the need for like community and integration work around that and then human design can give us a point of reference like all right maybe maybe i can get my bearings you know with experimenting with my strategy and authority for example or profile which is another important piece of human design as a point of reference so yeah that’s kind of the quick version of it but yeah i do see these things go hand in


hand or they can i’ve also heard on uh some i believe it was also a podcast you did speaking about how when people go into a plant medicine journey sometimes they even visualize human design before knowing about human design they visualize something like their chart or seeing something that would that they would later understand was maybe related to human design when they get introduced to that modality later is that something you’ve seen yeah that’s that’s been pretty prominent in in my experiences in that space


i’ve had a lot of human design visions i don’t know if it’s just my own consciousness and programming but uh i i had a specific instance you know early on where it was almost like the medicine was showing me my body graph and saying you really take this and you need to get that this is an imprint of your energy and that was when human design was still pretty new to me and um and so yeah it felt like it was always kind of part of that experience and then i had other experiences where i would see the


wheel the bodygraph the mandala as it’s called in in human design which is this pretty complex kind of map and i was just kind of deconstructing it and taking it apart in that space and and um i have a lot of people come in who’ve either come out of sessions working with different plant medicines who had heard about human design and they’re looking again for another point of reference um or they’re going into it like kind of you’re saying and then they’re they’re kind of integrating it or working with it in


that space so you know what i think what’s going on is that both of those things have the potential to kind of bring us back to a more authentic true experience of ourselves ayahuasca tends to kind of work pretty intensely within the form in the body but then it kind of brings up stuff in the emotions and the mind and our energy field where human design tends to enter in through the mind but it’s really taking us to the body it so it’s kind of the same the same destination but different ways of getting at it yeah that makes sense


yeah all wholeness and i so before we move under to our staple questions i really wanted to get in to the 2027 shift with you um if you’re if you’re willing so 2027 um there’s something of i don’t know if it’s called i wouldn’t call it a prophecy but there’s there was a little bit of kind of a predictive forecast that that came through the knowledge when it was transmitted to to this guy raw that we’re referring to and is this the first prophecy or have others come true in the past well he he


did point out some things like he had uh identified um certain things like the the existence of something called neutrinos which are these very small like subatar subatomic particles so the smallest kind of known particles in the universe and uh he was pointing to those and he he said that these things exist and then i think it was years later that science came out and then finally like established it through through scientific methods and so he had a pretty good track record i think and when when he was talking about 2027 he


was referring to what are called the global cycle changes and this is this is kind of a change of the background frequency the cosmic background frequency that we’re all swimming in right now uh the earth all of humanity uh with this idea that’s kind of connected to the the procession of the equinoxes in astrology where there’s that kind of a gradual movement of you know the relative position of our earth with with the north star and these these fixed points in space um where basically the energies and the


frequencies are are changing we’ve been in a 400 year period called the cross of planning it it’s spoke about in terms of these crosses which are basically a combination of four gates um in in the wheel that are kind of associated with it and there’s multiple crosses and multiple cycles but the basic idea is that we’re moving from this cross of planning which started in the early 1600s and it ends in 2027 and we enter in a new 400 year cycle for humanity and it’s called the cross of the sleeping phoenix and they have very


different energies in in each of these context and so the cross of planning was about uh you could say the building of institutions um governments that all kind of based on this kind of tribal bargain system of you know a division of labor we’re all in this together and we’re going to make these agreements and through that we’re going to be able to uh really focus and develop technologies we’re going to be able to kind of um you know kind of perfect these these you could almost say materialistic


patterns of the world where we’re um when we develop iphones and we have these we’ve got amazon prime and all you can kind of think of like everything that goes into making an iphone or getting an amazon delivery the next day here what raw was saying is that was all a result of the cross of planning that that that with the background frequency supported that and and part of that was like kind of the institution of marriage and how we’re coming together and the bonds that we have and from the point of view of the human


design system and these changing global cycles all of that is kind of fading away it’s it’s starting to to transition into a new time period a new a new context and the cross of the sleeping phoenix looks very different it first of all there’s there’s this mutation of emotional awareness the solar plexus that’s a part of this where there’s this kind of greater potential for spirit awareness or emotional intelligence emotional awareness coming um we’re also seeing a lot of changes in


terms of how we relate with others in terms of intimacy we’re seeing changes to like re the reproductive rate and like the birth rate of the planet that that was part of what he saw and then the kind of one of the big things is that there’s a move towards more individual um activity in the world more and more individual orientation to life where it’s going to be more about us kind of using our energy as empowered individuals in order to survive versus um you know kind of like this this more collective you know you could say


institutional kind of support system that we have in place we’re already kind of seeing it i think you know with some of the the problems that governments are having around the world there’s kind of a lot a loss of faith in institutions and the corporate world and the government you know institutions politicians so that’s kind of the the quick version of it do you have any questions or i i just add that i even see that happening in in our religious dogma you know there’s a there’s some sort of just dilute


disillusion happening there as well where we’re coming to systems like human design that allow for more experimentation and dancing with ideas and getting a broader option or i think jade before you came on john called it god’s breath you know like this idea that god’s breathed on everything so you can you can attain or gain some sort of insight about self or your own inner god and your own inner spiritual experience by just playing and dancing in the world it doesn’t have to be like at a church with


this you know specific dogma and following these specific rules that structure was important and it’s powerful for for what it is but we can now see outside of that some i totally agree i think i think you’re exactly right that that that is also kind of an example of how the cross of planning kind of built all that and now that it’s starting to fade or it’s starting to recede then um it opens up new possibilities and that that that orientation of spirit that i mentioned it’s individual it’s basically


there’s there’s a move towards the individual and you can already kind of see that out in the world that you know there there’s kind of uh how to say it it can be challenging to be an individual in in some of the the collective um context or the tribal context and and so that that’s the movement and you can kind of look at these changing global cycles as what’s called the program in human design which is this this cosmic clockwork of planetary influences and background frequencies that actually support


and kind of inform the experience that we’re having on on this world humans kind of have this this type of vanity where we think that we’re actually doing all of this [Laughter] but sometimes it feels or it looks a lot more like it’s just happening like yeah we’re going along for the ride in a way and um this depends on how far we zoom out right how far we zoom out yeah yeah that’s that’s totally uh that makes so much sense we get so busy in our own little worlds and we think that it’s all the the world’s revolving


around us right but at the end of the day we’re just we are nature we’re part of it that was my point yeah this is nature yeah so does it mean like if raw is correct that um we’re not moving towards communism and uh but also like you say individual and i was thinking too that like possibly in the future we would be living more communally so i was a little confused on which one it was so yeah that’s a good question i i have a sense of well i have a personal sense of it and and i feel like that when we talk about


like communism or like the collective society as a whole i don’t i don’t think that the that’s ultimately gonna take root i i don’t think that that nature and these these frequencies that we’re talking about will ultimately support that i think that we’re going to see a continued breakdown of again these these large institutions even though what we’re seeing now may be kind of that is like the last you know dying gasp or thrust of the whole thing it’s like okay we’re going to try to hold on to whatever


control we can but i think in the end nature will win and it’s going to put us back in an individual direction and when it comes to like questions of community i think what we’re going to see are smaller more regional communities that are based on more about kind of resonance like this like who who do we actually connect with who’s actually correct or healthy for us rather than a lot of maybe more surface type stuff like um you know our birth family or you know our race or our our church or our group or whatever it you


know it’s going to i think going to reorganize and reform in these smaller more regional pockets is my my sense yeah and i i want to just say that like the way that i i see it is from the sense of what we’re attracted to now in this like kind of hipster culture is the gypsy or the vagabond or that kind of loner essence even the nerd is on the rise right like so all these things where you think of it as a singular person who’s out there deciding to to kind of pioneer and you know cut a what do you call


raise a trail you know what i’m trying to say they’re making their own way i think that is actually about communing rather than community but it all leads back to the the whole you know all leads back to becoming remembering the parts of you that make you whole therefore or then you’re able to add to the community in a really healthy and um service full way and i think that’s like kind of the for me that’s what it feels like anyways like we’re moving towards this direction of doing the inner work which is very


individual however it adds to the whole in the community yeah collective conscious i i think that’s a good point raw had this phrase which i really like which i think is is what you’re speaking to it which was communion of awareness and you know it’s like there there’s a there is a coming together and there’s going to be a resonance and a certain frequency that we share but i think it’s going to look different than than what we’ve seen in the past and i think that it’s going to organize more around


hopefully around like what is actually true and correct for us and healthy and and what is our proper role and what are we here for um i think we’ve been kind of off far off track of that for that’s that’s really beautiful too because it’s so much of what we do on this show we call it journeying into the gray and it’s about you know as humans so far or in this period like you’re talking about we have been attempting to control and create the structure and know what’s coming next because it’s so scary not to


know what’s in that gray area what’s in that beyond right but i think that this paradigm that we’re stepping into now is about can we be you know brave enough to to stand hold the pose as you know we know we’re worthy to stand here and step on the edge and like look into the gray or look into what else might be out there that we can’t even predict because we’re trying to predict from control and from structure yeah i agree i love that fluidity fluidity all right so there is a few short


questions like to ask everyone who comes on the show so first off john if you could hug your younger self right now what would you say um i would probably say just be yourself and it will all be okay yeah i love that if you could have the whole world read one book which would it be oh um [Music] this is a little bit more tough i think i’ve i’ve gone through so many important books over uh different points of my life but if i i were to narrow it down you know i think early on you know one of the books that really had an influence on me was uh the


dow beijing and just in terms of this this way of kind of aligning more with the natural order of things and i think there’s a lot of deep deep wisdom in that and when it comes to just that you know that way of of looking at it in terms of nature and if i were to pick something a little bit more recent i really had a pretty profound experience with uh a book by a guy named adyashanti are you guys familiar with adjacent he’s he’s kind of a i would say maybe a modern buddhist influence and um he’s also a mental projector


interestingly enough and it’s kind of for the same reasons as i as i mentioned the dow dejiang in that i think they’re they’re both kind of pointing to it a deeper nature or order of things and in different ways and uh yeah the book from adjacent i’m thinking of is called emptiness dancing emptiness dancing yeah and it’s kind of a collection of his talks but it reads really well like a book and uh yeah i just and how do you spell that first one it’s a d y a s h a sorry not his name but the the tau


beijing or what happened yeah yeah it’s a it’s t-a-o uh-huh t-e t-e-c-h-i-n-g okay who’s very famous google will know if you just voice text okay if anyone’s listening and wants to figure that one out he was a he was a what a i think a 6th century bc chinese sage wrote this this text and other these small passages it’s a lot you could find like in a little pocket book format almost and there’s kind of contemplations and reflections but they’re all kind of pointing to this natural order of things


which it’s it’s considered one of the classic texts of taoism and and i think there’s just a resonance for me personally because uh human design is really uh kind of a taoist system in a way which maybe it’s not talked about that way very much but you know the with the itching and just the kind of coming back to nature i feel like i feel like there’s a real resonance there i think it’s interesting that you hear in the west that we it seems like the further east it goes the further out we are from knowing it i


don’t know if that makes sense so like we’re talking about chakra systems right now we’re talking about you know well we now enhance to nine of them with human design but then the dow to ching like being even further out you know and and i don’t know if it’s distance that some reason we grasp it differently when you’re looking at the map that way but um something that brought to mind that i did want to touch on before i finish off with this other this last question for you was you you talked about the data china you


talked about how it brought you to this understanding of how nature plays such a significant role that you maybe at the time when you came to that book weren’t allowing um to resonate as much for you and and i wondered if maybe you were coming from more of like a science-based place at the time and then coming to this work in astrology and so much of what human design has to do with what was you know what was the factor in human design that someone who coming to this with like a very skeptical mind maybe because it’s astrology based in a large


way could see that this not trying to make it a science product because this is like i said it’s a dance and it’s experiment if it resonates it resonates right but what is it about this system that does cement it a little bit that does ground it a little bit to where we can go okay yeah let me let me see if this this holds something for me yeah well just the way you’re saying that i think is the right way to approach it is as a experiment or an investigation of sorts like don’t take it as a belief system or


dogma or rule book that you’ve got to like apply to your life but look at it more as like points of reference sign post then you can say all right there’s this thing called strategy if i’m a projector let me let me just kind of look back on my life and and look at when things really went well or when i really felt seen or recognized or i had this experience of success how did that come to me did it did i go out there and make it happen or did it come through a relationship did it come through someone


asking me um so we can we can kind of you know i think if if all this information stays up in the mind and it becomes like just an intellectual process i don’t think it really does a lot more than just satisfy some interest or curiosity and and i feel like it it’s really about kind of coming back to to what works the natural order of things that kind of the nature connection and you know when i when i was first introduced to astrology it was by my mother when i was pretty young and i didn’t want to hear any of it i was i


was ignorantly skeptical i was just like if it’s coming from from my mom i’m not interested it’s weird and then my brother actually was the one who went and agreed to go get a reading with her astrologer first and came back and convinced me to do it so i go in very skeptical and and then over the course of the reading i was like all right this guy way too much about me he’s saying stuff that i’ve only thought in my head how is he doing this and then i guess the projector part of me clicked on and


i’m like i need to know everything about this yeah you know as my own exploration so that started off astrology but by the time human design showed up i was also still kind of skeptical i was like oh no another system but just like i said hearing and understanding a little bit about what it meant to be a projector was enough that i was like let’s experiment let’s go a little bit further and i think that that’s really the best way to to do it people have to come do it on their own they have to feel a resonance


with it it has to be in the right time and you know i don’t control any of that if someone shows up for a session with me i’m i’ll show up and give them my best but after that point it’s kind of it’s it’s on them you know to to live their life or not and um so i would i would always point people back to their own direct experience to themselves and and that that’s i think what the connection or the threat is with like the emptiness dancing book by aj shanti and the domination i got to pick


that up for sure that emptiness dancing sounds fascinating um and you did you mentioned the neutrinos as well and i know that’s something to do with like the exact time place and moment you were born being why you suddenly are part of this type and and such right yeah that as i understand it it’s this neutrino field which is this like sea of neutrinos that’s just going through every corner of the universe it’s like they’re penetrating everything that’s kind of the the medium or the substance and i’m not speaking in


scientific terms i’m kind of conceptually how i understand it uh that the planets are filtering through so it’s like we’re getting the imprint of the planets through this neutrino field and then it’s the relative to our time date and place that we’re born there’s a relationship between us and the cosmos that we can kind of read from this imprint and we have those two different charts like i mentioned in the beginning we’ve got the black and the red the conscious and the unconscious or you could say


personality and design and then you get a sense of like okay well this is this is me you know and then with that basic understanding you can experiment with operating from that place or not you know go out there and keep doing the things you’re doing and see what happens it’s it really is kind of a yeah an experimental process beautiful yes it’s a dance i hope you all feel invited to listening to this today all right so if you could whisper one phrase to everyone on the planet what would that be it’d probably be along the lines of what


i would tell my younger self that i would you know want to just say you know trust yourself you know just just tune in and listen to what your body’s telling you and uh yeah and see what happens it will probably be okay you know and and i think you know to simplify that a little bit one of the things that that raw would always close his his talks and with his uh emails was love yourself which is really i think the kind of the foundation of all is a type of self-acceptance and self-love from there i think a lot more becomes


possible beautiful okay before we let you go where can everybody find you online i’ve got two websites i have my personal practice website it’s called and that’s where i offer sessions and um if people are interested in getting what like an intro to human design it’s called a foundation reading it’s a really good place to start and other type of services and then there’s also the human design collective which i run with my partner amy who teaches classes and workshops with in


human design with me and so and there’s some course offerings some workshops there’s a blog and we we have a podcast as well uh human design collective podcast so those are all places that you can find me amazing awesome this has been so enlightening john um i just know by listening you know i love when we have something on our show that’s kind of new to us in our audience because then we have to go and study it and we get to that’s something that super excites me so maybe because i’m a


projector um and this has been one of those things where like i said when i was listening to some of your work and i was having that piece of my strategy explained to me of wait for the invitation i like burst down into tears and i was like you know it’s just one of those moments where you just knew that message is for me like i need that message i needed to know that thing i needed to hear it in order to really just go okay yeah i’m going to take that and i’m going to add that to my my arsenal and it has already changed my life just


in the few weeks that i’ve been using that strategy so i can’t say enough about how i appreciate that the work you’re doing in this this lifetime is um adding healing to me and so many others so we just appreciate and thank you for being a light oh thank you yeah this has been a lot of fun i really appreciate the invitation to to join you today and um yeah it’s been a fun discussion so thank you both yeah thank you all right john so we are going to send you all this good stuff um once it’s


edited we’ll probably make a promo for it and we’ll have of course the the full episode as well we’re working on our youtube channel so maybe we’ll have a video episode up also i’m working on that this week um jay do you know the launch date for this you said it’s next uh three weeks three weeks okay yeah three weeks and i’m going to have to hit you up for uh a foundation what do you got yeah a foundational reading i guess um because i definitely want to dive into that with you as well


okay yeah it’s uh being a mental projector is a little tricky i think i think what you were kind of getting at earlier is i i feel like human design can benefit everyone but it’s almost critical knowledge for projectors yeah it’s like you know generators it’s it’s definitely helpful but you can kind of you can kind of work it out in the world most generators already have kind of a sense of like you know a gut response or an energetic response to life but projectors you know it’s just kind of a different thing it’s


like we we don’t have a whole lot of support you know currently for what you know what we are basically in this world and human design can be really helpful really supportive i think yeah i’m so glad i’ve found it so this is just the beginning of the journey all right all right john thank you so much yeah we’ll email you all the promo videos and stuff okay okay talk to you soon bye bye all right oh that’s so much information i know i think we always take like a deep breath at the end of end of a interview because it’s just


like absorbing like like a pot yeah the time for pausing yeah you’re like soaking and soaking in yeah i know and i love just being able first of all i love that we get to record these and listen back and like live in this work for as long as we need to um such i’m so grateful we started this podcast jade [Laughter] amazing things that have come into our life specifically because of it just because of needing to do the research for it yeah oh okay what’s your magic today uh mine is a compassion exercise and i


know that i have done a few compassion exercises as magic tricks in the past but this one’s different um this one can be done with a certain person in mind like someone you’re struggling with forgiveness for um someone that you love or you could just do it as you’re walking around the airport or the mall or you know the beach wherever you’re at on the people that are around you so there’s five steps but they’re very quick so step one is like in each of these steps your attention is on this one person okay so


step one is you think to yourself and like repeat in your heart just like me this person is seeking some happiness for his or her life step two just like me this person is trying to avoid suffering in his or her her life step three just like me this person has known sadness loneliness and despair step four just like me this person is seeking to fulfill his or her needs and step five just like me this person is learning about life so you can do that focused on your partner you can do that focus on a parent or like


i know i’ve done it just sitting in a coffee shop like thinking about the person who’s ordering coffee so it’s just a good way to cultivate compassion in yourself and uh yeah it’s one of my favorites yeah yeah i like just even the mantra just like me because it’ll remind you of those things like the connection how do i see the what’s tom shady xa you know god and a myriad of his disguises that’s who everyone around you is yeah oh i like it i like it just like me just like me okay what about you my


magic trick today is to if you couldn’t have got it from our episode already i’m just going to remind you at the end of our show here to try out your human design strategy for one week just a strategy if nothing else you allow to sink in or you know so there’s a lot as we talked about on the show today so just the strategy so get your human design chart look at what your strategy is and try it out for one week and i’m going to remind you right now of the strategies for each of each type so generators who have an opened and


enveloping aura and need to learn about themselves generators your strategy is to respond and through response to find satisfaction and avoid frustration projectors projectors have a focused and absorbing aura and need to learn about and understand the other in projectors your strategy is to wait for the invitation to find success and avoid bitterness and then manifesters have a closed and repelling aura and are here to understand the their impact on others manifesters your strategy is to inform before they act


to find peace and avoid anger reflectors have a resistant and sampling aura and are learning to reflect rather than identify reflectors your strategy is to wait a full cycle of the moon before making decisions that’s hard i know to find clarity leading to a life of more surprise and less disappointment so just for the week guys try out your human design strategy yeah and you can also ask yourself why do i feel resistant to using my strategy or my authority you can also ask yourself that because there’s um


probably some that’s big time i definitely immediately i mean i burst into tears not because i was like not just because i was like oh i need i need to do this but because i was like all this time basically i had all this resistance come up that was literally painful to think that i’ve been making things happening and pushing things to happen when i should be waiting for the invitation and like we said in the beginning this isn’t like meant to be rigid or to like put yourself so much in the box but it is a


way to practice self-acceptance when you look at okay this is this is just how i am by design instead of disliking that part about yourself um yeah because if that comes up for you it does get rigid when we’re trying to like label ourselves and say i am a projector and that type of thing but it also can be really helpful if you use it with that in mind that this is an experiment so just a practice of of self-acceptance too yeah be easy with yourself yeah all right magic mobbers thank you so much for tuning in and taking this journey


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