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#94(Part 2) Penetrate the World w/Your Fierce C@ck & Compassionate Heart! Guidance for the Brave w/Men’s Coach: Lorin Krenn

Helping men and women experience deep intimacy by embodying masculine and feminine dynamics, our guest, Lorin Krenn, invites us to experience the most intimate life, connection, and sex possible!

As an Amazon charts bestselling author, teacher of deep intimacy, coach, and podcast host he helps men understand the nature of the female better, while helping women find the courage to be highly radiant and sensual, even in today’s world. His approach to intimate relationships and sex is provocative, radical, and life-altering, so please open your hearts and minds as you listen to this epic episode! 

Topics we cover in this episode are:

•how to consciously relax 

•how to f@ck with a woman with your consciousness 

•healthy vs toxic feminine testing

•how to step toward your inner king

•the evolution of a man from unconscious to awakened 

•how to listen to the oracle of an awakened woman

•why men need mentors and brotherhood

•men’s blind spots

•how men can become a safe container for relationship 

•how women can encourage their men to stay on course 

•how men can use their woman’s menstrual cycle for their advantage in relationship 

•why breath work is critical for all

•Spiritual Bypassing

Book recommendations: 

•Understand Women Better by Lorin Krenn

MAJic Tricks:

•Discerning whether something is “new“ or a “no“

•Muscle Testing

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Mon, 08 Mar 2021 13:15:00 GMT