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Fully invested in fostering the growth and betterment of women as a collective, today’s guest: Sheleana Aiyana, has built a platform called “Rising Woman” where she weaves together spirituality and psychology to create a safe place for women to develop themselves to their fullest potential. She is a coach in conscious relationship, boundaries, shadow work -including inner child work, and astrology. She also runs a woman’s group where she guides women toward better relationships with themselves and others. As a birth doula and menstruation guru she’s helping to redefine how both men and women perceive the inner workings of female reproduction and hormonal cycles, taking us from the current repressive patriarchal ideals to a wonderfully improved and balanced image of the miracles and power that the female body is capable of. 

As a passionate writer she poetically relays her knowledge to the world and is constantly finding ways to destigmatize vulnerability and facilitate self-healing. Determined to make a difference, she’s here to serve her fellow community, especially women who’ve suffered from domestic violence, and to help us all to lay down our masks, finally feel our feelings, and do the work we’re here to do: RISE TOGETHER.

In this episode we explore:

• What it is to be a “WILD WOMAN”

• How to facilitate a ”CONSCIOUS RELATIONSHIP” 

• What “SHADOW WORK” is and how to do it 

• Creating the ability to TRUST our INTUITION 

• How to define and hold BOUNDARIES in relationship



• The power of the female body through MENSURATION and BIRTH 



• Plant medicine


• The best way to communicate problems in the bedroom in relationship 

• What women want from a man



MAJic Tricks:

• Self-Soothing Techniques

Book Recommendations:

• Getting the Love You Want by Harville Hendrix Ph.D. and Kathlyn LaKelly Hendrix Ph.D.

• Conscious Loving by Gay and Katie Hendricks Ph.D.’s

• The Conscious Heart by Gay and Katie Hendricks Ph.D.’s

• A Course in Miracles by Helen Schucman

• Sex at Dawn by Cacilda Jethá and Christopher Ryan

• The Boy Crisis: John Gray and Warren Farrell

• Iron John by Robert Bly


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