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EPISODE #107: Women mystics - with Mirabai starr

Mirabai Starr is a modern mystic & an award-winning author of creative non-fiction and contemporary translations of sacred literature, whose books include God of Love, Dark night of the soul, and Caravan of No Despair. Her latest book, Wild Mercy: Living the Fierce & Tender Wisdom of the Women Mystics, was named one of the “Best Books of 2019” by Spirituality & Practice.

 She taught Philosophy and World Religions at the University of New Mexico-Taos for 20 years and now teaches and speaks internationally on contemplative practice and inter-spiritual dialog. A certified bereavement counselor, she helps mourners harness the transformational power of loss. She is on the 2020 Watkins List of the “100 Most Spiritually Influential Living People of the World.”

In this episode we discuss:

•The Way Of The Feminine To Save The World

•What exactly is Feminine mysticism?

•How we can receive & call on the wisdom and comfort that the female mystics can offer

•How the feminine has been removed from the Bible, specifically the real story of Mary Magdalene

•What it means to tap in to our feminine wisdom

•How suffering opens us up to immense compassion

•The Great Mother & how we can develop a relationship with her, helping us heal the mother wound?

Book recommendation:

  • The interior castle: Saint Teresa of Avila

Majic tricks:

• Discover what unique task is imprinted on your soul

• Write a letter to a child as if you were on your deathbed.

Connect with Mirabai:

Instagram @mirabaistarr

Intro music: @toneroyal

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Majic Hour Episode #107 Transcription


(00:04) welcome and greetings boys and babes it’s the magic hour a place where we navigate through life’s peaks and valleys with all the vulnerability and shamelessness we can muster with the help of world-class guests from all walks of life we uncover new truths and valuable tools for manifesting our highest potential i’m your host mercedes tarot along with my partner in shine jade bryce hey you guys today i feel so honored to converse with our guest i don’t think i’ll ever forget today i’ll read you a

(00:35) poem she wrote so that you can get a general feel for the depth of her soul it’s called the way of the feminine to save the world you feel special sometimes this feels like a curse like no one will understand you ever like you will always be an alien walking among regular humans pretending to blend in you have learned to live with this gulf but what you really crave is community you long to belong to the human family to mother earth participating in the human condition can be bewildering it is just not always cozy and easy

(01:12) rather it’s humbling at best downright humiliating when it is not flowing it can seem so much simpler to ride solo slaying your own dragons and singing the ballads you wrote about yourself collaboration can be tedious and the prevailing masculine value system may have conditioned you to feel like you are giving away your power when you share it with others so what give it away the time of the singular stage bestowing his unique wisdom is over that was a method devised by the men in charge who sought to regulate wisdom

(01:46) they taught us to suffer alone in the desert for 40 years collecting our insights in a secret box called esoteric knowledge then we were supposed to dispense those insights singly to those who proved themselves worthy by also suffering alone for the requisite 40 years in the desert it turns out that the world is filled with special beings grappling our way through the anxiety of solitary conundrums and tasting the occasional reprieve of connection when you realize this your body lets out its breath and relaxes

(02:18) the curse lifts you come in from the cold you hold out your cup and some other special being fills it with sweet milky tea spiced with fragrant herbs you drink our way the way of the feminine is to find out what everyone is good at and praise them for it and get them to teach it to one another maybe you know something about the hidden meaning of the hebrew letters or how to build a sustainable home from recycled tires and ran soil or loving-kindness meditation you the one who knows the islamic call to prayer climb this minority and call

(02:52) us all to prayer you the one who knows how to sit quietly at the bedside of the dying show us the way to bear witness you the one who knows how to get us to wake up to the shadow of privilege please wake this the up it will be chaotic all this community building but your cooperation will save the world besides it will be fun so just savor in that for a moment mercedes why don’t you go ahead and bring our guest on all right our guest today is a modern mystic and is an award-winning author of creative non-fiction and contemporary

(03:33) translations of sacred literature whose books include god of love dark knight of the soul and caravan of no despair her latest book wild mercy living the fierce and tender wisdom of the woman mystics was named one of the best books of 2019 by spirituality and practice she taught philosophy and world religions at the university of new mexico taos for 20 years and now teaches and speaks internationally on contemplative contemplative practice and inter-spiritual dialogue a certified bereavement counselor she helps mourners

(04:10) harness the transformational power of loss she is on the 2020 watkins list of the 100 most spiritually influential people uh living people of the world please help me welcome mirabai star to the magic hour let me just take that one more time yes that was lovely all right our guest today is a modern mystic and is an award-winning author of creative non-fiction and contemporary translations of sacred literature whose books include god of love dark knight of the soul and caravan of no despair her latest book wild mercy living the fierce

(04:55) and tender wisdom of the women mystics was named one of the best books of 2019 by spirituality and practice she taught philosophy and world religions at the university of new mexico taos for 20 years and now teaches and speaks internationally on contemplative practice and inter-spiritual dialogue a certified bereavement counselor she helps mourners harness the transformational power of loss she is on the 20 20 watkins list of the 100 most spiritually influential living people of the world please help me welcome mirror by star to the magic hour

(05:33) okay do you guys know yeah and mirabia i’m just going to walk us into we basically are going to read the bio when you’re off um right later and so obviously the last line here so that it doesn’t sound like you just been sitting on the phone with us already okay so please help me welcome mirror by star to the magic hour hi hi thank you so much thank you that’s an honor incredible yeah it’s really an honor to have you on yeah so before you got on i read um your work titled the way of the feminine to save the world

(06:14) and i came across it sometime last year and i remember how strong a feelings came up for me it was similar to well i hadn’t felt like a world of emotions like that since i had read the invitation um by mariah mountain dreamer so i wanted to just hear what it was that brought you to write that um as well as wild mercy i have no idea which piece you’re talking about you know i i just have like a lot of stuff out there it’s so good so i’ve i actually heard an audio clip of you speaking it as well but it’s

(06:48) basically you know the one who knows to wake us up out of the shadow of privilege wake us the up it will be chaotic all this community building but your cooperation oh that is from wild mercy yeah sometimes people exer and they excerpt things and i don’t even know it so oh okay yeah so um i if it’s the piece that i’m thinking of i’m pretty sure it is it’s it’s from the chapter on what in wild mercy my my last book uh about building community and how the feminine and and so let maybe we should define the terms feminine

(07:24) masculine a little bit as we launch into this because by feminine i don’t always mean female i mean it’s predominantly women and girls but it’s also you know people of all genders who identify with that kind of relational um inclusive space of the sacred feminine as opposed to the like solitary white dude who comes to save the world and tell us all what to do and boss us around right it’s much more it’s much more collaborative and so in writing that that piece i felt really unleashed i’m

(08:03) glad you picked that one because it’s um and and we can read it together if you want we have we have an hour and it’s a short piece but it’s it’s about the way in which women and the feminine respond to the cries of the world in in a way that welcomes everyone to the table and recognizes that each of us have something vital to bring to the task of stepping up to mend the broken world right and and recognizing everybody’s gifts even even if they don’t recognize them themselves like those of you who are
(08:42) listening who who might sometimes struggle with not enoughness or too muchness and sometimes both at the same time in other words that you’re not you know worthy of of contributing to the healing of the world or the co-creating of a new world and jewish wisdom which is my ancestral tradition only one of my spiritual paths though says that we’re all perfectly equipped to bring our our piece to of tikkun olam mending the torn world yeah that’s so beautiful and so much of your work obviously is around uh feminine mysticism so maybe you can

(09:26) tell us in our audience what exactly feminine mysticism is and a bit about your approach to feminine mysticism um like you’re saying here about community i’ve heard you talk about feminine uh that a feminine mystic is only as powerful as her community is right that’s a good entry point yeah yeah so when we speak about a mystic i don’t just just again let’s define some key terms so that we can go forward with some kind of agreement you know a lot of times people think of mystic as having to do with astral

(10:03) travel and you know healing with gongs and all those things are beautiful but but that’s not like classically what we mean when we talk about what a mystic is we’re talking about someone who has a direct encounter with the sacred um some people call it god some people don’t like the g word but it’s that experience of direct divine plugging in you know where you you experience that presence that mystery invading your entire being and changing you and and it can happen in deep meditation doing spiritual

(10:45) practices chanting kirtan it can happen watching the sun go down and having that moment of just unnameable something that dissolves your sense of of separation from the natural world it can happen making love it can happen making a salad it can you know it doesn’t really have any um it’s beyond mediation there are no intermediaries it’s direct and so to me that is the feminine like the feminine is all about direct connection connection to mother earth connection to our fellow creatures and creation connection to the sacred that

(11:29) is both deeply intimate and also beyond all form and it’s like the feminine is both imminent and transcendent if that’s not too technical so the mystics of all spiritual traditions have always been my friends and they are often the poets the poet saints of their different respective spiritual traditions whether the christian mystics like teresa of avila whose works i’ve had the great privilege of translating over the last couple of decades or robbie of basra who is a was a sufi mystic or nearby my namesake who was a

(12:11) bhakti poet a devotional poet from india hindu in love with krishna the god of love the mystics of all tradition speak this language of the heart and it’s the women mystics who have been most ignored surprise across the spiritual traditions and they’re the ones who are most interested in kind of finding and excavating them from being buried and lifting them up and and reintroducing them to the world a kind of a post-religious world like you all you know in your podcast you’re not you’re not a identified with any particular religious
(12:48) institution and your listeners are like that too i think that like so many of us just the established organized religions don’t speak our soul language and so we’re we’re speaking this this deeper language and we’re curious about the wisdom across the spiritual traditions and beyond yeah what comes up for me when you’re you’re talking about that is the smallness or almost a sense of insignificance we get when we start exploring that existential questioning and when we you know for me i can even call on moments like if it’s

(13:27) looking at a sunset or going on a hike and getting to the top and seeing the view or you know being at a campfire and looking up at the stars and it’s pretty much impossible if you sit there for just a few minutes in any of those circumstances to not have that feeling of wow like i am this little dot in the midst of this amazing thing happening all around and i’m just trying to funnel it down into something that i can hold as a human you know but the reality is i’m just part of this thing that’s so infinite and so big that

(14:02) it’s just hard to even fathom it’s scary even sometimes um and that’s that’s so beautiful that you’ve really dedicated a lot of your life and work to giving people ways to touch that in a in a human body you know where it can be very scary but touch it in a way that we can still get the beauty from it and have an exchange with it um and i know you you help people uncover the divine feminine for themselves and within themselves and so i wonder if there’s a way we can or maybe you can give us some some tips on how to begin

(14:44) receiving and calling on the wisdom and the comfort from these female mystics and that divine feminine yeah there’s so many beautiful kind of spiritual technologies that have been handed to us across the spiritual traditions and and um so here are some of my favorites in the moment in this moment um one is i love creating alters to the sacred famine and i i have them all over my house indoors and outdoors and i have one particular major i call it puja table from my one of my beloved traditions of hinduism where i

(15:26) sit in meditation and next to which i do yoga asanas so that’s sort of my my sacred temple space where my primary altar is but i have other altars that are dedicated to her and and it reminds me of her anytime i pass them or offer incense or candlelight to them and and they’re um excuse me ruby stop i’ve got dogs they’re girl dogs all around me so so my alters to the sacred feminine will have statues like kuan yin the chinese buddhist bodhisattva of compassion and of course mother mary in various forms particularly our lady of guadalupe

(16:21) no este senora de guadalupe and tara the tibetan buddhist goddess and you know kuan yin and mary and tara are all very kind of interchangeable right they’re all these bodhisattvas of great compassion goddesses of un unbounded mercy but then i have kali you know who’s fierce and ferocious and the hindu tradition whose entire purpose is to vanquish illusion and to set all of her children free and she’s depicted in a fearsome guys you know bloody bloody severed heads in a necklace and crazy matted hair and deep blue skin and

(17:10) and she is is frightening but she is doing what she what is most important which is doing anything she can to to release any impediments to our full awakening um i have photographs of of saints i don’t know if behind me you can see but probably not next to that well and some of you most of you are listening but i have ananda mayama who’s one of the great indian saints who i love so much who who my my lifelong teacher ramdas introduced me to did you just hold her up no oh it’s just a coffee mug and then i have

(17:58) that’s good too that’s holy too yeah and then i’m shri siddima who was neem karlibaba’s successor who died recently who was my my great teacher and yeah so many i have my daughter who died who i feel is now my ancestor you know she’s on my altar of the sacred feminine so lots of things and a bowl of water and a bowl of earth and um you know candles and all of the elements so just creating that sacred space really helps to bring up that energy that that divine yes and it’s so creative and for those of you who are

(18:37) artists which is probably almost every single one of you it’s really gratifying at the beauty you know you you used the term beauty mercedes when you were talking earlier about that beauty and the terror kind of being intermingled and um i think the divine feminine is so much about both of those things terror not in the sense of trauma but in the sense of ah radical amazement and that is part of the mystical path as well so alters meditation being in nature every day physical practices that embody us because the sacred feminine is so much

(19:17) about embodiment and i’m shocked and sometimes by how that gets left in the dust you know the the tending of these sacred temples that we’ve been given you know we’re too busy we’re too we’re too holy to worry about the illusion of the body you know no the sacred feminine is about reclaiming the holiness of incarnation of the sacred breaking into every particle of being and that makes so much sense to me because i feel you know you’re talking about this busyness where we get disembodied and it’s that the

(19:52) glorification or the making holy of busyness the glorification of busyness when that’s not necessarily the whole truth um and coming from you know my own domestications of striving for independence and being in this you know patriarchal world where it was really about my masculine energy taking over and being the thing that protects me and you know creating this whole story around me because of our culture currently uh that i needed to i felt i needed to be very much in my masculine so reclaiming my my feminine or my divine feminine

(20:31) has been something difficult i think mostly because of what what i drew from what you’re just saying there because i’m attempting to to intellectualize it instead of embody it because that’s the masculine you know the masculine in me is going well we know how to do this we’ll figure this out we’ll just do all the steps you know it’s right beautifully said yes so well said yes and i know um when i work with cauli it’s a very fierce energy like you said it’s it’s very different than when i work with

(21:03) um tara or mary magdalene and i know sometimes mary magdalene will ask me to work with isis and so they’re they all bring something so different and it’s so um so beautiful but i’m curious um a couple of things as questions come off of that but one of the things that comes up for me a lot is how some people feel that these are idols and say um like god is a jealous god and instead of seeing that these are all like an aspect of god that gives us um more access and a greater connection they feel um that

(21:37) we’re uh and i’m sure that’s a lot of religious programming and dogma but i’m curious your thoughts around that yeah that’s a beautiful question um i am and i write about this in wild mercy i am both a non-dualist and uh like gleefully unapologetic idolatrous and they’re both true for me so all of these different manifestations of the divine resonate with my heart in different ways and here we are in the land of form we don’t live in that non-dual undifferentiated cosmic realm where everything is all one

(22:20) we live here in this in this um plane of consciousness where there is duality and there is separation and we can we can celebrate the beauty of that and at the same time not believe that ultimately you know krishna the name my my name sakes love nearby is devoted to krishna right who is one of the favorite gods in hinduism is an actual thing i mean you can and many hindus do but that rather it’s sort of like the saints in the catholic church nobody thinks they’re god but they are these portals or doorways

(23:03) that invite us into a direct connection so i don’t see any conflict between offering incense and flowers to hanuman the hindu monkey god who is the servant the beloved servant of god of sita and rama and ultimately resting in the absolute oneness of the divine they’re not mutually exclusive for me and i i think that’s a sort of feminine heart mind balance that the masculine doesn’t necessarily get yeah and uh the other question that came up was how the feminine has been removed from the bible specifically the real story of

(23:48) um mary magdalene she’s my number one guide and i feel i’m a magdalene you can articulate why the feminine from your perspective was removed from the bible so um did that freeze up for you as well nearby okay that’s why i was i was struggling too yeah you redo that question i think we lost most of it yeah so uh the other question that came up from me was how the feminine has been removed from the bible specifically mary magdalene because um i grew up in the church and it was pretty much a dark night of the

(24:34) soul to go through to realize that i had been taught something different you know than what was the truth and um i know we all have you know but um she being a number one guy for me and me feel feeling uh myself as a magdalen this was a story that um really hit me hard so i wanted to just hear from you about how the feminine has been removed from the bible and um where you think we’re headed when it comes to that maybe great um just so you know when i hear bible i think of yeah yeah i could just as a as a jew

(25:10) the um new testament isn’t the only bible although i do love it very much um and but it’s happening in the hebrew scriptures as well the so-called old testament you know where the the women have been they’re there and they’re wonderful but they’ve been also largely sec you know erased and made secondary and made uh insignificant like miriam you know the the sister of moses who was such an important prophet in the biblical story and was just minimized but back to mary magdalene who i also love

(25:45) there seems to be ample evidence that she was when jesus was alive they were both teachers and they taught together and she was equal to him in wisdom and and access to the sacred and that actually by pairing up and teaching together her drawing on her great enormous gifts which he acknowledged especially in the gospel of mary that was what a quinky dink thrown out of the of the canon um you know it’s clear that she understood things about his teachings that nobody else did and that he called upon her also to share her wisdom so

(26:33) that’s threatening to the patriarchy super threatening to the established um you know masculine paradigm the way of that hierarchical male-dominated way of of doing things so uh she was super threatening because of her power and influence and her she also had her own resources financially there were there were so many reasons that that she was that they tried to get rid of her and so many of us now including you but you know in asking this question and revealing how much she is your guide so many of us now are reclaiming

(27:10) mary magdalene as a primary uh spiritual uh connector for us and and so what i was gonna say is the relationship between them whatever it was whether it was sexual or not there was this uh balance of the divine masculine and the divine feminine that gives rise to the rebirth of humanity if we allow it to you know we that that the godhead is like sundered by by the patriarchy and only the masculine was lifted and so by looking to these to the joining of mary magdalene and jesus as as a symbol of that rebalancing of the masculine and

(27:58) feminine we can together as a collective global human family give birth to this new humanity that is so urgently needed to navigate these perilous times that are going to continue to be dark and challenging i’m afraid um yeah that’s beautiful um when it comes to so her being that feminine wisdom that that balanced and brought so much to the divine masculine um for us today what does it mean to tap into our feminine wisdom specifically not just for women but for men as well yeah exactly so the the emphasis on the masculine way of

(28:50) doing and being particularly in in the religious sphere but obviously in the in corporate world and and across the human endeavor uh in you know the landscape of human endeavors but especially in religion um there has been so much harm done by silencing and burying the wisdom of the feminine that it’s going to take an extra emphasis on feminine wisdom going going forward particularly in the spiritual communities i mean even in the alternative spiritual communities that i’ve been a part of for my whole life

(29:31) you know i start on a spiritual path i would say around 15 and i just turned 60 and i feel like all of them including hindus and buddhism sufism all of these so-called alternative paths to mainstream christianity or even judaism were still all the teachers pretty much were men all the scriptures were written by and for men you know for a kind of a as i say in wild mercy a boy-shaped reality and so dogma doctrine rules prescribed prayers hierarchy you know who are the teachers and who are the the you know lower beings that are

(30:12) receiving the crumbs of their wisdom all of that has to go and we have to re-claim the wisdom of all beings so when you say for women men and people of all genders you’re singing my song so many men i know particularly younger men meaning say under 50 are desperately longing for that feminine wisdom as much as women and certainly transgendered people non-binary people are all saying yes we need to emphasize these feminine attributes of loving kindness of fierce truth-telling of of mercy and compassion and forgiveness but also

(31:05) speaking truth to power and emphasizing justice for all beings particularly those on the margins these are all these kind of wild and tender feminine attributes that people of all genders are reclaiming now yeah i wonder how we begin to identify like because you said you know you have built these shrines in your home and um and all around you and found ways to call in this energy when especially when it’s needed you know it’s there to turn to and you spent so much time figuring out how to hone this for yourself and how to

(31:46) deliver that to others so i wonder and this might be my masculine intellectual mind trying to put things in order but what is a good way for us to start finding maybe a a goddess to identify with or a mystic to identify with a female mystic to identify with it’s wonderful well there are uh i i love reading i mean reading for me is not just intellectual it’s a spiritual experience you know depending on what i’m reading but so there are some beautiful books of of goddesses across the spiritual traditions usually they’re

(32:26) specific to a spiritual tradition you know so buddhism or hinduism or sufism is the mystical branch of islam and they don’t have goddesses but there are feminine beings wisdom beings and christianity has so many especially the catholic tradition has so many beautiful mystics and then that there are various goddesses like in judaism the shaheena we’re not supposed to call her a goddess but she is she’s she is the divine in feminine form sophia wisdom in the christian tradition so just exploring through reading is a

(33:05) wonderful way particularly sacred poetry that is always a huge heart opener and awakener of consciousness for me but um yeah there’s the shift network has beautiful um evergreen courses on the goddesses and the mystics i i’m not trying to sell books because believe me an author makes like cents per book but um wild mercy gives a lot of feminine wisdom beings that you can resonate with and choose from beautiful that’s really good yeah i know um wild mercy um i don’t know if we said the subtitle uh in the intro but it’s living the

(33:53) fears and tender wisdom of the woman mystics and then she goes through some of those in there so it’s it would be nice for our listeners to be able to pick that up and see what calls to them and then i know for me another book by sophia code when i read that it was like sometimes one will just stand out to you and then you know it’s followed by an activation so that’s a great book yeah reading has been really key for me as well um to touch on what we were talking about right before that with the feminine

(34:19) wisdom i’ve heard you talk about a feminine impulse to feel the pain of the world and to hold it and that the feminine heart does not abandon any aspect of the human experience including those feelings and impulses that can feel you know maybe not so enlightening um yeah and that that felt so resonant for me but it also um i think because i’ve been so deep in that throughout my life it can also feel not ungrounding but just heavy um especially maybe like in the um second chakra so i don’t know if you um

(35:00) for those that resonate with that but also feel like oh it’s not a burden but just um it is a lot if you feel the pain maybe um some tips you have there or some tools for um still accessing the playful side and the light-hearted side you know because it can become um almost like so serious you know yeah yeah that’s a great question jade um excuse me so a couple of things one is my sense is that when we allow ourselves to truly feel the pain the pain of of the suffering world and and we truly take gather it into our

(35:47) arms it’s just that feminine impulse in people of all genders when the pain that breaks our heart expands our capacity to hold the pain it’s the beautiful mystical paradox that the that the cure is in the wound you know and and so if we truly show up with curiosity and tenderness to experience what’s going on in the world that’s causing us such heartbreak we will naturally expand enough to be able to endure it and and be flooded with goodness with sweetness with beauty all of those things are right under

(36:37) the suffering and the the cloud of um of heaviness that that we feel when we push it away that’s when the heaviness comes is when we try to get away from it or try to fill it in with spiritual platitudes or i’m just gonna call on the goddess lakshmi for prosperity and everything will be okay and then it doesn’t work it’s those are called spiritual bypasses right for good reason those those are the ways that we check out of reality but but paradoxically when we fully allow ourselves to be present to what is

(37:14) then we can hold it and even experience this this sweetness and and loving kindness right under it and a boundless capacity to to hold it and transmute it and then another thing that i do is i just offer it to her it’s like i can’t hold i can’t do anything about this i mean i can do my part which is to keep my heart open in hell as my friend and teacher stephen levine used to say that i can do i can i can cultivate that practice but then i call on the divine mother and i offer it to her that helps a lot

(37:54) and to keep joy and celebration and creative arts and sensuality and all of those yummy human things woven into our days to re refill the the vessel yeah and i think you you touched on this a little bit in that answer really but why is it that loss opens up this immense compassion in us i have no idea yeah i don’t know why they designed it that way but i will say that it probably has something to do with the way that grief and loss and trauma and sorrow are like a an intense um ungent that strips us of like have you noticed when you’re when

(38:47) your heart is broken and suddenly you don’t really care how you look in that new blouse it just or how even how much money is in your bank account or isn’t or how somebody looked at you the wrong way like none of those things those sort of superficial concerns um motivate you any anymore it’s just grief loss trauma tragedy just brings you squarely into what matters and and what truly is important and and it kind of annihilates all of that garbage that um that we that distracts us and and that’s when we can access those

(39:32) deeper wellsprings of the human heart you know like loving-kindness and compassion and self-forgiveness and humor you know i i have been my ability to see the cosmic joke has been greatly increased through the terrible things that have happened to me hmm yeah that makes so much sense that idea of this big trauma or this loss is suddenly shaking you into perspective of all that stuff that trivial stuff that you worry about on a day to day put it aside and see what’s actually under there for even if it’s only for

(40:14) whatever time you spend grieving and then you might return back and have to learn that again another time when you have whatever yeah yeah i haven’t yet reached the part of the humor but i’m hoping i’m hoping that’s not far off um before we move to um our lightning round that we close off the show with um i wanted to just quickly ask you about the great mother and how we can develop relationship with her well you know they’re through meditation that’s one way that i that i do that is i i just

(40:48) sit and and close my eyes and take some deep breaths and then i just call on her and whatever she means you know i don’t even have to picture her uh in any particular form although sometimes that just bubbles up you know she’ll she’ll look like this ancient indigenous mama you know her grandmother and um and sometimes she looks like one of the hindu goddesses that i grew up loving but mostly it’s just this feeling of often it’s mother earth herself that i just breathe into her and i allow these kind of roots

(41:26) to extend from my my base chakra into into the earth and and just feel it intermingling with hers and my root chakra there’s the word i was looking for and and um then she becomes like this solid grounded presence for me that that i can instantly access once i’ve cultivated this intimacy with her i can return to it very easily but through meditation through prayer through walking in the woods and calling on her the beach the ocean she’s everywhere yeah do you feel that because so many of us have such a big

(42:11) mother wound do you feel that this is one way to heal that question and i write about that in wild mercy because it keeps coming up when in my teaching yes i mean sometimes women will say i don’t want to picture the divine mother because i had such a bad mother or i was such a bad mother sometimes that’s the issue um you know i have no no good role models this is this is triggering for me but i always encourage people to replace those negative experiences with this infinitely loving warm funny uh affectionate

(42:47) powerful no divine mother and and it and it really yes i i think it’s a good question and i think it really can heal the mother wound to to establish this intimate bond with the great mother yeah yeah i had wondered because i often feel that dependent on what our father was like is sometimes how we can view god as you know a heavenly father like you said god could be source or you know universe whichever you would like to place it with but um yeah i wondered if that was a projection there as well yeah yeah it brings up for me we’re

(43:28) we’re about to uh do a webinar on attachment styles and it brings up that idea of the mother wound and why we end up communicating and attracting the people communicating the way we do it and attracting the people we do and you know having these styles of attachment and having a really you know right on right you’re always right next to you know or what do i want to say you’re you’re all you have to do is just open yourself to the great mother and she’s there for you to reconnect with instead

(44:03) of having to carry this wound for your whole life you know you’re able to heal it on your own by essentially like asking uh re-parenting yourself to some degree but also asking for this parenting to come through this channel the great mother it gives so much hope i think to be able to really repair and set into place just a much more secure way of walking through life and communicating with others and being in relationship with others so i find it just a great tool as well like to be able to access that at any moment and

(44:41) know that it’s all around you like you said at the beach or you know wherever you really want to stop slow down and embody and breathe into this groundedness because you’re right here with her at all times and i think for our listeners a way to um convey it in a way that might feel um attainable is uh you know i grew up i love my mother she did the best she could but um in my childhood she was very volatile very abusive and i had a very big mother wound uh these last couple of years um mary magdalene has felt very much

(45:16) like a mother and there was a time in meditation where i saw you know all these painful moments in my childhood and the state that my mother was in my earthly mother and then i started all the way back over and this wasn’t forced for me this was just coming to me but i started all the way back over and i saw mary magdalene mothering me the way that i would have liked to have been mothered what was really nice and healing and that experience wasn’t just experiencing that with her but also seeing that a lot of the things she was doing for me

(45:49) the singing at night the the hugging you know i didn’t get hugged much as a kid the hugging the singing like the reading the stories be sitting with me through the sexual trauma all of these things were things i now embody as a mother so it was the feeling of oh i didn’t realize how good this feels what i’m passing on since i hadn’t experienced it i didn’t realize how good it feels all of that touch all of that song until i felt it with her and then i felt like like okay you know so it was really

(46:19) beautiful so if that hopefully that maybe can [Music] you know make it a little more tangible for the ones hearing it um yeah thank you that’s beautiful all right mirabai so we ask a few questions to everyone who comes on the show so let’s shoot these at you and see what you got for us so the first one is if you could hug your younger self right now what would you say when people tell you you’re beautiful in your own way that doesn’t mean what you think it means your your beauty is is real and it’s going to grow and you

(46:59) can relax about about how you appear that’s beautiful i needed to hear that for sure what age were you when you were telling yourself that ten [Music] if you could have the whole world read one book which would it be oh my gosh i should have done my homework and known you were gonna ask me this no it’s the hardest question on the show is it i’m like looking at my bookshelf right now i just love reading so much it would be really good um or maybe what was one that really um you know encouraged you on your journey

(47:37) and i’m trying to not pick one by a man you know that’s okay well i love a lot of times you say like a feminine mystic in a male body yeah that’s right that’s right those are the ones i’m thinking i would say saint teresa of avila’s interior castle um yeah that sounds cool just the name sounds cool all right if you could whisper one phrase to everyone on the planet what would it be oh my gosh i really should have looked this up before i listen to this keep your heart open it’s really good yeah that’s all right
(48:23) hardest thing you know how can that is i tell myself almost every day stay open it’s it is it’s work um but it’s it gets easier um how can people find you online and find your work i know you have that um the divine feminine um course as well oh gosh so many things just google my name you’re by star and you will find lots of things including my website yeah yeah okay and i had a youtube stuff a lot of youtube i don’t pay attention to any of that it’s just like i offer it and then it’s got it’s gone

(49:02) yeah yeah thank you so much for your time today this was such a blessing thank you for your insightful questions both of you and for the beautiful work you’re doing in this in this world thank you yeah we really appreciate the work you’re doing and i’m just excited to be able to share this with our listeners as well so appreciate your time yeah my pleasure okay thank you we’ll send an email once this comes out it’ll be like maybe two weeks so okay wonderful thank you too bye bye all right that was very uh i think that

(49:38) was our most mystical episode we said that word a lot but yeah like our last you know months worth of episodes have been really focused on men so i i enjoyed you know writing this outline focus towards the feminine uh yeah and just being in the energy of it it’s definitely a slow down it feels like such a more expansive too yeah to some degree i mean i think both are so needed for expanding you know but this was very much for me well not that the male is contracting but it felt very like wide yeah like this is where you

(50:16) i don’t know the way i visualize it is when we’re we’re dealing with masculine energy we’re really like we’ve been working so much with the masculine psyche lately that it’s about creating the structures and making the plan and doing the direction piece and the purpose piece and then when you get into the feminine flow and it’s real creative like this episode where it’s just mystery and openness it’s like we get this like this big it looks like a mushroom cloud from like almost an explosion is the way i

(50:47) envision it and then the masking goes okay i see all that stuff it’s just it’s just gonna continue like spreading out into the universe forever and ever and never slowing down so it captures it and like brings it into form that we can actually access and use in walking life yeah um and that i know both of our magic tricks are pulled from her i believe yours is too um i just pulled up um opened up her book this is on page 92 for those of you that want to order her book um at the end of every chapter she has some sort

(51:20) of practice like this whether it’s deepening or opening or expanding whatever um whatever it is um that chapter is focused on she has a little writing prompt at the end and they’re all really really good so this one on page 92 is called deepening it says mystical jewish wisdom teaches us that we are all born with a particular task we are meant to do to contribute to the healing of the world and we are precisely and perfectly designed to do it what is the unique task imprinted on your soul hint it is probably something you are

(51:56) already good at and is almost definitely something you love doing sit quietly with your eyes closed or downward cast and unfocused allow yourself to contemplate your strengths and imagine how you might harness them for the benefit of others write down a list of ways you could rise to the call even if they don’t look like dramatic contributions or if they take a very different form than you might have imagined be wildly creative make a plan of action to implement one of those ideas um that’s my magic trick from her like

(52:31) it yeah all right mine also it reminds me also of rebecca campbell’s work um uh who rebecca campbell oh yeah her this book if you liked rebecca campbell you’ll love this book yeah rebecca campbell’s got some good stuff in there too i’m finding your light and opening up your creativity for sure uh so this also comes from wild mercy and this is also a deepening practice so the instruction is to write a letter to a child as if you knew you were going to die soon and um you’re passing along what you

(53:08) most wish for them to know so it’s kind of like your last you know what you’d say in your dying breath to a child to give them as much nuggets as you can so what is your deepest wisdom your highest truth at that point at this point in your life right if you’re on your deathbed today and what are the things that delight you in which you’d like for the child to also take delight in what are the secrets you’re ready to reveal or heroes who have inspired you and it’s all about distilling the essence of your legacy
(53:39) in that last letter essentially so i think it’s just a really beautiful practice and i don’t think it takes too long either to just what you know close your eyes again and before you write and just think about what comes to you that you’d want to leave if this is your for whatever reason you know your your back’s against the wall and you know this is your last five minutes and you get to say what you want to say to a person especially a child who still has so much life in front of them um so that they can live their life to
(54:05) the fullest so that’s her practice yeah i love that one that sounds very much like something we would suggest people to do yeah we’ve had versions of it in the past yeah all right magic mobbers thank you so much for tuning in and taking this journey with us if this episode held some magic for you please share it with your friends and family this would mean so much to us and don’t forget to join us on our instagram page at the magic hour and let us know what your favorite episodes have been so far we appreciate

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(55:07) awakening the king within you guys are really showing up there so just so glad to be building this community of amazing light beings that are here shining brightly so appreciate you you know we release a new episode every monday you can catch us again next week or go listen to some of our past episodes in our podcast library now we’ll meet you there until then all right next we have