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Offering us some relief in the midst of such a volatile time, our guest, Jake Woodard, broaches the COVID19 Pandemic with us, relaying heartfelt wisdom on how to navigate this intense uprising of fear and panic. An expert in unifying people through their darknesses, he helps us stay grounded while guiding us on how we can help ourselves and others better accept and progress through this unprecedented event. In his work as a sacred energy healer he helps people identify and release unconscious blocks so that they can undergo the transformation needed to step fully into their gifts and ability to serve the betterment of our kind. We end Part 1 of this interview with a beautiful collective energy healing guided meditation for mass fear and worry that we invite you to join us in.


  • Jake’s personal story, along with how he’s been able to harness his intuition & wield it in his healing work. 
  • We also dive into his profound teachings around the masculine and feminine energies we all embody.

An expert in intuition and intimacy, he leads us through some deep inner work, where we tap into some personal past traumas that uncover just how powerful his work as a sacred energy healer is. 

With the highest of hopes that this latest “dark night of the soul”, we seem to be experiencing in unison, will be a critical instrument in unveiling a better, more beautiful world, Jake takes us and our listeners by the hand in this episode and stewards us toward a brighter, more meaningful tomorrow. Please enjoy the journey. 


• How to remember everything you learn. 

• “A letter from covid 19 to humans”


  • The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer
  • The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle
  • Polishing the Mirror by Ram Dass

Connect with Jake Woodard:


See for privacy information.–ShadowWork-wEnergy-Healer–Jake-Woodard-e1qj2oa

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(07:00) body deal with stress by normalizing various processes and then it’s also got chaga which is a ton of antioxidants turkey tail for your immune system and then lion’s mane for anti-inflammatory properties and then cordyceps which is an adaptogenic i always struggle with that word adaptogenic herb in chinese medicine and something i really really love also is that they get these mushrooms from small farms yeah i love that yeah some of the words these mushrooms names are tougher than anything to take um and because we know our health

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(08:17) magic hour podcast a place where we navigate through life’s peaks and valleys with all the vulnerability and shamelessness we can muster with the help of world-class guests from all walks of life we uncover new truths and valuable tools for manifesting our highest potential i’m your host mercedes tarot along with my partner in shine jade bryce hi you guys so if you’re listening to this from almost anywhere in the world you’re likely shut into your house on lockdown in the midst of this very uneasy time and we want you to

(08:47) know that we’re here with you and we’re doing what we can to keep us all headed in a positive direction through the efforts of this show yes fam this episode is one that holds some real wisdom and insight on how we can move through this trying time together with as much grace and ease as possible and as much as we may feel like the current circumstances are causing more separation in the world we think it’s actually creating a much needed craving for connection and compassion exactly and because our guest today is

(09:16) an expert in unifying people through their darknesses with the work he does we knew that this episode would help us all get through this time of being alone together yes and as a sacred energy healer he creates a space for people to identify and release unconscious blocks so that they can undergo the transformation needed to step fully into their gifts and ability to serve the betterment of our kind host of the awake with jake podcast he’s awakening us to some specific ways we can do our part in raising the vibration

(09:49) on this planet by facilitating the ascension of our species through his profound teachings around the masculine and feminine energies we all embody he’s stewarding us toward a brighter more meaningful tomorrow it’s important to note that as we record this episode we’re all currently about one week into quarantine because of the covet 19 coronavirus lockdown which has caused more acute fear and panic than any other event in our lifetimes which luckily for us is something today’s guest has been very dedicated to

(10:18) addressing of late so we’re incredibly thankful he’s here to discuss ways to navigate all of this an expert in intuition and intimacy he’s committed to healing this pale blue dot and the complicated creatures on it with the highest of hopes that this latest dark night of the soul we seem to be experiencing in unison will be a critical instrument in an unveiling a better more beautiful world with that please welcome jake woodard to the magic hour i liked it but i’ll do one more yeah be careful when

(10:56) you sigh though because it goes directly it’s like yeah oh i do [Laughter] i didn’t i didn’t even remember doing it i know it was right in the middle of this i was like is it that bad [Laughter] okay all right welcome boys and babes to the magic hour nope hello and welcome boys and babes to the magic hour podcast a place where we navigate through life’s peaks and valleys with all the vulnerability and shamelessness we can muster with the help of world-class guests from all walks of life we uncover new truths

(11:36) and valuable tools for manifesting our highest potential i’m your host mercedes terrell along with my partner in shine jade bryce hi you guys so if you’re listening to this from almost anywhere in the world you’re likely shut into your house on lockdown in the midst of this very uneasy time and we want you to know that we’re here with you and we’re doing what we can to keep us all headed in a positive direction through the efforts of this show yes fam this episode is one that holds some real wisdom and insight on

(12:08) how we can move through this trying time together with as much grace and ease as possible and as much as we may feel like this current circumstance is causing more separation in the world sorry i [ __ ] that up hello and welcome boys and babes to the magic hour podcast a place where we navigate through life’s peaks and valleys with all the vulnerability and shamelessness we can muster with the help of world-class guests from all walks of life we uncover new truths and valuable tools for manifesting our highest potential i’m your host mercedes

(12:41) tarot along with my partner in shine jade bryce hi you guys so if you’re listening to this from almost anywhere in the world you’re likely shut into your house on lockdown in the midst of this very uneasy time and we want you to know that we’re here with you and we’re doing what we can to keep us all headed in a positive direction through the efforts of this show yes fam this episode is one that holds some real wisdom and insight on how we can move through this trying time together with as much grace and ease as

(13:11) possible and as much as we may feel like the current circumstances are causing more separation in the world we think it’s actually creating a much needed craving for connection and compassion exactly and because our guest today is an expert in unifying people through their darknesses with the work that he does we knew that this episode would help us all get through this time of being alone together yes as a sacred energy healer he creates a safe yes as a sacred energy healer he creates a space for people to identify and

(13:47) release unconscious blocks so that they can undergo the transformation needed to step fully into their gifts and ability to serve the betterment of our kind host of the awake with jake podcast he’s awakening us to some specific ways we can do our part in raising the vibration on this planet by facilitating the ascension of our species through his profound teachings around the masculine and feminine energies we all embody he’s stewarding us toward a brighter more meaningful tomorrow it’s important to

(14:17) note that as we record this episode we’re all currently about one week into quarantine because of the coveted 19 coronavirus lockdown which has caused more acute fear and panic than any other event in our lifetimes which luckily for us is something today’s guest has been very dedicated to addressing of late so we’re incredibly thankful he’s here to discuss ways to navigate all of this an expert in intuition and intimacy he’s committed to healing this pale blue dot and the complicated creatures on it

(14:46) with the highest of hopes that this latest dark night of the soul we seem to be experiencing in unison will be a critical instrument in unveiling a better more beautiful world with that please welcome jake woodard to the magic hour i will be eating this whole time hi i like your background oh thank you i appreciate that thanks for joining us so i know uh we’re fitting in a lot in a small amount of time so um we’ll we’ll jump on it mercedes is gonna read your bio and then we’ll start asking you questions do you need a bio for me did

(15:23) you just pull it offline we we uh it’s one of our favorite parts of doing writing writing a bio for you guys yeah i’m honored to be here thank you so much for having me yeah thanks for being here all right by the way before we before we start um do you want me to use my podcast mic or you want me to use my headphone lights i would love for you to use your podcast mic all right um do you want to record the audio separate for you and then send it as a file well we’re recording it right now on zoom yeah yeah wait i mean you could record

(15:56) it separate as a backup if we have glitches but honestly it’s because we’re if your wi-fi is fine we should be good i know audio is critical when it comes to podcasting so it really yeah for knowing that yeah well so i’m thinking the first part is um it’s easier to be shorter and then we could um use a little bit more time on the second part that i sent you if you’d like we can see let me just switch this over quick okay i’m gonna have to take a moment to hook this up oh good then the bottom left

(16:53) jake should be the little microphone that has mute on it there’s a little arrow next to it on zoom all right can you hear me now yeah see right back while he does that okay all right good sounds like it’s coming through right yeah it does all right good does that sound better yeah i think it sounds good all right perfect yeah that’s always helpful it’s always a struggle when the internet connection’s going down and i know now everyone’s using zoom to like do their classes and do their therapy sessions and all the

(17:22) things so probably this server is strapped we’ll see how are you today i am excellent yeah where are you located i’m in southern california jade’s in austin cool we’re part of southern california i’m in uh costa mesa okay yeah i lived right by that for a little while oh really what city laguna beach okay yeah that’s down the way totally not my speed but i uh yeah i’m a country boy at heart so it was kind of different for me are you in where are you now upstate in new york in saratoga springs

(17:56) okay yeah all right so um and i don’t know if jada also asked about doing a meditation at the end of this section for them yeah okay cool so for the fear and panic situation maybe we can and we normally would just obviously record the two hours straight with a guest and just go through the questions but we did want to make this one specifically for people that are looking for some sort of relief from all the fear and such from what’s going on right now so the first section we’re going to kind of like finalize it with the um

(18:29) meditation if that works for you jake and then we’ll start up a second section that jade will intro us on yeah he told him yeah okay okay well they’re all on the same page all right here we go let me make sure this is all good on my end all right as a sacred energy healer he creates a space for people to identify and release unconscious blocks so that they can undergo the transformation needed to step fully into their gifts and ability to serve the betterment of our kind host of the awake with jake podcast he’s

(19:04) awakening us to some specific ways we can do our part in raising the vibration on this planet by facilitating the ascension of our species through his profound teachings around the masculine and feminine energies we all embody he’s stewarding us toward a brighter more meaningful tomorrow it’s important to note that as we record this episode we’re all currently about one week into quarantine because of the covid19 coronavirus lockdown which has caused more acute fear and panic than any other event in our lifetimes which

(19:34) luckily for us is something today’s guest has been very dedicated to addressing of late so we’re incredibly lucky and incredibly thankful he’s here to discuss ways to navigate all of this with us an expert in intuition and intimacy he’s committed to healing this pale blue dot and the complicated creatures on it with the highest of hopes that this latest dark night of the soul we seem to be experiencing in unison will be a critical instrument in unveiling a better more beautiful world with that please welcome jake woodard to

(20:08) the magic hour thank you so much for having me and that was a beautiful introduction thank you for being here jake um we really mean what we say in these these bios for our guests and in your case i think this is a really important time to have someone like you who we can come to and ask for some guidance because i think you’re doing some really incredible work in helping people um see outside of this all-encompassing fear that we’re experiencing right now so i wanna you know usually we start off with getting your story we get to know

(20:42) who you are a little bit better and we will do that and dive into that um a little later in the show but because of the current climate regarding cobit 19 i’d like to start with why you believe we are seeing this interesting and intense uprise of fear and panic in the face of this virus and in the trembling of our economic standings you know i think it’s interesting because we we are in such a pivotal point in human history right now and and i think that it’s all coming through for our soul’s

(21:14) ascension and to really step deeper into it we have to go beyond the physical body right you know we get locked in this this materialistic world and we get so hung up and attached to these bodies and i know i lived in that fearful state for a very long time so i think that with all viruses or pandemics or mass shootings or terrorism is all really a way to bring us closer together but really firstly we’re bringing us closer to our own human spirit and so as we move forward through this we’re being invited

(21:50) to go within we’re being invited to self-reflect and take a look at the wounds the internal wounds that we’ve probably been avoiding for our entire life maybe many lives you know and i feel i really do feel and believe that the people that are already doing the spiritual work are not really affected by this because they’re like okay quarantine i’ve been you know quarantining myself the last 10 years like you know so i think that we’re getting we’re getting invited to like almost like a time out by the universe and

(22:22) it’s really a beautiful time to go within and transform and transmute some of these challenging energies that you may feel such as the fear the shame the guilt a lot of people feel very unsafe right now very threatened their their health is being threatened you know the the world is being threatened by this this virus that’s spreading rapidly and so i think it’s a beautiful time to really go within and drop in and just really ask ourselves and check in with ourselves what’s really going on why is this really here because i don’t

(22:54) believe in accidents and i don’t believe in coincidence so you know i think that everything that happens in this universe is a part of the grander plan to help us awaken to help us ascend yeah i think that you know just that reconfiguration of perspective on we go from that victim mindset of everything’s happening to me the world is happening to me this pandemic is happening to me and be able to reframe it to this is happening for me and how can i make you know this be the most positive thing that maybe even happens in our entire

(23:24) existence as a species you know this is this is the question if we’re asking if we’re all asking ourselves that how could this not turn out amazing right so yeah i’m 100 with just imagine if we get the whole world to sit down and meditate together yeah i know because we all have the opportunity right now your meditation especially the one your meditation where you like surround yourself and then you surround your home and then you surround your city and then your state i if if everyone would do that at the same time

(23:55) imagine the effects i appreciate that and you know honestly i really do believe in energy i believe in vibration and i think that if we all emit this positive frequency of love and hope and strength we can heal this planet we can heal ourselves we can help our brothers and sisters heal as well because that’s what we’re being invited to do right now we’re being invited to really cleanse ourselves and purify ourselves you know of all of the stuff that we’ve been holding on to all the karmic baggage that we’ve been carrying

(24:27) with us for so long and really cut these anchors you know so people are really being challenged right now you know the collective fear is so deep because people are being forced into their home with their spouse with their kids maybe even by themselves they’re being um quarantined in total isolation and all they have is social media they have no outlets so what are they which social media is all about the this right now so but it’s interesting how if you like how some people are opposing that message of

(24:58) going within and how this is an invitation and how like when i share your post i get a lot of um [Music] this is baloney and like you know not always kind messages um and my following is kind of all over the place but it’s interesting how sometimes people are opposing such a positive message because even if you want to lean on the science and and the spread this message and this outlook is still beneficial for your own inner growth and for trying to find some peace in the midst of it so it’s interesting that

(25:31) people would oppose it let me ask you a question have you ever been sleeping and someone came into the bedroom and they ripped open the blinds and like good morning you’re like oh my god you like throw the blankets over your head get out of here like you kick them out of your bedroom my kids love to flick the light on right above it exactly but those kids are mirroring back your own light they’re mirroring back your own inner light but you’re not ready to see it in that moment so when people in this time are so

(25:57) attached to their fear and attached to their pain that’s really active right now everyone’s trauma is so active right now all the fear is being brought up all the repressed fears all the uncertainty all the yeah exactly so those blinds are being ripped open the curtains are being peeled back and you’re getting a chance to look within but most people are denying that light because they’re not ready to see it and you can’t see something you’re not ready to see yeah absolutely not i don’t know if this is much of an

(26:24) epiphany but it came to this um you know we use we use words with uh double meanings like disease and dis-ease and things like that which we’re more familiar with but one i hadn’t heard and then i just came across like as i was writing a little journal today was the word business and busyness like when you write the word busyness b-u-s-y and e-s-s it’s really the breakdown is business right because what we do in business and work and as being part of this giant you know machine we call our economy we’re all

(26:57) just being extraordinarily busy and essentially at least speaking from my own workaholic self distracting ourselves from looking at what we need to look at you know our shadow selves looking inward and i think this fear with the pandemic is another way we can distract ourselves we can distract ourselves with going and hoarding toilet paper or um hoarding whatever else for that matter or worrying about you know getting a gun or whatever it is and we might go well that’s logical that’s smart and that’s

(27:25) what we should be doing and maybe we should be taking reasonable considerations but when we do it to a point where it’s consuming our every day now we’re just basically replacing the job the business that we were doing prior to the pandemic with another job another distraction yeah that’s true you said something to that rank that brought something up for me i know we’re going to talk about this as well he said that makes logical sense right the masculine brain the masculine brain you took the words right out of my

(27:55) mouth imagine if we all listen to our intuition and what feels right in this moment right now got out of our mind the mind is what’s creating all this fear the mind is creating the fear but if we drop down out of the mind into our body into our heart into the feminine heart and we feel we feel into our intuition then you can start to like kind of navigate and explore the things within yourself that really need to be addressed because the the ego mind is not ready to go there the ego mind wants to fight for survival it’s so

(28:28) attached to this body right that’s why the ego was is created is because it’s designed for survival right so it wants to grab a gun it wants to grab all the toilet paper in the supermarket you know it wants to grab on to the safest thing possibly it wants government to give it safety and control you know because that’s the thing is is the ego is losing control right now because when you’re forced into isolation and you’re forced to look within the ego is being unmasked right the mask of the ego is being taken off

(28:58) right now of the collective consciousness so it’s kind of like a bank robber or not a bank robber just a robber in a house when the police come in that robber goes up to the other floor and they go up to the next fort and it just keeps going up and up and up until eventually the robber goes right out the roof and that’s what we’re doing we’re pushing the ego out you know it’s like if your body gets acne or like really bad pimples and your body’s trying to push something out right now we’re

(29:22) identifying the ego’s games the ego’s traps all the fear and the shame the guilt that have kept us in suffering for so long for so thousands of years and that’s really what continues to keep us divided you know is is race and separation and division it’s all about the ego saying i’m better than you what’s the reason we go to war the need to be right so we get to take a deeper look within ourselves and really ask us what games is my ego playing right now and i just saw this morning they did

(29:54) like i think it’s called seas of fire where no one’s allowed to like be at war with anyone and when i saw that it was like thank god like maybe this will stay forever you know like i know i’m like kind of a hopeless romantic but i just thought like wow but it’s impossible yeah but it shows us too it’s possible something that we have all been saying this is impossible we’ll never be all on the same page no matter what we’ll have different creeds and different religions different you know all these motives

(30:23) that force us to be angry people and this pandemic is bringing us together to realize yo it’s the species against this virus i still understand the fear of hearing you know if you’re too much reading the articles that like you’re gonna lose one to two um family members family members and um you know all of my work has been canceled up until august and i’m a single mom you know so i understand how fear it feels very real right now um how do we go about addressing that um that’s such a beautiful question too

(31:02) because there is so much fear right now and i think that we could first start with where does fear come from it comes from your mind your mind creating all these stories now right now a lot of people don’t feel safe they don’t feel supported and they feel very threatened now remember when you were a little kid when you felt unsafe or you didn’t feel supported you didn’t feel loved what did you do you went and ran to your parents you ran and hid behind your mommy or your daddy you know that’s what i did when i was a

(31:29) little kid i wanted my dad to protect me i wanted my mom to protect me you know but then as i grew older i realized that my dad was actually really harmful to me because he would just told me just to stay away from my emotions repress my emotions don’t cry don’t show weakness he would beat me for crying you know so little kids they hide underneath the covers they hide behind their parents so we always hid behind something when we were young when we were just little kids but now as we’ve become adults

(31:56) in air quotes or we’ve become adults our inner child is still so wounded because we’re still hiding you know so what we’re experiencing at the depth is our inner child is afraid that’s really why everyone’s so afraid of is because our inner child that little boy or that little girl doesn’t feel loved it doesn’t feel supported it doesn’t feel safe so we can look at it from a lens of the inner child doesn’t feel safe our innocence doesn’t feel safe our childlike innocence doesn’t feel safe

(32:25) which it hasn’t felt safe for a very long time it’s been deeply repressed because we’ve been stuck in this business mentality and grind grind grind which i understand i get it but we have to give ourselves permission to feel safe and to really feel supported by ourselves and feel validated by ourselves and stop seeking the protection unconsciously from our mother or father and maybe our father abandoned us you know my dad was never emotionally present with me he was very very abusive in my entire upbringing

(32:56) so when it comes to the fear aspect of things i think in the most compassionate way i could possibly say this we are all going to die at some point okay and i say that with total love and compassion because i’ve accepted my own death many times in this life and i think that if you really want to get free then you have to to die while you’re alive because when you can die while you’re living and you anchor yourself into this okay i know this body is temporary my soul is eternal that you took on this birth to work through

(33:27) this karma your soul came into this body knowing it had an expiration date right the the deepest human fear right now in and probably in all mankind and human history is the fear of death right it’s i don’t want to die i don’t want my loved ones to die and i get it i understand i’m in this human form as well but we can take a deeper look at that and and ask ourselves can i live with the fear of death because it’s something this this body has an expiration date on it and it’s something that when we can

(34:01) accept that okay it’s like most people listening right now probably have a car you know you lease it you buy it you own it whatever you don’t you are not that car right it’s just a vehicle your soul is the driver of that vehicle your soul is the driver of this body okay the soul doesn’t get diseases the soul doesn’t you know get viruses okay the ego does the body does and it creates all this fear within us that i don’t want to die right now so i think in the deepest most loving compassionate way is is understanding

(34:38) that that death is a part of this human experience and it’s not to say that you shouldn’t care or shouldn’t grieve because you’re gonna like you’re gonna grieve deeply if you lose someone that you love because it hurts because your attachment to them was deep especially if you really love that person so i think honoring our fears you know instead of just pushing them away and neglecting them really sitting with our fears and sitting with our hurt and asking ourselves what is my deepest fear

(35:05) what is my deepest fear and if it’s a fear of death then this disease and this virus is showing you where you have work to do it’s showing you where you’re not and it’s a beautiful way to awaken through our pain yeah it really is i think um when we can and you know looking at death might be might be an extreme for some people i mean of course we start out this life with our lizard brain going the first thing we want to make sure we’re not doing is dying like that’s it you know we seek validation from everywhere around us

(35:46) tell me i exist tell me i exist tell me it’s true i’m not dead yet you know and we um create all these structures around us that allow us to feel safe even though we really never are as we’re experiencing now and i kind of liken that idea to um like a house of of legos that you built you know you built this house and you got this box of legos and the front cover you built the house to look the exactly like the front cover it’s beautiful it’s all according to plan and then someone you know comes around and smashes it and

(36:20) maybe that’s our pandemic right now this house has been smashed pieces have gone flying some pieces are crushed to a place where we can’t recover them anymore and now there’s missing pieces and whatnot you still have these really cool legos these pieces of the structure these foundational building blocks that you if you could let go of the picture on the front of the box that this house was supposed to look like you could put these together in a way that could build something even better with your

(36:50) creativity you know dropping into your heart center on all that um but we have to let go first of the fear of it not looking like we planned it to look and i think you know just i’m only bringing up that that metaphor just because you brought up death and some people hear that you have to look at death more closely or look at death in the face and they’re like [ __ ] turn this off no like i’m not doing that that’s way too much fear i can’t handle that’s overwhelming but if we can look

(37:16) at just where we can let go of a picture of something of a fantasy of something and what we had expected it to look like and say what if it could be something better what if it could be something else and just as amazing as what i had pictured that in a sense is looking at death and seeing it for what it is which is just a transmutation of the energy that we all are and in that perspective or at least for me it feels like when i can look at things that way it feels less intimidating does that make sense well yeah it’s going back to the feeling

(37:50) threatened not feeling safe yeah our our attachment to our fears of not having control like that’s that’s a big one right now is i don’t have control of this virus but here’s the thing is what if source energy actually created this virus to let go of control yeah and to have a slow down slow down become more still everyone’s being forced in their house right now to slow down and look within like you can only keep running for so long until at some point you get to deal with your stuff whether in this life or another

(38:18) one you know and i was reading too that corona um there’s some sort of uh translation with that word uh that represents the crown chakra as well yeah corona means crown yeah so funny you say that because as i was meditating on this when it first came in i kept like hearing this word birth birth and then it turned into like rebirth rebirth and i’m like all right what what does this word mean and i looked it up and exactly what i saw was the crown which when a baby is being born it’s actually crowning it’s

(38:49) crowning its head it’s coming out of the womb so we are actually giving birth to a new earth right now because we’re destroying all of the old belief systems all of the the the fears and everything else right now is being transformed and being destroyed and with that destruction it’s not pretty like it’s it’s not a pretty process maybe we should all read a new earth right now yeah right the good time but but once again like we can we can create this new earth within ourselves first because everything external is

(39:20) only a reflection of internal you know so we’re creating this new earth within ourselves first so in order to to birth a new self we have to let go going back to what you were saying of the old self you know so like whatever models you’re still hanging on to right now that don’t serve your highest path and your highest calling you are being invited to let them go and i keep visualizing with what y’all are both saying how like our children you know um these conscious seekers who have children like

(39:52) they’re now gonna have a different world where it’s like this was the path and then it turns and because of what they experience and what they sort of remember they carry that out in a different direction so it’s like um you know hopefully hopefully it’s a different um it takes us down a completely different path that all of our children are able to honor because they kind of remember a little bit of what it was you know yeah absolutely and jake i wanted to add to what you were saying there about how we can

(40:21) look at this as a letting go a process of letting go and to relate it to what you’re saying about looking inward at what your biggest fears are if your biggest fear is death and that’s being brought up because of this pandemic i think it is important for us to mourn the death of who we were yesterday every day and have that rebirth like you’re speaking to because we all want to be evolving right if we’re not evolving we’re dying like that’s those are the two options for the most part so if we want to be becoming

(40:52) the best human we can be we want to be part of the ascension of this species and ascension of this planet then we need to be very good and practiced at releasing who we were yesterday so that we can become the the better us of tomorrow right um how in the midst of that how can we transmute our energy to something more positive for ourselves and the planet you have to have a spiritual practice if you do not have a spiritual practice how can you do anything like if you you know if you don’t have a habit of brushing your teeth in the morning your

(41:31) teeth are always going to be dirty if you don’t have a practice of going inward your soul is always going to be dirty so an internal practice is what allows us to cleanse and purify our soul you know so i think whether that’s meditation or some form of primal feminine dance and moving your body to release this stuck trapped energy i think that there’s many different ways you can do it whether it’s energy healing and just actually just sitting there and feeling your feelings and crying and releasing there’s many

(42:01) different ways to do these things but having a daily practice even starting something small like journaling you know like and try adopting a meditation practice try adopting some mindfulness techniques especially of all this time right now to do these things like you have no excuse not to have a practice to get to know yourself and get to know who you are and i think that the real thing that’s coming through right now is so many people have no idea who they are so this virus is inviting them to discover who they are because

(42:33) they’re being who they think they are but who they think they are is being destroyed right now well i’m a ceo of this company and i just stepped down from this company so i’m no longer this identity so who am i well i’m john smith and i’m 38 years old from long island new york no that’s not who you are that’s that’s who you think you are right so all of our labels all of our identities of who we think we are are being destroyed right now and like once i say once again i’ll say it again

(43:01) we are being invited to look within at who we really are what a beautiful time to be alive too to watch all of us have this huge opportunity of being able to step into our purpose you know step into what really calls to us and maybe that’s at home as we’re all closed in we have hobbies and we have things we love to do and if they’re not distracting you know they’re allowing us to be maybe in a more meditative state maybe it’s painting maybe it’s a reading book or you know laying in a bathtub and doing

(43:32) self-care but we’re getting the chance to do those things the things that we’ve probably through the last few years speaking for myself i can say for sure have wished out loud god i wish i could have time to take a break god i wish i would be able to go on a vacation well guess what we’re getting a collective moment right now you know moment of stillness where we can go first of all how grateful am i for all the things i do have that have been right in front of me this whole time and i’ve been

(44:02) neglecting and secondly what can i do with this time that i’ve been asking for because you’ve been granted a wish here yeah and with that you said spiritual practice um what are your days looking like during this quarantine exactly the same as they have been oh like it really hasn’t changed much in my life the only thing that’s changed is my gym is closed and the restaurants are closed so that’s about the only thing different in my life you know i still do my meditation my daily meditations and i

(44:33) still do do my work my inner work and and i’m just i’m i’m with myself you know it’s like i get to be with myself i get to spend time with myself and i enjoy that you know so i think a lot of people really feel afraid of loneliness because they haven’t transmuted loneliness into a loneliness and there’s a big difference between the two and if you look at the word alone break it down all one so if you ever want to feel content or okay or good within a relationship you have to be all one with the self

(45:08) or you will just project your loneliness onto that partner that you have and you’ll protect each other’s loneliness because you’re just mirrors of each other on to one another and just continue down that path so if you’re afraid to be lonely or you feel very lonely right now now is a good time to start to really learn about who you are at your core level and what parts of yourself do you not accept or do you not love it’s really good what about for those that it did uproot everything maybe they lost their

(45:39) job and their 401k or um people who had you know their savings in the stock market maybe homeless people the single mothers how can we support them right now [Music] by helping them to love and support themselves because the only thing you can do for another person is to work on yourself so by us working on ourselves and by us healing ourselves we create a vibrational yes we create a vibrational effect that touches everyone around us even at a global level okay because we’re all plugged into this spider web of

(46:16) consciousness and what you do affects others okay so first thing is work on yourself if you want to help anyone else in this world work on yourself and when you’ve gotten to a point where you’re no longer chained to the wall you can help others get free you can help free your fellow brothers and sisters on this planet you can help this planet become a better place but if you’re not willing to even work on yourself you can’t help anyone else okay if you’re deathly sick right now how are you gonna help someone else who is

(46:43) definitely sick yeah so your cup first first thing is is work on yourself you have to work on yourself and then once you get through that show them if they’re open to it because of course the mind if it’s closed down and they know too much and it’s too full they’re not going to receive what you’re saying anyways i don’t care how you know great your message is is help them to to learn how to love and validate and support themselves you know and when when a person can do that when they feel validated from

(47:11) within when they feel supported from within they can start to move forward in a lighter way in life you know because a person who doesn’t feel supported or loved or validated it’s really just because it’s showing them where they have their work to do you know so if you’re having things tripped away from you right now in a materialistic sense which everybody’s having something stripped away from you materialistically it’s showing you once again it’s mirroring back to you do the inner work

(47:36) look within what do what am i still hanging on to what am i attached to that i need to let go of you know the harder you cling to something the harder it’s going to hurt when you let go of it you know so i think that you know if you if you’re losing if you lost the business or you’ve lost money in the stock market you lost your 400k you lost a loved one first of all i send you my love i send you all my compassion because i understand what what it’s like to lose something in this life i felt deep deeply grieved before

(48:06) and to allow yourself just to be with that hurt to be with that pain don’t try to distract it don’t try to avoid it just be with it you know because this is just a temporary thing everything in this universe right now is is a temporary thing it’s it’s gonna come back you know and you gotta you gotta keep a positive mindset and releasing this fear that you have to the attachment to the to the materialistic world and when you can do that you’ll free yourself from this pain that you have of loss

(48:39) you you’re talking about um or when you’re talking about attachment it makes me think of like you know a buddhist monastery for instance like all the monks there who have been practicing how to be not attached to any thing materialistic where they’re eating plain rice every day and they’re um you know wearing plain garbs and sleeping on the floor and all this and i don’t know if this pandemic is happening in the midst of all that were they looking down going like what do you what are you like why are

(49:10) you guys so worried right now what are you losing all the things you need are right there inside you you know all the things that you need are right there but it is true like when we talk about um a homeless person who is already in need and then this pandemic hits and we’re trying to figure out okay well we weren’t able to support them while this wasn’t happening but now that it is happening what do we do and i do do think what you’re giving us there as far as like how we can raise the vibration

(49:41) on this planet and make the overall you know from 10 000 foot view make this overall a better place to be a better place to nurture um people from their dark places like someone who might be in that circumstance would be uh is very important and maybe all we can do right now i wonder it does make me wonder like how the how we’re also being uh we’re getting a flashlight you know shown on to places that we have already had pandemics i already had these major problems like homelessness for instance especially here where i live in southern

(50:16) california these are major problems that were just shoving under the rug and we’re just pretending that aren’t an issue until something like the kids that don’t have food at home now because school is cancelled well they never had dinner then you know like it is shining a light yeah so showing everybody where they have work to do and it really and i mean that in the most loving compassionate way too i really want to bring this back because this is a very sensitive subject right now and i say this with total unconditional love

(50:49) because you can’t do anything else for anyone that you’re not want to do for yourself you know so if you want to go help the homeless and do everything else but you still have so much shame and guilt and fear that you’re holding on to you can’t really help anyone yeah it’s a distraction it’s just a distraction you’re just trying to find an external outlet to to not work on yourself you know so homeless you know if we’re going back to the homeless it’s like first work on your own inner home what’s

(51:13) your connection to your own inner home you know if you want to show someone who’s homeless how to feel safe you better feel safe within yourself first and there’s a great story of gandhi how he was getting on a train cart and he was approached by one of his followers and the follower ran up to him and said gandhi gandhi please give us a message we really need a message right now we’re in such a time of despair and we need we need some hope and inspiration and gandhi pulled out a little napkin he wrote on it and he handed to the

(51:42) follower and said my life is my message so that’s really where you get to ask yourself where is what is my message what is my message to the world right now am i being a beacon of light or am i just afraid too and i’m not and i’m i’m so concerned about my own self that i can’t possibly help someone else which is fine but it’s just showing you you know like how attached to your ego you are you know and how attached to the materialistic world you are if you’re having things stripped away from you it’s being done

(52:13) for a greater reason you know there’s no mistakes that source energy makes like the universe doesn’t do something like create a virus or pandemic oops i made a mistake because there’s no thinking within the universe right it’s it’s all a part of the grander design and we get to look at this as a beautiful teaching a beautiful lesson to awaken and heal yeah wow yeah i want to sit with that for a while and maybe we’ll post about something something for people to go deeper with that because i think it is like you’re

(52:48) saying jake it’s a hard thing for us to come against it’s like well wait we need to help all these other people it’s like have you looked inward because if you if we all did that like we were saying at the beginning of this show if we all did the work of looking inward and and created the safe shelter and home that we think all the rest of the world needs and we’re trying to solve for everyone else if we did that for ourselves truly made a safe place for ourselves um internally we would i think come across

(53:19) the answers you know that would solve the thing that we think we’re focusing on right now on right now which is how do we help the homeless people like we’re using as an example how do we help someone else it’s you helping yourself so thank you for going i know we’re kind of going over and over on that but i think it is an important enough point to really reestablish and with that um this may be partially the same uh idea that you want to put across to this question but specifically because we talk on the show

(53:50) a lot about um relationships and toxic relationship and things as far as narcissism you know being with someone with a narcissistic personality disorder and it could you know abusive relationships abusive relationships from your with your parent even um something that i know you’re familiar with from your own uh childhood how do we maybe support someone um or if we are someone listening to this who is in a situation with a partner for instance that is abusive in any way or is extremely narcissistic in any way and now we feel not only

(54:25) entrapped because we probably felt that way in our own stories um or our stories and attachments with this person but now we feel that way because you know the government’s telling us we’re locked down and we literally can’t leave and we’re in a house with an abusive parent or in a house with an abusive partner yeah and if that’s the case that’s probably been there long before too you felt like you couldn’t leave anyways because that person was making you feel so small inside you

(54:51) know i watched my mother for the first 12 years of my life until she divorced him go through a violent relationship with my father she could have left any day she wasn’t in quarantine she wasn’t in lockdown mentally she was it took my mother leaving my dad when we were on a fishing trip in maine and we were fishing and for those of you listening i’ve been fishing before i got the line tangled in the reel when i was fishing on a bank a riverbank in maine and i got the line tangled in the reel my dad pulled the the one-inch rod out

(55:21) of my hand and he beat me with it and he beat me so badly that blood was just running down my arm and i’m laying on the riverbank crying in the fetal position and my mother came over to him and said that’s it we’re done like i’m getting a divorce with you right now as soon as we get home we’re done and she found the strength in her heart in that moment that the pain had gotten so bad for my mom that the fear of leaving didn’t matter anymore so when the pain out great outweighs the fear then we can transform then then you

(55:52) will leave that relationship but if you’re in this type of relationship right now you’re probably once again being in this environment to really show you the heat is really being cranked up right now the heat in the kitchen’s being really turned up right now so it’s but once again how do we purify gold we burn away the impurities around it okay so right now the heat’s being turned way up so you can burn away the impurities if that’s that narcissistic lover that you’re still with right now that

(56:21) impurity is gonna be burned away from you if you allow it the transmutation of this energy if and that’s what alchemy is you know turning turning the dark to the light internally you gotta shift that you gotta shift i’m no longer gonna settle for this i am worthy of a beautiful love and these are things that you can start telling yourself because internally you start shifting it and everything externally is going to start changing everything first begins with a vibration it then comes down to a thought form and

(56:49) then it manifests as the physical so once again we have to rewind and unwind and unfold these traumas that we’re still holding on to in my am i in a narcissistic narcissistic relationship right now um or in a relationship an abusive relationship because i’m modeling the relationship i saw my parents go through i saw my mom beat my dad and i thought that that’s what i deserved so i just i settled for that and i did the same thing i i watched my dad be so violent and abusive with my mom growing up i did the same thing for the first 10

(57:22) years of ever dating you know like i thought that’s what relationships were and you don’t know what you don’t know and if you don’t have anything else to compare it to then how could you ever know the difference and that’s why we get in this this cycle of toxic relationships so i invite you if you feel in this moment that you’re in a threatening situation do everything you can to get out of that if you can’t go in okay go inward and and start anchoring into your heart into your worth by asking yourself and

(57:54) there’s gonna be a lot of pain there’s gonna be a lot of tears with this i can assure you i’ve worked with thousands of people over the years in my healing practice there will be deep rooted fear shame and guilt tied to your belief system around your relationship right now that’s why you’re still in it so i invite you to ask yourself this question what is my deepest heart’s desire is this relationship fulfilling my deepest heart’s desire one thing i like to do with people that come to my retreats and working with i

(58:25) always ask them on a scale 1 to 10 how supported in your relationship do you feel right now 10 being the highest on a scale of 1 to 10 how safe do you feel in your relationship right now on a scale of one to ten how loved do you feel in your relationship right now safety love support three the main pillars of a relationship and if your your numbers are very low with that it’s showing you okay it’s time to get out like if you if you were in a business right now let’s give this an example because everybody likes you know talk

(58:57) about business if you had a business say you guys you’re in a business together if all of a sudden mercedes was like nah i’m only going to give ten dollars a week but jade i want you to give 50 a week hopefully jade goes well that doesn’t align with my worth you need to be contributing just as much as i am right to this relationship to our partnership and in a lot of relationships they’re very imbalanced right now because you have one person that energetically in a heart opens uh speaking is not giving their love

(59:30) and the other person just giving all of their love and all of everything they have but they just feel so drained and once again if you don’t feel valued in your relationship if you don’t feel supported if you don’t feel seen you don’t feel safe why are you in it what is the purpose of that relationship if it’s not bringing you into deeper depths of your own heart and your own inner being that’s what a relationship is for is to to bring you deeper into your heart so you can feel that sense of safety and

(59:58) support and love so when you speak to asking yourself what your heart’s deepest desire is your deepest hearts desire is that what you mean i mean the answer is when you work with your clients is it usually something around that like being with someone aligning with someone who wants to deepen intimacy um absolutely because what it what is the intimacy right to to be intimate with somebody is to see into another person deeply when we look at our partner they’re mirroring back especially as the relationship grows

(1:00:36) they’re going to mirror back our own stuff so we’re going to show each other energetically where we have work to do and that’s why you get frustrated in a relationship you might get angry and everything else but it’s showing you your own wounds and we can take that as a conscious relationship and work together to heal and grow and ascend now in more of an unconscious relationship which i’ve been in many i’ve got my hand raised over here for that one in more of an unconscious relationship

(1:01:00) we point the finger and say this is all your fault but instead of taking a look within and self-reflecting that’s that’s the challenging part you know it’s it’s really difficult to to look within it’s a lot easier to blame other people and i would invite you to stop pointing the finger stop blaming your partner because at a vibrational level you attracted that person into your life okay so somewhere at some point along the line and now you may have outgrown that person but and that’s why you’re still you’re

(1:01:29) still trying to make it work it’s like a clunky old engine but way back in the beginning the relationship that check engine light was on and you kept seeing it you kept seeing it but that person’s hooks were just getting deeper and deeper and deeper into you but you just kept ignoring those hooks you kept saying oh no no they’re good for me they make me happy sometimes the sex is pretty good yeah i’ll stay in this because it feels good sexually right they they provide me with money i’m definitely stay in this relationship i

(1:01:59) don’t know how i’d survive without them they’re the father of my children i don’t know what i would do without him in the life we make all these stories and his excuses around why we should stay but once again going back to the heart’s desire because the heart knows your true desires you have to get quiet enough to feel it is feeling into that space into that soft beautiful tender loving heart and feeling deep down into it and asking yourself if this relationship is serving my heart’s truest and deepest desires

(1:02:32) and once again if it’s not you either choose to work on it with your partner and have these conversations and communicate clearly with them as conscious beings or you leave their relationship it’s really good thank you yeah i think a lot of people need to understand that message and i hope they hear it here so thank you for sharing that yeah so jake before we end this section of um our talk with you would you mind maybe guiding us through or out of really the fears uh the the struggle that we’re having

(1:03:11) as a collective in all the different ways we just spoke on through one of your beautiful meditations we’re going to bury the new you right now the new you exactly get ready for all the blood in the screen we’re all going to see our crowns oh yeah we’re all gonna start crowning if you look within long enough you already see your crown so yeah which you guys both have great auras you know your energetic field is very strong and you really do vibrate a beautiful light into this world and especially right now

(1:03:44) in the time of darkness we need all the beacons of light that we can get thank you you see what’s also in you so thank you i received that as we come into this moment together maybe close our eyes and ground our feet on the on the floor if we’re sitting please erect your spine to the best of your ability get into a comfortable position where you can drop down into your body we’re just gonna do a scan of your body right now starting at your feet in each spot you feel tension just kind of give a little wiggle to that spot to release that

(1:04:34) energy out of your body [Music] and as we move up through the knees into your hips you feel some tension and tightness in your hips because you don’t feel safe or supported moving into the belly taking a breath there breathing into your nose and out through your mouth just allowing those emotions to settle for right now bringing the energy up into your heart feeling the beauty and the eternal love of your heart bring the energy up into your throat are you carrying any shame right here fear of speaking your truth

(1:05:28) whether in relationship or in life just explore and feel into this and if you feel any emotions come up throughout this meditation please this is a safe space release them bringing the energy up to the top of your head and grounding down just allowing your shoulders to relax any tension in your back your neck just softening putting down your guard for this moment you can do it i want to bring the energy into your lower spine the root chakra this is a place of safety security and survival many of us right now are feeling very

(1:06:22) unsafe and that our health is being threatened maybe you’re fearing loss of loved ones maybe you’re fearing your own loss maybe you’re losing something deeply it’s okay to feel scared right now allow yourself to feel supported i want you to envision these tree roots coming out of the base of your spine driving down into mother earth feeling this connection to mother earth and with each breath we’re going to drive these roots a little deeper and deeper to feel more grounded and safe we’re going to breathe in through our

(1:07:15) nose expanding our bellies and out through our mouth breathing in breathing out and as you breathe out push those roots down a little further crowning yourself as a new tree breathing in breathing out [Applause] breathing in breathing out breathing in breathing out breathing in breathing out breathing in breathing out [Applause] breathing in breathing out [Applause] breathing in breathing out [Applause] at this point

(1:08:17) your roots are very deep down into mother earth she loves you unconditionally she’s supporting you can you feel her love can you feel her support can you feel her protection feel this anchor feel this groundedness feel the safety i want you to repeat the words out loud after me i give myself permission to feel safe and grounded i give myself permission to stay safe and grounded i am rooted in love i am rooted in love i’m rooted in love just continuing to breathe and soften letting any tears flow that want to flow

(1:09:25) you are safe here now we’re going to bring this energy up into our heart pulling from the earth bringing this energy up into the heart space i want you to breathe it up with your breath breathe into the heart let’s explore the areas of the heart that we have closed have you closed your heart because you’ve had it broken have you closed your heart because you’re afraid have you closed your heart because you didn’t have your father’s love have you closed your heart because you didn’t have your mother’s love

(1:10:26) have you built these masculine shields around your beautiful tender heart to protect you from being hurt to protect you from having your heart broken the thing with these walls around your heart is they don’t really actually serve you because they may stop pain from getting in but they also stop love from getting in so i want you to envision holding the keys to your heart only you hold the key to your heart and i want you to envision unlocking the gate this huge beautiful gate to your heart and as you open this gate

(1:11:19) you feel this warm rush of love greeting you like a cool summer breeze and it softens you and it deepens you and you realize how infinite loving you are you just haven’t honored that space in your heart that is eternal love but now you’re going to feeling this light energy pouring out of your heart feeling the strength of your heart feeling the wisdom of your heart let’s do a mantra around this i am connected with my heart center i am connected with my heart center i allow myself to receive love

(1:12:24) i allow myself to receive love i allow myself to give love i allow myself to give love just being with your precious heart my question for you is as you move forward can you keep your heart open even when it wants to close even when it wants to build this armor back around it can you keep the walls of your heart down standing in your truth standing in your light and vibrating this frequency of love this beautiful harmonic tune it’s like a sweet singing songbird whispering through the trees

(1:13:38) just continue to soften feel this beautiful present moment releasing all worry and fear that you have knowing that you are divinely protected you are safe now bringing this energy up in the crown of your head and just slightly tilt your head back just a little bit i want you to feel and envision this golden ray of energy piercing down through the crown of your head vibrating through every single cell blasting through any fear that you have any fears around loneliness or shame or control letting this just flow through you

(1:14:41) this divine energy this liquid golden light as it just vibrates down through your entire body all the way down through your heart the place where you just dissolve these walls all the way down into your root at the base of your spine where you are connected and grounded into mother earth and you’re grounding down this golden ray you’re feeling it through you you’re feeling it shine through you you’re feeling this expansion of your being no one loves you more than source energy this is pure unconditional love

(1:15:38) you are infinite love you carry with you the energetic codes to help this world heal to help those around you heal and all of this healing begins within activating this deep healing forgiving those who have hurt you softening into this present moment not worrying about the future not worrying about the past as we come together may we bring our hands into our prayer position at our heart center and we will close out this meditation

(1:16:41) with three ohms these alms will help us to anchor in this new vibration these new harmonic codes you will breathe in to om breathe in [Music] breathe in [Music] [Laughter] breathe in [Music] just continue to soften just continue to let go of

(1:17:45) everything you can’t control continue to move forward with this light in your heart namaste namaste thank you um [Music] i never realize how shallow my breath is until you ask us to take deep breaths um [Music] in the second section of our conversation with you we’d like to dive deeper into your story and your expertise around the masculine and feminine energies as well as how you’ve been able to harness your intuition and wield it and your healing what work yeah i’d love to what would you like to know

(1:18:39) sorry jake um actually before we get into the second section does anyone want to take a bathroom break you can if you need to i do can i i kind of sense that go ahead that’s it all right i might as well then yeah i’m at that age i’m gonna pause this do a really good job we communicate well too with each other thank you it’s tough over uh you know skype like this or zoom like this i know we’ll have to do one in person at some point i’m sure that’s going to happen yeah we need to do an east coast tour

(1:19:12) yeah for work i’m going to get back out to cali though so yeah when we ever get out of this dang lockdown let’s do it yeah that’s right that’s crazy so after i say this mercedes was supposed to yeah i was like i was muted and i was trying to say it and then i was like no one’s hearing me okay all right ready yes we’re recording in the second section of our conversation with you we’d like to dive deeper into your story and your expertise around the masculine and feminine energies as well as how you’ve

(1:19:43) been able to harness your intuition and wield it in your healing work yes so to start let’s get caught up to speed on how you became who you are today jake and maybe you can start with how you got in touch with your own spirituality and um working in this realm that you’re now in yeah i probably grew up in the least spiritual environment you’ve ever could imagine it was just totally not supported i was not in a religious family or anything you know so i didn’t really have any connection to any of this stuff

(1:20:14) i grew up in a small farm town in upstate new york called greenwich it has more cows than people and you know i grew up pounding nails and throwing hay bales that’s how i made my money nine ten years old and i’m really grateful for growing up that type of environment i grew up in the woods i grew up on 50 acres of land and as a young kid i just had such a surplus amount of energy and every single day my mother would threaten to send me away to military school which was a place for misbehaved boys like myself because i was always

(1:20:44) breaking [ __ ] every single day i’d be breaking something cutting something up hurting my sisters doing whatever you know i just was a boy with so much energy and i just i wanted to play i wanted to mess around but around the age of five or six years old i discovered something called twinkies and i became very addicted to sugar and as i grew older i realized that sugar was actually an outlet because my dad was very very abusive towards me and he projected a lot of his anger onto me and when you’re a little kid you

(1:21:17) don’t know how to protect yourself you don’t know how to support yourself you looked at your i looked at my dad like a hero you know but he never gave me that safe masculine presence and my mom just did the best she could but she was so repressed by my father she couldn’t really do much so i found myself being very afraid of my dad and when i was about 11 years old i was playing out in the living room with my two sisters joslin and jasmine both um four years one jasmine’s four years younger joslyn’s four years older

(1:21:47) and we’re playing we’re screaming we’re raising all kinds of hell just being little kids and all of a sudden i heard my dad yelling like screaming he just got home from work he was taking a nap he came home from construction working all day all dirty and grimy he’s like laying down and also i heard him yelling shut up shut up out there i’m just like you know ignore him you know pay attention to him he’s miserable so all of a sudden i heard a thump thump thump and i looked up and my dad was running

(1:22:15) down the hallway with a loaded 12-gauge shotgun in his hand and he stuck the barrel in my face so close to my nose that i could smell the steel of this 12-gauge shotgun and he said if you don’t shut up and stop making noise i’m going to shoot your ass and i didn’t understand at the time of why someone would threaten just a little innocent child but it hurt and if any of your listeners have ever gone through any type of pain like that then they know what it’s like to be repressed when i was about 13 years old my older

(1:22:53) sister joslyn who was my best friend at the time she was awesome she was just fearless she didn’t care what my dad said she would fight my dad like ginger’s breakfast she was popular she was funny super smart national honor society but like all all around the word i would use to describe joseph was just authentic she didn’t really care what people thought which i thought was awesome and i couldn’t get enough of her and she really had good looking friends too which probably had a lot to do with it

(1:23:19) i always want to be around joslin and it was the middle of summer and it was about 95 degrees out this day and joslyn was in the in the bathroom taking a shower and i could hear the water running so as a little kid a little annoying brother i’m like i’m gonna pour some ice cold water on while she’s in the shower so i get this big bucket of ice water and i’m fidgeting with the door i’m fidgeting the door trying to get it open finally i said screw it and i kicked the door open and when i kicked the door open i saw my

(1:23:45) sister laying on the floor with a needle in her arm and i started screaming and crying yelling for my mom i didn’t know what had happened but at that point she had legally overdosed on heroin and for the last 15 years joslin’s been in and out of drug addiction with heroin and crack cocaine so i grew up in an environment that was very unsafe and every single night i would go to sleep my sister would come upstairs like three in the morning because i was living with my mom at the time my mom jasmine and my older sister

(1:24:12) joslyn and i was scared about a year later when i was about 14 years old my sister and i got into a big fight she was strung out on crack cocaine if any of your listeners have ever dealt with anybody or have been there themselves people on this type of drug are literally super human they have these crazy weird strengths and they will do anything to hurt you and she pulled out a butcher’s knife a kitchen knife in the kitchen and she said i’m going to stab you with this so i ran in my bedroom and i locked the

(1:24:40) door and i laid on the ground and i started to cry and it was that deep cry like that really like closing down cry like this is it kind of cry my world was turning black everything was shutting down and i was punched in the ground i was just so angry and i’m crying i’m screaming i’m saying why me why me and i just kept feeling like so much anger and hurt and sadness and i had this thought as i looked up in the corner of my room i saw a 20 gauge shotgun that my parents had got me for a christmas present and i

(1:25:16) had this thought what if i just take that and end my life right now what if i just end all this suffering right now and just take my life and i laid there and i sat with it and i felt into it and i was breathing and i was crying and all of a sudden i felt this vibration of energy come down through me then i heard this voice and it said that you are not permitted to leave yet jake because you have great work here to do and at the time i had no idea what the hell that was i thought i was going crazy because i was hearing voices in my

(1:25:49) head fast forward through about eight or nine years of absolute pain and suffering from alcoholism to obesity to porn addiction to all different types of toxic relationships toxic relationship with my dad i got to this realization in my life after i put on 80 pounds of body weight i was 240 pounds at the time built this armor around me i got to this realization and i said to myself i said do you want to continue to be a victim of your life or do you want to take responsibility for your life and start changing your

(1:26:23) life and i made this commitment to myself and made a promise to myself from this point forward i’m going to heal myself so at the age of i don’t know 23 24 years old i started reading books i’d never read a book in my life i didn’t know how to read in fact in the school system i was placing all like the assisted learning classes because they thought i had a learning disability so i started teaching myself through these self-help books and spirituality and reading all these different types of books started

(1:26:52) practicing meditation started doing breath work and healing working with shamans going to spend time with monks at the buddhist monastery and different energy healers but i got to this point where i felt like so good inside i was like what are you going to do with this now like what are you really here for i had left the dream six-figure job that everyone else was like are you kidding how are you not going to stay here for 40 years i’m like how are you going to stay here for 40 years you know all the safety security that

(1:27:23) you could ever imagine at this job but i was like something doesn’t feel right it doesn’t feel right in my body my intuition is saying you got to go so i left and i started discovering who i really was and i went down this path of first healing myself and then helping others to heal and creating safe environments for people to open and express themselves in a vulnerable way you know because i think when people feel safe they can become vulnerable they can feel supported and seen and they can take a look at their wounds and that’s really

(1:27:55) the environment that i like to create is is to allow people to feel safe so they can go into the depths of their heart and soul to remove those those blockages those blockages those energetic blockages yeah and your story is so i think so many people can feel something out of it that relates to their own story and and i know because you know we’re big fans of your show and big fans of you so we’ve we’ve heard your story of course before this but thank you first of all for sharing that with us and the fact that you share it

(1:28:33) so vulnerably is something that i think creates the safe space that you’re talking about making for others and i think that’s how if someone listening wants to know how to create a safe space not only within themselves but within the environment around them within the relationships they have and people around them it’s to figure out how to become really honest with yourself and then to be honest with the world around you and and be vulnerable um and i and on on that your father you know you you’re here we’re

(1:29:07) talking about these serious traumas that have happened in your life and including your father being physically abusive your sister um using drugs and being in a bad place with that and all the other things that you mentioned here and i know you know just to give some silver lining to the situation that your father and you have repaired a lot of that am i correct in that yes absolutely me and my dad actually have a great relationship now so on this show it’s so beautiful because we get to yeah we’re saying all these things jade

(1:29:40) and i have parents that at least you know allow us to say these terrible things that happen in you know paint them maybe in a specific way paint our parents in a specific way um our loved ones my husband you know people in our lives we’re so vulnerable with where we’re at in this moment but it doesn’t mean that that’s where we stayed so this is jake’s story and it’s so beautiful that he’s so vulnerable with it um and i love that you do usually go about you know saying like hey that you know

(1:30:07) things have changed since then but knowing that we have these very connected beginnings with a lot of other people i think is what creates the ability to go i can get how to do this work from this guy who’s trying to guide me because he did it and here’s how he did it yeah and i think it says a lot to people who struggle with um suicide in those moments too um i started struggling with suicide at age 10 as well and continued to try to attempt that for 16 years and every time i always felt an inner voice of you’re not supposed to go

(1:30:41) and i think it’s one of the reasons why it made me want to live such a big story um and feel it gave me a sense of purpose like okay there’s a reason why i’m here um and it also i feel like made me it’s part of the reason why i became obsessed with healing is because when you’re not wanting to live but you know you’re supposed to well you don’t want to live this way so you might as well you know start healing um how for those who who do want to heal um i’m sure everyone listening wants to

(1:31:12) heal how can we begin to uncover our father wounds and our mother wounds you’d be surprised at that comment you just made i’m sure everyone listening wants to heal i wish that the world was like that because if we had a world full of people that really wanted to heal and do this work we wouldn’t be having these type of problems yeah so what was your question if they listened to our show they’re having a hard time not not getting the push um it was the question was how do we begin to uncover our father wounds and our

(1:31:43) mother wounds i think start with one don’t try to do them both at the same time you know there’s there’s been wounds around my mother too that i’ve had to heal as well and i think that for example if you have abandonment wounds from your father maybe he wasn’t present in your life emotionally safe maybe he left you at a very young age explore those things and explore those things and look at how they’ve manifested in your life as a result of that out of based on the things that you’ve attracted into your

(1:32:14) life based on the models that you’ve built around your life and and oftentimes the thing about the the father wounds and mother wounds it will continue to show itself until you heal it you know like you’re going to continue to recycle those same toxic relationships until you heal the internal stuff you’re just like sure you can go jump into a new relationship with somebody else they might have a different haircut maybe different colored eyes or darker hair whatever but until you really heal that stuff at

(1:32:43) a root level then you’re just going to continue to manifest the same thing so i think step one is being vulnerable with yourself looking at the relationship with my father well he was never there growing up okay so do you struggle with attracting emotionally unavailable people do you have abandonment wounds or maybe you were sexually abused as a as a young kid maybe you’re a little girl that was sexually abused and because of this now you’re closed down sexually because you don’t feel safe to open

(1:33:13) you don’t feel safe to open your body and when it comes to deep intimacy you can’t get there because you’re still carrying that trauma and your body and that’s where we get to take a deeper look at ourselves and and really ask ourselves where do i need to do work where have i closed my heart and who have i closed my heart to and the first person that just came up in your mind is right there there’s your hook there’s your hook so if it’s your dad do work around your dad that doesn’t mean you go sit with

(1:33:46) your dad and have a conversation or maybe you do i did 99 of my healing of my father energetically very little was ever done in the physical so even if your father is not with us a lot of people like well jake my dad’s not here it doesn’t matter because you still have an energetic anchor to him you have a cord tied to him or maybe it’s the mother maybe you only ever experienced conditional love growing up and your mother was very shameful towards you and projected all this guilt onto you so now like you carry this wounded feminine

(1:34:17) energy because you feel like you should be what your mom taught you to be you know i should be repressed i should i should know my place kind of thing and play be very small in this world and but is that your truth you know do you want to continue to live out these patterns or do you want to be the one that steps in and heals the family lineage and breaks the cycle and those are the questions you get to ask yourself if of course you’re open to i would invite you to because it’s freeing what do some of the most common mother

(1:34:51) and father wounds look like hmm i think a lot of people experienced abandonment from their father not a safe and i mean by abandonment it doesn’t necessarily mean he had to not physically be there but i think emotionally unsafe okay emotionally unsupported the the father father energy generally represents the divine masculine the mother energy typically represents divine feminine so when it comes to masculine energy we talk about safety the support the protector the leader now if you didn’t have those things from

(1:35:24) your father then you could be manifesting based on those wounds you know because you don’t feel safe you don’t feel supported you don’t feel protected you don’t feel like you can lead or direct any of these things right now when it comes from the mother wounds we’re looking at the feminine energy and once again this is not always the case because there are mothers with more of a masculine core and their fathers are more of a feminine chord because we all have both energies both masculine and feminine

(1:35:48) if you look at the mother wounds you may have things like deep rooted shame or guilt or you may not be able to speak your truth that’s a big one weak boundaries manifest as a deep mother wound like because envision mom and dad always fighting dad’s very repressive mom has to shut her mouth every single time they get an argument so she can’t speak her truth she can’t say listen i need you to honor my space this doesn’t resonate with me because she would either get hit or told that to get out of the house because you know he

(1:36:20) was maybe the main provider or whatever so these are kind of how these things continue to manifest now on the father’s side anger a lot of men especially and women do too don’t don’t get into us that women carry a lot of anger as well anger men generally especially have carry uh carried with them father ones are just really rageful they may even manifest as narcissistic um perfectionism is kind of a big thing on the father wound side you know that trying to perfect everything in your life so these are just some examples there’s

(1:36:53) obviously many many more here but that’s where you get to explore yourself i read um because of course it affects the physical too i i read that children with father wounds uh emotional father ones that about 90 of them end up wetting the bed until 13 years as well very interesting yeah i think i wet the bed until about 11 or 12 years old yeah um i i know a couple of uh kids who their father is even in their lives but they still they wet their bed till 18 years and all of them they have uh deep father ones so

(1:37:29) so look at even look at the energetics behind that why is a person wetting their bed because in the dream state if if they’re sleeping at the time in their dream state their flow is allowing to be open and their root chakras becoming unblocked so they actually are releasing that from themselves because they’re so scared and frightened all day long they’re totally shut down at their root chakra and then when it opens up when they sleep in their dream state because they’re probably in a deep state of rest

(1:37:56) and they feel a little more safe then they pee the bed you know so that blockage is being released in the dream state and it’s it’s really and well it’s never really fully released until you really heal it but it’s it’s showing you that if a kid is having problems with wetting the bed it’s because at the at the root level they’re not feeling safe they’re not feeling supported they’re not feeling you know emotionally safe as well it’s interesting that it’s specific to boys

(1:38:24) but yeah because i had dreams all the time that i that i would go to the bathroom i’d sit on the toilet i’d be like i’m not peeing the bed this time look at me and i’d like pinch myself and then i’d start peeing it’d be like something’s wrong but it was before my father once happened so i don’t know i don’t know if it’s any correlation we’ll have to jump into uh union you know dream psychology for that answer on a later podcast i could talk about dreams all day long i

(1:38:56) love dreams yeah we love it too we love that whole realm because i don’t know about for you jake but for me i dream constantly extremely vivid and so i that’s what i journal most the time is my dreams and it helps me unwind so much in my you know waking life because i guess my subconscious is so what specifically keeps showing up for you um it’s usually stuff around sexual uh valid need for sexual validation and um attachment to things material things so and that’s been ongoing and it’s interesting too because it correlates to

(1:39:34) my menstrual cycle like the phases of my menstrual cycle as well so i can kind of predict when those dreams are going to be most vivid and most aggressive and then um you know if i actually sit there and sit with journal the dream out and then see the patterns and decipher what the the meanings of in union psychology anyway there’s some real healing that’s been had for me through that process so that’s an invitation i guess yeah i always have a dream of spiritual activity happening like in my room it’s and i wake up and i

(1:40:10) can feel the presence but the activity actually happened in my dreams such as what like what type of activity oh like the lights flickering on and off at a scary pace and i’m never scared because i’m not scared of the spiritual realm um i’m never scared but i just uh i know that it’s not an electrical issue um and then there’s like papers swirling up actually i would say it is an electrical issue because it’s mirroring back your own inner light that’s trying to shine and you’re not aware that’s been a

(1:40:42) reoccurring dream lately so your electrical circuit because once again everything’s a mirror your electrical circuit within the internal light is not fully illuminated because there’s parts of you that hold on to shame or guilt like you’re not fully allowing yourself to express it oh how interesting the one i had the other night the papers were flying in the ceiling the lights were flickering and mercedes was in my dog’s kennel but she was a cat barking is that way but she is a cat her animal ally is a

(1:41:14) cat but she was barking because she was upset that she was in a dog kennel yeah i would be pissed yeah there’s such a weird dream okay anyhow i am on lockdown currently i don’t know uh you’re just stepping into me it sounded like but um jake will have to have you on a different time where we do just dreams because i would absolutely love that if you’re into it we can explore that yeah um okay so i’m not going to ask you to break down what the masculine and feminine energies are and how we can recognize both of those

(1:41:43) in ourselves you’ve already really mentioned a lot of that um already in this talk but um we talk about that a lot on the show so there are previous episodes people can go back to if they want to get the really the breakdown of what masculine and feminine energy looks like and how each of us hold that and what each you know how we can see that in ourselves so what i do want to know is what does feminine energy suppression look like in our daily lives today and um how can we heal i know this is a really big question so we could take it in two

(1:42:15) separate parts but how can we heal our hem our feminine energy so what does feminine energy suppression look like yes well it can manifest as pain or ailments or even different types of diseases within the body because the feminine is the flow of of life force so when we become too masculine and too rigid and too structured because we’re always planning and organizing and strategizing in our logical minds the masculine energy normally manifests in the shoulder area in the heart area where we’re closed down

(1:42:50) and we don’t feel like safe with our feminine so we build up all these masculine shields around our feminine heart and just totally lock her away and throw the key away basically because we live in a world that does not support feminine energy fully there are people that are starting to awaken the divine feminine but within each and every single one of us we all have the feminine energy without it this world would be very dull and very boring because the masculine is very still and very gray and not to reduce the mass energy

(1:43:24) because the divine masculine is beautiful as well they’re both equal but feminine energy repression if we’re talking about in a body which in a person’s body can manifest as as tense rigid tightness and close down a feeling of cut off from your emotions the feminine is everything feeling so that can manifest as you not being able to have an orgasm because you’re cut off from the feeling the sensations the sensuality the sexuality of your body now when you explore that and you start to feel into that if you can even woken

(1:43:56) up that part of yourself because most people are just numb like it’s it’s numb vulnerability is a feminine energy being vulnerable expression so if you’re cut off from vulnerability or cut off from your emotions then you’ve repressed most likely have repressed the feminine parts of yourself you may even experience pains on the left side of your body feminine normally shows up as the left mascot is the right and you you look at that and you ask yourself am i closed down to my feeling am i close down to my heart am i closed

(1:44:27) off to my emotions and even look at our physical world right now the wildfires all these different things and the the pollution of the air and the oceans the mother the mother earth is the divine feminine energy so because we’ve been mistreating the mother for so long she’s basically you know retaliating in a way like stop repression the feminine energy and we have to honor the feminine within ourselves especially as a man too like you have feminine energy because if you’re a man you’re like oh i don’t got

(1:44:58) feminine energy i’m a masculine [ __ ] you do have you do have feminine energy and now if you get into a relationship with a feminine woman how are you ever going to understand how delicate and sensitive the feminine energy is if you can’t connect your own inner feminine you can’t it’s it’s nearly impossible to relate to the feminine energy in a physical form if you haven’t connected to that within yourself and that’s why the feminine also often goes you’re so aggressive like why can’t you just be gentle why

(1:45:30) don’t you care and like she’s really upset because he doesn’t understand how to be gentle he doesn’t understand how to be soft and nurturing because he has it connected with his own feminine heart the feminine is the healer the inner the inner healer of ourselves and i’ll give you a quick story of about how i connected to my divine feminine which was not fun but it was very very opening i had went through a really hard breakup at one point in my life and i drove across the country to california

(1:45:58) and i moved into the mountains of california and i lived there for a period of like six months and basically every single day for five to six hours a day i would go into the mountains and i would just cry and release and cry and release and at the time i had no idea what feminine masculine even was but at one point i found myself down on my knees full surrender just crying and just basically asking take this pain away from me please just take all this pain away from me all the stuff and at one point about four months into my

(1:46:27) journey i heard this voice come through that when i was laughing in the middle of like the desert by myself as i’m walking like you’re like you’ve gone nuts like you’re crazy you’re weird and i heard this voice that said your innocence is now being returned to you your playfulness your childlike innocence is now being returned that’s been stripped away you know you look at a child what is it it’s the perfect representation of feminine energy it’s moving it’s flowing it’s singing it’s dancing it’s all over

(1:46:53) the place you know and it’s a representation of the feminine form so those are some ways that the founder could be suppressed what was the second part of the question i forgot it can heal our feminine energy oh heal it to feel it you know that’s all i’m gonna say with that is you gotta wake up the feeling parts of yourself whether you do that through massage or some somatic work or breath work or meditation or going to a retreat a healing retreat um working with an energy healer you got you got to wake up

(1:47:22) the feeling parts of yourself by getting vulnerable first in acknowledging your hurt acknowledging your pain acknowledging your cycles that you keep recycling and just really it’s about being vulnerable everything in the with the feminine is connecting to the vulnerable parts of yourself that you’ve repressed so for me i’m i struggle uh balancing my well i live more in my masculine i feel and i struggle to bring more of my feminine energy into my relationship specifically um it doesn’t seem to be as

(1:48:00) much of a disservice to be in my masculine in business you know in places where it seems that we live in that more logical place a lot of the time of course when i want to be creative and things like that um i get into that more feminine energy but in a relationship it seems to be the most difficult for me to be more balanced and can we can we explore this yeah absolutely i just want to make sure i have permission first because we were hoping you were an explorer oh i’m an i’m an explorer if that’s what

(1:48:35) you call me and we have editing power in case anything goes too far but honestly we share pretty much everything we never at it yeah so let me ask you just a couple questions is to get a better understanding of of what’s going on in relationship with your partner you’re in a relationship with a partner with with a male 1 okay so is he more of a masculine centered person no i would actually assume that he you know you’d maybe have to get this directly from him but from my perspective even when i met him i was

(1:49:06) wondering if he was gay so i think he was attracted to the masculine in me and i was attracted in his essence to the feminine in him yep that’s a cool you attract your energetic reciprocal so like positive negative that’s why they say opposites attract energetically the positive and you attracted the negative and well it you know either way right the word in a polarity sense you know even look at the cells in your body when there’s not an electrical charge between your cells the life force in your body starts

(1:49:38) to die because there’s no positive negative electrical charge in relationship if you don’t have that positive negative i don’t want to keep using the word negative because it’s not negative but yeah omega or yes yeah alpha omega if you don’t have the the polarity is what we’re going to call it is we don’t have that then there’s no charge even look at the earth north south pole if there wasn’t an electrical charge our world would stop spinning and guess what we’d fly out of

(1:50:02) orbit so in relationship i want to ask you does your masculine energy feel natural to you or do you just to feel unsafe with your feminine um it’s a bit of both so during and again like i’m very big on um hormone science and endocrinology and tracking my cycles and figuring out how it correlates because i think it’s a huge piece that’s missed in our world today and i think it’s going to be a large part of how we bring that much needed feminine energy balance to the world so that’s the work i’m doing on myself

(1:50:38) as my own little guinea pig self right and i’m tracking where it’s different phases of my cycle i’m so comfortable in my mask and i may be too comfortable like i that’s just where i’m living you know what i mean whereas other pla other times especially like ovulationism like this i’m obviously so feminine because i need to receive you know my my my lizard brain my my body brain says i need to be impregnated you know all these things that it’s got its own agendas that don’t necessarily match up

(1:51:12) with my logical mind um and so i’m living very much more in my feminine during those times but notice that i can get triggered to quickly uh embody the masculine and that’s what you’re asking am i doing that out of fear of being too vulnerable or something in my feminine so yes i can be in my feminine and flowing around and doing my thing in certain phases of my cycle as a very natural way and then as soon as i’m triggered i i put on my masculine shield so within your body what feels the most natural to you like do would you

(1:51:48) rather the feeling of love like a continuous flow of love a continuous stream of love or would you rather the feeling of constantly being complete and and freedom and bringing things to an end and accomplished uh accomplished i mean it’s interesting because you’re asking me in the phase of my cycle where i’m most masculine so that’s how i feel right now but if you ask me this in a different phase like next week when i’m on my period i would be like i just want to be in love and flowy and natural you

(1:52:21) know with the wind and i want to sit in nature so i don’t know if that helps i feel i’m also gemini so there’s maybe that’s something to it i don’t know in the overall relational sense though would you rather your feelings be cherished or would you rather your logic be respected um in relationship i think that uh i would like to be led so i would like to play the feminine absolutely and um that’s where do you hear yourself right now yeah no i know i want that i know i want that so your masculine shield is not going to

(1:53:03) allow it until you let it down and feel safe with your feminine to allow yourself to receive to be receptive to the masculine leadership but of course in relationship if we don’t trust our partner’s direction or leadership we’re just going to take the reins ourself and be like [ __ ] give me those i don’t trust you with this like if you were to order an uber right now and that uber driver showed up and they’re wasted falling out of car you’re like you’re not driving me yeah you’re

(1:53:29) an idiot like i don’t trust your leadership and what happens so often believe me you’re not alone in this sense women get into relationships with a man and he doesn’t know who the hell he is he doesn’t know who his purpose is he doesn’t know what his mission is which is all about the masculine energy is that leadership direction accomplishment all about freedom within the masculine the masculine person in the relationship whether this can be same-sex relationship too the masculine person the relationship

(1:53:55) takes the reins of the relationship they lead they make the decisions for most of the time of course the feminine can step in and do do the thing as well but in relationship in order for it to continue to work there is going to be one person more in the masculine and one person more in the feminine okay so the feminine person is more receptive they’re more surrendering to the leadership direction and guidance of the masculine while the masculine is more giving in the relationship the giver in the relationship because the

(1:54:23) feminine even look at a penis in a vagina right the masculine is external where the feminine is internal so the feminine is everything internal all the emotions all of all everything going on within so that’s where you get to ask yourself do i just not trust my partner’s leadership and direction because if you don’t you’re not going to hand over the reins to your feminine heart and say lead me baby yeah trust has been a big problem with mostly me trusting myself um and that bleeds into and also me

(1:54:55) trusting him in certain regards because i have taken on that role of being the giver for so long and now when he’s getting to a place where um he’s stepping into places that make him feel more masculine and really allow him to embody that more it’s like i’m almost having this like i’m rallying against it because i’m i don’t trust it because it’s like yeah you you’re saying nice things that make sense to replace you know where where i could basically um set back and step into my feminine

(1:55:32) more but i don’t believe that any of those things are going to actually happen that way because i have no basis to believe it i have no yeah yeah i mean and of course it’s going to stay the same because you don’t believe it you know the change is in the believing of believing of okay he’s embodying the masculine right now i’m going to let him see what he do do what he does you know like he’s taking direction right now and what you do is you give him appreciation for that like i love when you lead me it feels so

(1:56:02) good to my feminine when you take the reins and you make the decision where we’re gonna go to eat or you just show up and say hey grab your favorite dress i wanna go on i’m gonna we’re i’m gonna take you on a trip are you okay with that and he of course leads with it with you know you saying okay yes of course i surrender to this but it really comes back to the question of are you willing to surrender to his masculine energy because if you’re not you’re going to continue to go into your masculine and

(1:56:26) you guys are just going to continue to butt heads energetically you know it’s like when two alphas walk into the room they’re all peacocking right you know they’re all like oh i’m alpha but like energetically in relationships when it’s like a man and a woman in this case of course could be man man woman and woman the two masculines are competing for the power and it becomes a power struggle becomes an ego trip because there’s no surrendering happening and there’s no lead like true leadership happening

(1:56:53) because you’re like you’re both like i wanna lead no i’m gonna lead like who the hell is the leader in your relationship who’s who’s the feminine energy who’s the masculine energy if you can’t identify that in your relationship you will struggle all along to make it work and you will fight to make it work because it’s a constant battle so the first step is identifying what energy is mercedes in your relationship what energy is your husband in the relationship and once you make the

(1:57:22) the commitment to it that’s when the embodiment work begins that’s when he gets to practice leading and making decisions and guiding and protecting and giving right where you get to practice being into your intuition dropping out of your your task force mind over there charting out all your birth cycles and everything in your mind there’s nothing wrong with that but the mind is the masculine right so the more you drop down into your beautiful divine feminine heart and you give yourself permission to feel safe with

(1:57:53) her you’ll notice a softening happen within your body and then you’re exploring the tender parts of yourself and you’ll notice an opening happen and then you’ll notice yourself being able to give yourself fully over to him because you’re building trust within yourself with your own feminine heart yeah i think that’s a lot of the work i have to do is about trusting myself first why don’t you trust yourself because i’m in this predicament right now because i have because i took on a role that didn’t

(1:58:29) necessarily i mean it served me in the time that i originally took it on for my childhood traumas but now that i’m still using it and i feel like almost abusing it in a sense letting go of it is so difficult that i’m like why once i’ve already seen it how have i not been able to embody it yet and so that is where i think i don’t feel trust for myself like i’m not going to make the right decision because i’m still living in this energy i’m still living in this mindset that i have to um be in control

(1:59:04) [Music] so when are you going to give up that control well that’s the problem as soon as i think i’m like doing a good job of it but you are doing a good job the problem is your mind says you’re not your ego says you’re not you’re never you’re never worthy enough of your own true love because you’re always trying to perfect everything yeah that’s true and i feel in this time you know maybe other people listening to can resonate with this uh where you know we’re in this pandemic in this lockdown

(1:59:34) and my husband’s like okay i need to ready the you know arsenal of stuff that if we have to take off you know he has like a bag he wants to pack he has um all the things he wants to hoard and all this and i’m trying to be like okay let me sit here and try to not live in the fear that you’re living in because that’s what i would normally do so when we come across a situation like that i just want to use it as an example that you can maybe walk me through uh we get into like a big argument about him wanting to do all this preparedness

(2:00:05) thing and almost pointing to me like you’re not doing anything why aren’t you doing anything and i’m like i am doing a lot of things they might not look like the things that you’re doing because i’m trying to be my feminine you’re you know obviously stepping into your masculine here and i want you to be able to do that but you can’t ask me to then basically trigger me into stepping back into it like why aren’t you doing anything you’re not preparing we’re not prepared we need to be a team so what do

(2:00:30) we do in a situation like that or how do i soften in that situation or help to communicate with him that’s the word communicate and if you can’t communicate without anger and you’re getting everything else involved all of your fears and emotions everything else then you’re gonna keep bringing that and having that same cycle now if he’s putting you down for saying you’re not doing anything that’s when you get to say to him what’s his name chris chris the way that you’re speaking right

(2:00:58) now does not make me feel good does not make me feel cherished i do not feel safe and that’s all you say the masculine energy if he’s honoring his masculine is a problem solver he’s gonna go red flag how can i make her feel safe how can i lead her how can i protect her how can i guide her but he may not get it right now because maybe he’s you know in the fearful state right that’s fine a lot of people are but if you bring him back into his own stuff and you say the way i feel right now i don’t feel safe

(2:01:31) i don’t i don’t feel seen i don’t feel heard because he’s saying you’re not bringing anything into basically our relationship right now but really what you’re trying to birth as we’ll go back to the birthing is your the radiance of your feminine heart the feminine energy your feminine energy brings in the light it brings in the radiance it brings in the love into the relationship the masculine brings in the protection and the structure and the leadership so if he’s not embodying

(2:02:01) those qualities then you’re going continue to to challenge him in a sense of like well should i just lead should i just pack the bag you know like is he for real right now and you’re gonna keep questioning him because he’s probably still questioning himself at a level of learning how to embody the masculine energy yeah you know and that’s fine a lot of men are learning how to do this you know right now i would hope a lot of men are learning how to embody no actually it doesn’t matter because women

(2:02:27) can embody masculinity as well but if they want to embody masculine energy if he’s practicing leading in decision making and being present with you and breathing deeply and grounding himself because when he’s present with you you feel it you feel safe you know if he looks you in your eyes into your left eye your feminine receiving eye and he grounds you down he just looks at you and says i got this we’re going to be safe now you can trust me and he’s so present with you and so piercing of all of your all your worries

(2:03:01) all of your emotions everything he just grounds it all right down and you go wow i feel seen i feel safe in this moment yeah but he has to be willing to practice that and on your side your work is allowing and receiving his masculine energy in that moment but if he’s just going to put you down then of course he’s just challenging you because the feminine is motivated by praise and compliments and chair being cherished you know like a feminine woman wants to be seen she wants her radiance to be acknowledged

(2:03:38) and there’s nothing wrong with that and us masculine men need to wake up the sensitive parts of ourselves and say you’re so beautiful right now maybe he brings you home flowers and just he feels your radiance he breathes in your radiance and the things with him you respect like i was saying before his leadership his direction as guidance and then he feels wow i’m doing something good right now like that’s his masculine brain going off like holy crap i’m doing something good in this moment and then

(2:04:04) he wants to do more of that you know yeah i think too there maybe there’s a part that he doesn’t trust himself in his masculine yet like you’re like you’re saying and that comes across to me is unstable so i’m like well [ __ ] someone’s got to hold this [ __ ] together you know like i can’t set in the middle midst of a pandemic like we can’t be wavering here you’re funny but haven’t you always been the one to hold it together yes and also the older sister and all those

(2:04:37) other [ __ ] things that make me this person that’s got to be the one in control and have always been you know holding the responsibilities so who supports you exactly me that’s a question just me that’s what makes a crazy cat lady i think why don’t you feel safe i don’t i just don’t trust that someone else is gonna step up show up at you know that same way why well the core root of it is because my dad didn’t show up when i needed him to protect me are you still looking for your dad’s

(2:05:29) protection now sure did he abandon you no he he didn’t physically abandon me but he i mean in a sense i suppose um you know i had a step mom that was very uh abusive in not physical ways but um that he was very much aware of but didn’t even after asking him time and time again uh both me and my sister are saying you know this is what’s happening and we need to be removed from the situation it’s not healthy he would make promises and just not show up so very much paralleled to like you know why where and why i don’t feel

(2:06:16) trust in men to show up in a certain way to protect me in a certain way too basically i became the dad that i wanted him to be you know i became the man that i wanted my dad to be so it makes it really hard for whoever i’m in relationship with to outman me of course do you feel like you have shame in your throat shocker right now yeah shame is part of it i think it’s also um like i don’t know if the right word is is like guilt for my dad almost like how i would feel if i was my dad how would that feel um well because i’ve had this conversation

(2:07:10) with him i kind of know you know his reply would be that he feels bad he feel he would in a sense ask for pity from me which again like is another layer of not being the man i want him to be so who is this who is this man that you want him to be someone who sees the the places that are unsafe and makes it safe how about acknowledging the beauty of your divine heart how about it what do you mean have you ever gone into the depths of your heart and acknowledged your own inner beauty yeah i feel like i have done that i don’t feel like i do it

(2:08:12) enough i think that that’s actually a huge thing you know i have it like written down um that that’s something that i want to create a practice around is sitting with my heart specifically sitting with my uh heartbeat specifically um in order to nurture my feminine energy who else is going to nurture your feminine energy if you don’t i don’t think anybody so you’ve basically showed up in the relationship as the husband but you really want to be the wife it is not your job and your role right now to be the husband you want to

(2:08:54) surrender into being the wife into the feminine energy but if you don’t feel safe then you’re going to continue to perpetuate your own suffering so how do i feel safe i think you say something you say i give myself permission or you say stop using your masculine energy to shield allow yourself to feel safe how though close your eyes [Music] soften your shoulders all of this hurt that you’re carrying is not yours you’ve conditioned yourself to believe that it’s yours it’s not really yours you just adopted it as this little girl

(2:09:58) and internally you feel afraid because this little girl is scared and you don’t feel supported you don’t feel seen because for so long you’ve been neglecting and abandoning this little girl not acknowledging the beauty of her heart and her love so you shield yourself and you protect yourself but when are you gonna turn inward and connect with her the beauty of her essence go back to the time when you’re five years old can you see your radiance can you see you laughing and dancing around see that smile on your face

(2:11:05) how beautiful you are can you feel into her heart in that moment and ask her what she needs looking her in her eyes does she feel supported is she seeking her father’s love is she seeking her father’s approval is she running in fear from her mother because she was afraid of being beaten she didn’t have a safe place to go to so she started to hide she started to repress herself i want you to envision grabbing her by her hands pulling her into you looking her in her eyes

(2:12:16) and honoring her honoring her love honoring all of her fears you are the divine feminine pulling her in closer feeling the beat of her heart maybe she’s got tears running down her face because she’s so scared in this world she doesn’t feel safe she doesn’t feel protected she just wants her dad’s love she doesn’t want to run and hide anymore just feeling you’re feeling your emotions feeling any hurt and exploring these areas within yourself you are safe now this guilt and the shame that you carry

(2:13:14) is not yours looking at this little girl looking at her innocence don’t you see how perfect she already is looking her in her eyes looking into her heart repeat the words out loud after me as you honor your little feminine girl say to her you are safe now you are safe now you no longer need to run and hide you no longer need to run and hide you no longer need to protect yourself you no longer need to protect yourself i am here to support you i am here to support you i am here to nourish you

(2:14:21) i am here to nourish you i am here to protect you i’m here to protect you i am sorry for abandoning you i’m sorry for abandoning you i love you unconditionally i love you unconditionally you are enough you are enough you are worthy of a deep love you are worthy of a deep love wrapping your arms around her bringing her in close and hugging her merging with your childlike innocence merging with your playfulness and your expression and your creativity

(2:15:34) feeling the lightness enter your body feeling the lightness enter your heart feeling the safety come over you releasing any fears any doubt any shame now honoring your father and the pain that you felt with him as this little girl at five years old looking at your dad can you see his pain can you honor his hurt can you open your heart to him repeat the words out loud after me dad

(2:16:38) dad i no longer seek your validation or love i no longer seek your validation or love i no longer need your approval i no longer need your approval i forgive you dad i forgive you dad i forgive you dad i forgive you dad i now release you from me i now release you from me and as you release this energetic anchor envision white light surrounding him wrapping him up and lifting him up off the ground and see a smile on his face as you smile on your face feeling this love returning to you feeling your connection to this moment

(2:17:38) feeling this unconditional love coming over you and just grounding all this down into your heart space very good thanks jake thank you for your courage thank you for your beautiful heart thank you for your light that you bring into this world i feel like there’s a lot of that that obviously obviously resonates with me and moves a lot for me but it feels like something that i have to do over and over again it’s like layers of this that i have to like some parts i don’t feel like i fully understand and i think when we

(2:18:40) don’t feel like we fully something’s fully resonating with us it’s because we haven’t embodied it enough times you know practiced it or made it part of us that way don’t focus on the future just focus on this moment well this moment’s really beautiful i mean i can feel all the things that are processing but i just you know and maybe i’m jumping back into my masculine here but um for our listeners you know it’s still a tool that if we can keep doing it we get better understanding why it’s so

(2:19:11) valuable learning to love ourselves is like speaking a new language it really is because we’ve been taught to neglect ourselves and abandon ourselves we all have we’re all just here walking each other home [Music] around us before we go into the um the lightning round that we end the show with um i have a question about feminine energy and the uh you said it’s hard for her to have orgasms if she’s not in her feminine energy right so in my 20s i would have like 13 orgasms every time i was not every time

(2:19:52) but most times that i was with a partner um and now in my mid-30s i feel like i’m more in my feminine energy i feel like i’ve done a lot of consciousness work and i would think that i’m living more in my heart but i have a really hard time now having orgasms so what what do you think i feel like i’m i feel like i’m actually mostly in my feminine and don’t have a lot of masculine energy in me um and i feel very vulnerable um i feel like i live very open and transparently so i’m confused as to

(2:20:29) when i was choosing toxic partners it didn’t make me feel safe how i would have this electrifying sex and now um that i am very intentional about who i share my energy with how now i it’s almost like can i can i interject one thing that just in being with you and witnessing this transition that we’re talking about right now um you also have stepped into being a single mom which is you know a huge energy shift which is very masculine and i think a little bit might be masculine as well as um [Music] i miss multiple orgasms who wouldn’t and

(2:21:11) so i get in my head of putting all the pressure on myself even when i’m alone with serving myself i’m put so much pressure on myself of like get it back you know which is in my head and probably masculine as well but um what can i do when it comes to i feel selfish even asking that question so maybe that because maybe that uh why is why is it selfish we’re all we’re all here because it’s like i’ve uh paul selig when he channeled me he said you’ve always been known for what you can give

(2:21:42) and so this is kind of like a form of taking like take like it’s not taking you’re receiving right i don’t i don’t know why it feels selfish do you feel unworthy around receiving uh my biggest vulnerability in love is worthiness and abandonment and betrayal but right now i feel like my worthiness um is at the forefront yeah so your sensuality and your sexuality is connected with your feminine energy and if you don’t feel worthy of that pleasure which is a feminine feeling everything feeling is feminine

(2:22:19) then how could you possibly receive an orgasm it’s like the body connection to the feminine and that sensual feeling moment you’re not feeling worthy of it a lot of things are different going on you know you stepped in like she was just saying to this masculine role as a mother which you know you have to be in in that role like it’s you’re independent in the sense of i have to protect provide and take care of my children but in doing so you’ve cut off the connection that you had once had when

(2:22:50) you’re so free and open and not giving a [ __ ] about these unconscious men or whoever you’re sleeping with you know it’s like like you didn’t care okay the feminine was just flowing the energy was just flowing now you’re so in your mind about it you’ve locked in this masculine grid of like the gears that is churning and you’re like can i do i think i’m gonna have an orgasm do i think i’m gonna have an orgasm and then all of a sudden your body just let it just like shuts down

(2:23:20) you know so like when a masculine person gets in the bedroom in a let’s say a masculine man he’s like he’s like well if i do this for 30 more i can increase her orgasm for 10 more like he’s like all analytical like and that may work for him but like it’s funny to think about that but when a woman does that to herself bye-bye feeling sensations yeah you know because that makes sense your mind and your heart are out of balance in that moment okay you’re so in in the mind and very heady of of what am i gonna like you’re

(2:23:55) thinking like thinking thinking thinking like will i have an orgasm this time well i’m not having an orgasm i used to have 13 what happened when i had 13. like all all these moments but like the feminine is the flow and trusting the flow of everything the feminine is plugged into the the universal flow of consciousness and like the energy and the movement of the energy right so like she is the cosmo she is the breath of air she is the ocean she is the moon like when you connect back to the feeling parts of yourself

(2:24:28) the ones that you’ve now repressed stepping into this mask on roll you will wake back up those those feelings my question for you is do you feel like you have shame around your sexuality my first sexual experience was rape um and then i was shamed for it i was told that i enjoyed it um and during an ayahuasca ceremony i saw that um i actually blacked out during it and i left my body so that i could survive it the um experience and uh i relived it while telling my inner child everything’s gonna be okay uh we’re gonna make it how old were you

(2:25:09) around i was 12 or 13. um and so when i had the ayahuasca ceremony after that i felt more in my body than i ever had before because i had a soul retrieval um but it didn’t it didn’t change uh the ability to have orgasms for some reason when you were having like you know promiscuous sex or whatever you were saying were you like very kind of like a like a drinking a lot stage in your life like really kind of careless no my parents were alcoholics so i stayed far away from alcohol um but i i was choosing sex addicts and so i felt

(2:25:50) used for my body like they were giving me those because it made them feel good not necessarily because it made me feel good and so i can see how that lines up with the um [Music] the first experience of being used for my body and now that you’ve awoken and you’ve awakened these parts of yourself now that you’ve learned about your traumas and your pain and all the stuff that you’ve kind of stuffed down you’re afraid really to fully awaken this because it’s like you don’t know what will happen you know it’s like

(2:26:23) there’s an uncertainty feeling especially in your womb area where you were essentially stripped from your innocence at that time in your life especially at 12 years old you know like your your feminine energy was stripped like the connection to the feminine was cut and then you went on to you said that you know i was able to have multiple orgasms and whatever else and i would i would guess that there would be a lot of disconnect from your mind in that moment because like you were just blacking it out as you were just saying about in the

(2:26:55) ayahuasca ceremony but now that you’ve dropped back down you know into your true self you’ve kind of went through this cycle and you you showed back up at your trauma at the door of your trauma at the door of the sexual abuse and now if you’re really exploring it there’s this deep-rooted lack of trust to open yourself open your heart because that the the womb in the vagina is energetically connected with the heart you’re afraid to open your heart fully because you’re afraid that it’ll be

(2:27:27) taken away again yeah that makes sense because at the peak of an orgasm you are the most vulnerable you’ll ever be like it’s such a vulnerable moment so you’re fearing going back into that moment because you don’t want to be vulnerable because you’re afraid in that moment of vulnerability you will be taken advantage of again hmm yeah that makes sense so i can um what’s my first step um to feel into the depths of your heart the parts that you’ve closed how do you do that says the masculine mind it’s like well

(2:28:18) how do i logically work through this you don’t you know that you don’t logically work through that you work through it in the feeling parts of yourself close your eyes just breathe into your heart soften your shoulders there’s no need to be on guard right now feeling down into the area of your womb connecting with this part of yourself

(2:29:23) breathing into your womb your womb has this beautiful consciousness and so much wisdom place both your hands over your womb when you feel into this part of yourself is there a blockage of shame here just breathing into it each breath is just softening do you feel a lack of trust or support what is your deepest fear

(2:30:36) is it to be raped again is it to surrender fully to your feminine energy to be vulnerable and open to the universe what is your greatest fear when you can confront this fear in this moment looking at this fear this is not your truth this is not your truth as you sit here for a moment and breathe with yourself breathing with your heart breathing with your womb can you feel this fear

(2:31:54) can you feel this tension feel this tightness that you carry all of your shame or unworthiness the lack thereof why do you not feel worthy of love why do you not feel worthy of pleasure confronting the man who raped you bringing him into this space bringing him into this energetic field back to the experience where you

(2:32:57) couldn’t say no or you couldn’t stop him you tried to resist exploring your deepest fears are you willing to release this from you once and for all are you willing to confront this energy breathing into it grounding yourself you are safe now to speak your truth in your own words please speak out loud exactly what you would say to this man in this moment totally safe totally secure speak anything that comes to heart what do you need to say to him um

(2:34:05) that you are forgiven and that i know that bad things were done to you and you are battling your own inner darkness um and that you can release your shame uh for all of the things that you’re not proud of that you’ve done don’t give me the sweet soft version what would you say to him if you have anger and hurt let it out what do you really want to say not from an intellectual spiritual mindset what does your hurting heart want to say be honest with yourself right now what do you really want to say are you angry

(2:34:54) let this anger out tell him what you really feel if there’s chaos in there let it out um like that you know my story and you knew why i was in your home and then it’s because i was taking safety and even though you knew that you still took it away what else what do you have to say to him he’s here listening everything you’ve ever wanted to say everything you’ve ever bottled up what is it [Music] i’m not angry i i still forgive you i um i just hope you don’t do it to anyone

(2:35:56) else and um what does this sadness in your heart say what other messages are coming through for you feel this hurt you are safe to speak [Music] you’re supported here what else you have to say to him let it out um you can do it what else is in there i just keep going back to that you you knew my story and you knew that i

(2:37:01) needed safety and you still took it away and i keep going back to that you you must have been in a lot of pain let’s take a look at yourself now seeing this girl at 12 years old in the same room what is she feeling what does she need to release what does she need to say in this moment what would you say to her um she’s feeling frozen um and now open your heart keep your heart open keep your heart open you can do this what does she need in this moment give her exactly what she needs give her your strength she needs to know that

(2:38:06) not everyone is an abuser what else that she can create a life of safety and that this doesn’t have to start her path in a even darker direction does she believe you no why she doesn’t feel worthy of protection why does she not feel worthy no she’s never known it um she’s never known it and she’s been told she doesn’t deserve it by those who

(2:39:14) would normally be the ones that teach her it what does worthiness feel like worthiness feeling it even in her posture and knowing that she belongs where she’s at and that it’s okay for her to take up space where she’s at and um [Music] is she the light in the room yes does she carry a healing essence with her yes what else does she feel like confident and

(2:40:22) very open in her thought throat chakra and in her heart chakra very grounded um does she feel supported and safe yes liberated how about free yes very free free from the pain free from the lack of worthiness free from all the stories free from her sadness toward the man that did this to her you are worthy of love you are deserving of love pure unconditional divine love

(2:41:33) feeling this inner love arise within you softening your shoulders again letting down your guard opening your heart scanning through your body just releasing any of the tension or tightness that you feel feeling grounded in your feminine essence feeling grounded in your love feeling rooted in your love in this newfound worthiness play with this you are worthy say the words out loud after me i am worthy of love i am worthy of love say it so i can believe it i am worthy of love yes i don’t believe it i am worthy of love

(2:42:34) is there a question mark on the internet get this into your body one of those dot dot dots get this into your body feeling this worthiness in your body driving it down i am worthy of love better continue to soften the shoulders so let down your guard soften the tension you’re carrying right now in your throat just move your jaw around a little bit say this after me i no longer seek

(2:43:40) validation or approval from others i no longer seek validation or approval from others i give myself permission to love myself unconditionally i give myself permission to love myself unconditionally you have such a beautiful light and that light will continue to shine the more you peel back the layers of the unworthiness of the shame of the guilt you are the light you always have been even if other people have tried to strip that away from you give yourself a hug thank you you’re welcome

(2:44:46) our last couple episodes um the guest has said something to either of us about um no one can dim your light or um [Music] being being the light um [Music] something around dimming the light and becoming the light again and things like that so it’s been the theme this month it also fits with our motto via light yeah we say that at the end of every show so take as you did those i’m going to call them readings i don’t know what you would call them but essentially like an intuitive reading right um it brings up just a curiosity of how you

(2:45:31) went about or how you how someone might go about um creating or sitting into their intuition and cultivating that well intuition is once again something that’s not really supported in our world and it’s it really is a practice you know at a very young age i was blessed to be in an environment with my older sister and my father where i had to learn how to read people and everything all the energy and feel everything or else that could be my life you know like if i could if i sensed that a drug dealer was going to show up

(2:46:04) at the house that night i was typically right you know so at a young age i just i started developing this laser sharp intuition to be able to cut through people’s like stories and like everything plays a role it’s it’s the tones it’s the energy it’s the way their bodies like sitting and i mean there’s so many things that go along with it but it’s really just intuition is a tool and it’s if it if it’s used and practiced everybody can develop that intuition you know it just it really takes work to

(2:46:34) develop that intuition that intuitive muscle it’s like going to the gym and just constantly training that muscle and listening that’s the next part is listening to your intuition that’s uh definitely a practice i think you’re right i think that and i have i am nowhere near honing that jade has done a lot of work in that direction so um we’re on our way mm-hmm i’m i’m not as far along the path as i’d like to be but i think things like this like moments like this where you ask us to sit in our feelings is like getting

(2:47:07) in tuned with what we know we know but we don’t always look at i would say you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be but your mind is always projecting into the future yeah which creates suffering because in time everything suffers be present be here now ramdas again um there’s a few short questions i’d like to ask everyone who comes on the show so first off if you could hug your younger self right now what would you say hmm that’s such a beautiful question i love the way you frame this well jakey

(2:48:06) i know that your path will not be easy i know there will be great suffering ahead you will never get the validation or approval that you seek from your dad but you’re gonna be okay always keep your heart open through the pain don’t allow your anger to overtake you and forgive those who have hurt you because internally they hurt too thank you for stepping into this path to help others heal i see you

(2:49:11) and i love you it’s beautiful how old was jakey at that time right about 11. some tears in my eyes on that one yeah if you could have the whole world read one book which would it be hmm that’s a great question i think everybody it depends on where they are in their journey you know there’s so many different great books in the world um trying to think like books have really really there’s been so many that i’ve read over the years that i’ve just like looking around my room at my books um yeah i mean like i said there’s so many

(2:50:16) i can’t even like think of one there’s just so many beautiful books um do you have a book that that brought you to any of your own opening i mean many of them honestly really have i feel like the untethered soul was a really good book okay especially at the time i was at um that was a good book the power of now by gartole ramdas has some great books polishing the mirror i really love that book abraham hicks has great stuff as well um yeah i mean there’s just there’s there’s a lot of it just depends on where you

(2:50:48) are you know what you’re trying to do in your life if you’re you know it depends there’s just there’s so many beautiful books and i think that how do they normally come to you maybe that’s a better even a better question than when we ask this sometimes it’s almost like the question should be when you are needing an answer and it comes from a book you’re usually like huh that’s crazy how this specific book kind of fell into my life do you ever notice places where that has happened and it

(2:51:15) was like yeah how did you get there what was it a lot of books are just you know they’re like little mirrors of ourselves and you know just reminding us the truth especially if it’s like a good book you know i feel like just once again honoring your your intuition and like calling that into your energy field if you’re seeking for guidance whether that’s from you know god or the universe or whatever you want to call it and honoring that whatever signs and synchronicities show up and just maybe

(2:51:39) it can be a book maybe it can be a six-year-old child or maybe it can be a person at the grocery store like you know so i think everything in this universe is just going to reflect back to you it’s just the question is are you open to hearing it yeah i love it all right so if you could whisper one phrase to everyone on the planet what would it be [Music] you are loved unconditionally you are safe you are supported thank you we have one more question that we’ve been adding uh but uh i have a poem too i’d love to end with

(2:52:31) okay that i wrote okay but yeah go ahead it may be the answer to this question um the question is uh what would you like your tombstone tombstone to say or maybe like the theme of your eulogy to be [Laughter] that i hope you got it right in this life you’re going to come back into the next one [Laughter] yeah i mean honestly just like live in the eternal presence and don’t focus on the things that you can’t control and keep your heart open that would be something that i would say along those lines yeah especially in

(2:53:09) this present moment he lived in the eternal present and now he’s going back now he’s going back to source energy yeah he lives in the eternal present yeah that’s a tombstone i like it all right let’s hear the poem so this is a poem that i wrote a while back it’s called the awakened heart your time here is limited but there’s a reason why you visited think of all the people you can help heal when you open your heart and start to feel the beauty of your essence comes from your loving presence remember to always

(2:53:42) stay curious and don’t take things too serious don’t stress the past or what happened last don’t worry about what’s to come it will leave you feeling numb feel free to smile more than once in a while forgive others who have hurt you because they hurt too be gentle with yourself and you will find that inner peace is the ultimate wealth see hard times is a way for you to grow and the light within you will really start to glow you had some nq vibes i was about to say our previous episode to yours is in

(2:54:16) queue who um yeah [Applause] so his book comes out it’s already out it’s called inquire within so he’s a poet yeah he’s amazing go to his instagram and read his poetry it’s very uh very hope giving especially right now so i love that i’ll have to check them out yeah that was beautiful though jake thank you for sharing that with us thank you for having me this has really been an honor and a blessing i’m hoping that you know the listeners are benefiting from this as well yeah let us know how

(2:54:49) they can reach out to you if they’d like to get um kind of what you did for us how can they contact you for the same um you know i think the first place is just go within your heart and connect with that place in yourself and and you’ll realize that i’m only a reflection of you i’m sure nq said the same answer to that question he might he might be my soul brother who knows what to find this out that’s awesome but you know honestly you know i’m very i have my podcast obviously the awake with jake show i do

(2:55:19) a lot of a lot of guided meditations and stuff like that you can grab all that for free at your own pace on there my instagram two underscore jake j ake woodard w-o-o-d-a-r-d i’m i’m very active on instagram as well um you know i i host spiritual healing retreats a couple of times a year the one that i was gonna have was postponed because obviously this whole thing going on yeah um but yeah i got those coming up and then i have a whole masculine and feminine embodiment and healing course coming out soon in the

(2:55:47) coming weeks as well if you really want to dig deeper into this stuff but yeah it’s you know it’s like i said too it’s about going into your heart and connecting that place in yourself and you realize that everything in the universe is connected with you you know the trees the birds animals the people yeah it’s a beautiful realization when you connect to everything in the universe and you stop this whole separation of self well thank you jake for sitting with us today and doing this work with us because you know jaden we

(2:56:16) jade and i are pretty lucky we get to kind of have these mini you know therapy sessions almost with a lot of our guests and we were talking the other day about how it’s almost as if since we started this podcast we’ve done you know a year and a half of therapy together we do them during rehearsal too so [Laughter] um but i just uh a big fan of your newsletter and of your page and of your podcast and i think anyone listening would benefit and it’s always great to as much as we can find it in the world around us like you’re

(2:56:46) saying if we just are present enough to look um but it’s great to have someone like you reminding us gently or inviting us maybe to come back to that so thank you for the work back to center back to the heart center yes thank you for having me once again it’s been an honor thank you thank you we’ll talk to you soon um all right so um so you know next week and q’s gonna air sorry next week and q is gonna air because it’s uh the release of his book so we’re we’re promoting it that day but then your

(2:57:21) episode will be the following monday so i love how you’re like you’re like already excited for him to know who inque is it’s like um buddies and then it’s gonna be a whole thing um but it but no you really would probably love love his work um i was gonna say we will be making some promos we’re gonna try to create usually we we uh record with someone not not this quickly like we usually record way out and then we have a lot of time to build promos and everything so we’re gonna build what we can get the same

(2:57:50) size water jug i got this thing is huge yeah it’s like bigger than your little body over there oh it is my grandma she’s like i was telling mercedes the other day my grandma came up behind me and she was like do you want to drown yeah seriously how do you go swimming in that damn thing i know well it’s like a workout and water at the same time i drink two of these a day too and i’m still thirsty your liver is pumping it’s doing stuff i know that’s awesome a lot of good water in the system i go i

(2:58:23) go to a local spring and get water near me like five minutes away it’s awesome wow find a you can get like fresh spring water like in your like local area that’s awesome i’ve never heard of that yeah it’s great find a let’s find a way to keep that in the show yeah i feel like i feel like jake you’re in the upstate new york though i don’t have that over here in orange county yeah you’d be surprised if you go inland a little bit there might be a couple of little fresh springs definitely got them

(2:58:50) in austin totally got fresh spring water in austin barton springs yeah people people sweat in it but yeah oh that’s nice the mother always purifies herself so we’re all good um so we’ll email you these promos as soon as we have them probably in about a week okay awesome thank you for anything else you guys need for me or we’re all set just um yeah if you share the uh the even if it’s just on your story if you share the promos it i mean it’s it makes a world of a difference so yeah and if you guys

(2:59:21) post anything on your story or whatever now i’m happy to share it now too as well i mean just like whatever random clip or whatever you do yeah awesome thank you so fuzzy like an angel an angel hair an angel just got its wings i know right well that’s that’s what happens you know we walked that path together okay we’ll talk to you soon thank you so much once again you guys are both beautiful and i love you both so much have a great day me too thank you bye-bye bye all right uh i gotta leave in 13 minutes

(2:59:57) okay let’s i got a long one but i’m going to just read straight through it and then get on your magistrate we’re going to go all right all right okay i feel like we literally i just that was a that was literally therapy yeah heavy heavy i’m so glad we can do that here it’s so interesting though how like i asked him to try to take me into my feminine and i was still thinking what’s the right thing to say to this man what does he need to hear ooh instead of what was coming from my heart i was thinking what

(3:00:22) does he need to hear for his healing so i was still trying to give instead of receive whoa it was really interesting but what a epiphany to come to you know wow that’s a lot we’ll work through that on another episode yeah it’s a long time coming all right so uh mercedes uh you want to do your magic trick first or you you want me yeah i’ll jump in um go ahead so okay my magic is to remember everything you learn but how you ask so as humans some of us myself included have a tendency to slip into something

(3:00:59) called illusions of competence when it comes to the knowledge we hold where we believe that because we read that book or we listen to that podcast or we watch that documentary we’re now knowledgeable on whatever we learned there but as we go out into the world and we get tested on the depths that we understand this newfound information we often find or at least i often find i’m speaking completely from myself here that we aren’t able to articulate what we think we know and i might just mention as a

(3:01:29) philosopher mortimer alder says excuse me mortimer adler says the person who says he knows what he thinks but cannot express it usually does not know what he thinks so that’s me my hand is raised um if that is you as well then i think this trick is going to be really helpful because we will get better at actually remembering what we learn so first off i’d like to point out what these illusions of competence are so the first one is seeing information in front of you such as reading a book doesn’t mean you understand it doesn’t

(3:02:07) mean you know it um seeing or hearing someone who’s excuse me seeing or hearing someone come to a conclusion doesn’t mean you know how to get to that conclusion or explain their argument searching for someone on google gives the illusion that the information is in your brain but it doesn’t make it so and spending lots of time with material also doesn’t mean you know it so now that we know that those are the illusions of competence and they’re not real knowledge they’re not real knowing we can figure out how to open this up a

(3:02:45) bit so that we can actually remember what we learn and make it embody it a bit so if like i said if you’re anything like me then many of these illusions of competence are going to hold true for you and um if you’re someone who feels like you know what you think but you can’t always explain it you can consider yourself informed but not having true understanding so then the question is how do we get better at achieving true understanding with all the new information we are berated with on a daily basis

(3:03:18) well the first step would be to eliminate distractions and multitasking so you can focus on the information you actually want to absorb right we talked a lot about distractions um multitasking busyness business in this episode so removing those distractions is the first thing you got to do and then from there i found that there are several techniques to apply to get to ask that knowledge to really sink in for us but for the sake of time i’m only going to focus on one called the feynman technique in which you first take in

(3:03:50) something you want to understand could be a book or something from a podcast episode and you write out an explanation as if you were teaching it to someone who didn’t understand the subject right you’re writing it out like you’re if you’re a teacher and when you get stuck you go back to the material and relearn whatever you need to relearn so you fill in the gaps in your knowledge until you can write an explanation without the source material and then lastly you simplify your explanation by getting rid of any

(3:04:18) technical or convoluted language so this is obviously a bit of a process but you can see how it would really work and so i thought about what we’re doing here with the podcast jade and the hopes and dreams we have for it being a way that people can you know ingest new knowledge that may change their lives for the better that is really our hopes and i thought about how our lives have been made exponentially better by doing the practice of creating this podcast every week because we are truly getting to understand a lot

(3:04:48) of this knowledge um that our guests guests deliver here simply because we get to live in it like that’s what i was talking about earlier we’re really fortunate that we get to um from start to finish with this thing it might feel like work sometimes when we’re overloaded with it but where we begin researching our guests and their expertise then we’re writing the show outlines we’re um you know actually getting to ask the questions in conversation with these people in these in-depth topics to then editing the

(3:05:17) episodes and making you know the summaries for this writing the blogs and the promotional materials uh about whatever was covered in the episode so we’re just like pounding this stuff into us not to mention how much the topics you know we cover in this show come up in conversation with friends and family where we get to actively deepen our understanding in real time so we’re lucky to be really immersed in this stuff and even though it sometimes feels like work like i said i don’t think either of us

(3:05:44) jade we could deny that it has not changed us rapidly for the better so i think that in itself is proof that this theory the feynman technique really really works so i hope you guys maybe try to utilize that write down what you learn and yeah yeah i think that’s really applicable to this episode especially yeah um what about you what’s your magic trick today mine um has it it kind of has to do with uh the first part of this episode um that we aired last week with jake about um the virus and about how we can respond to it so

(3:06:25) i’m just going to read a poem it’s an imagine i’m sorry it’s not a poem it’s just a letter it’s an imagined letter from covid19 to humans so just listen to the words as if as if this is you know what what you’re needing to hear uh for this given situation so the letter says stop just stop it is no longer a request it is a mandate we will help you we will bring the supersonic high speed merry-go-round to a halt we will stop the planes the trains the schools the malls the meetings the frenetic

(3:07:02) fury rush of illusions and obligations that keep you from hearing our single and shared beating heart the way we breathe together in unison our obligation is to each other as it has always been even if even though you have forgotten we will interrupt this broadcast the endless broadcast of divisions and distractions to bring you this long breaking news we are not well none of us all of us are suffering last year the firestorms that scorched the lungs of the earth did not give you pause nor the typhoons in africa china japan

(3:07:37) nor the fevered climates in japan and india you have not been listening it is hard to listen when you are so busy all the time hustling to uphold the comforts and conveniences that scaffold your lives but the foundation is giving way buckling under the weight of your needs and desires we will help you we will bring the firestorms to your body we will bring the fever to your body we will bring the burning searing and flooding to your lungs that you might hear we are not well despite what you might think or feel we are not the enemy

(3:08:14) we are messenger we are ally we are a balancing force we are asking you to stop to be still to listen to move beyond your individual concerns and consider the concerns of all to be with your ignorance to find your humility to relinquish your thinking minds and travel deep into the mind of your heart to look up into the sky streaked with fever planes and see it to notice its condition clear smoky smoggy rainy how much do you need it to be healthy so that you may also be healthy to look at a tree and see it to notice

(3:08:48) its condition how does its health contribute to the health of the sky to the air you need to be healthy to visit a river and see it to notice its condition clear clean murky polluted how much do you need it to be healthy so that you may also be healthy how does its health contribute to the health of the tree who contributes to the health of the sky so that you may also be healthy many are afraid now do not demonize your fear and also do not let it rule you instead let it speak to you and your stillness and listen for its wisdom

(3:09:22) what might it be telling you about what is at work at issue at risk beyond the threats of personal inconvenience and illness as the health of a tree a river the sky tells you about quality of your own health what might the quality of your health tell you about the health of the rivers the trees the skies and all of us who share this planet with you stop notice if you are resisting notice what you are resisting and ask why stop just stop be still listen and ask us what we might teach you about illness and healing about what

(3:09:57) might be required so that all may be well we will help you if you listen that’s by kristen flintz and so i just want to end this episode um as you as as we all get off to just ask what what we may need to hear right now in the midst of all of this and what may be the power of stopping and being less busy can do for us um can it make us more present with our children or with our lover can it make us um can it get us to finally do you know that scrapbook for your child that you always wanted to do or read that book

(3:10:33) that you always wanted to read or um just something that you always said or clear out of space for meditation in your head yeah but there’s so many things that we always say one day so maybe you can do that today and um or maybe you can just be still you know um whatever um whatever you feel a tug on your heart when you hear that uh letter when um you know when we uh this podcast episode ends to to just look within and then um maybe change your perspective a little bit on this quarantine yeah yeah i think it can be

(3:11:11) a real blessing in disguise if we let it yes all right magic moppers thank you so much for tuning in and taking this journey with us if this episode held some magic for you please share it with your friends and family this would mean so much to us and don’t forget to join us on our instagram page at the magic hour and let us know what your favorite episodes have been so far we appreciate all of your feedback and want to know what’s lighting you up yes and we release a new episode every monday so you can catch us again next

(3:11:39) week or go listen to some of our past episodes in our podcast library now we’ll meet you there until then be a light be alive i was reading your notes at the bottom uh why aren’t you married um because i kept wondering what his dating life was like you can think [Music]