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#96 Your GENIUS is in Your GENES! An Exploration into the Nature of Your Own Consciousness w/Author of The Gene Keys: Richard Rudd

A veritable” how to” for accessing the secrets that lie within your specific vessel. This will likely be an introduction for many of you to see what gifts you were brought here to bestow- something our guest today calls the new age version of designer jeans: Designer GENES! This man brought a set of “keys” into this world through a book he wrote, called: The Gene Keys, and with it, he’s initiating those on their personal journey of esoteric universal knowledge to gain an invaluable insight into their own GENIUS! For that and for all the light that he is bringing to so many others, we’re beyond excited to have the chance to share our interview with him with y’all today!

In this episode we explore:

-Richard’s story of how The Gene Keys came to be

-What are “The Gene Keys”?

-How do the Gene Keys bring about perosnal transformation?

-How do the Gene Keys bring about change in our relationships & our prosperity?

-Are relationships with self and other a spiritual path? 

-How does our consciousness create reality?

-How can we raise the operating frequency of our DNA

-How do we access the gift behind the shadow?

-What is the Art of Contemplation?

-How can we practice intuition?

-How do we identify the “Core Wound”?

MAJic Trick:

-Sun Meditation

-Keep Your Thoughts on the Porch

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Mon, 22 Mar 2021 12:15:00 GMT