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We unlock some beautiful wisdom and heart-opening practices in this episode, as we welcome back one of our personal favorite guests: HeatherAsh Amara. Her work having already done so much to reshape our lives, we dive even deeper into her new teachings around “The Warrior Heart Practice”, which she calls A Simple Process to Transform Confusion into Clarity and Pain into Peace. As the author of multiple best-selling books, the heart of Amara’s teachings stems from her long Toltec apprenticeship and teaching partnership with Don Miguel Ruiz(author of The Four Agreements). She’s spent the last 15 years teaching workshops and apprenticeships, and traveling the world working with women to integrate the feminine wisdom of the ancients into their modern lives. In this episode we explore how to cultivate creativity through sexuality, how to be the heroine of our story instead of the victim, and how to raise a “Warrior Goddess Daughter”. Plus, we delve into what she calls “Sacred Time Management”, and how to create space, ease, and time for ourselves, while ending the glorification of “Busy”.

She’s been an incredible tool in the transformation for so many, and has certainly helped us here on the show wake up to the beautiful gods/goddesses within ourselves. We hope this episode poignantly guides you toward you’re own innate power.

Books mentioned: 

• Warrior Goddess Training by HeatherAsh Amara 

• Warrior Goddess Wisdom series by HeatherAsh Amara 

• Awaken Your Inner Fire by HeatherAsh Amara

• The Little Book of Big Freedom by HeatherAsh Amara 

• The Warrior Heart Practice by HeatherAsh Amara

• The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

MAJic Tricks: 

• Write your Ex an “I’m sorry” letter.

•Questions to your little soul.(from The Warrior Heart Practice, page 21)


We invite you to listen to HeatherAsh’s back story, and other life-altering wisdom she bestowed on us the first time we had her on the show, by listening to Episode #3.


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majic hour episode #59 transcription

(00:03) okay i guess i can’t wear this because look oh it’s so sparkly it’s like a beam of light literally that’s funny um damn i want to know why my microphone’s doing something different than usual for you now it sounds normal but when you when you were typing it it literally sounded like someone was going like this to me that’s really weird it’s pointing the same direction it’s in the same spot does this is this a lot of noise there’s she is hi hi sideways hey why are you sideways yeah

(00:43) i don’t know why my phone doesn’t switch give me one second let me take this oh okay okay that right yeah yeah great hi sweetheart hi let’s see if that works better all right there we go yes you look great okay okay so we’re just going to start at the beginning and then intro you and start asking questions like last time okay sounds good okay okay ready yeah mercedes welcome boys and babes to the magic hour podcast a place where we navigate life’s peaks and valleys with all the vulnerability and shamelessness we can
(01:25) muster with the help of world-class guests from all walks of life we uncover new truths and valuable tools for manifesting our highest potential i’m your host mercedes terrell along with my partner in shine jade bryce hey you guys so if you’ve been listening since the start of the show you’ve likely heard our previous interview with today’s guest which was episode number three she’s had a new book come out since then which we’ll pick her brain on today yes i cannot believe it’s already been a
(01:55) year since last interviewing her um the conversations we’ve had in this last year have completely reshaped who i am including the one we had with our guest today so um ready for all the knowledge and wisdom this new year has in store for me and for this interview i know it’s gonna have so much good nuggets for us today so jade let’s get her on yes today’s guest is the best-selling author of warrior goddess training and the warrior goddess wisdom series awaken your inner fire the little book of big
(02:25) freedom and her most recent book the warrior heart practice which is a simple process to transform confusion into clarity and pain into peace over the past 15 years she has taught workshops and apprenticeships traveling the world working with women to integrate the feminine wisdom of the ancients into their modern life the heart of ammar’s teaching stems from her long toltec apprenticeship and teaching partnerships with don miguel ruiz author of the four agreements she says when we bring our attention back to discovering who we are on the
(02:56) inside not who we wish we were or who we think we should be we begin a sacred path of transformation toward our innate authentic embodied power she teaches us all how to be the heroine of our story and not the victim heather ashe thank you for being a tool in so many women’s transformation helping us wake up to the beautiful goddess within all of us welcome back to the magic hour yay thanks yay so glad to be here thanks jay thanks for saving glad to see your face again so jd you go you got her first one go for
(03:30) it yeah so your recent book uh the warrior heart practice what exactly that’s that’s an actual practice so what exactly is that yeah it’s a practice that i created when i was talking to a friend of mine who was in a lot of suffering and kept telling the same story over and over again and i realized how much suffering we create for ourselves but with the stories we tell ourselves that aren’t true so the warrior practice is a way to help people get out of story and into the truth and there’s four chambers so the
(04:02) heart has four chambers all of them are really important and the same is true with the warrior heart practice so the first chamber is the feeling chamber the second chamber the story chamber the third is the truth chamber and the fourth is the intent chamber and then you go back through the process so you get to spend time with each of these different parts of ourselves with what am i feeling what story am i telling myself what’s actually true here what is my intent and then you go back to the process to really unwind the
(04:36) story so that we can be more more empowered and how we’re navigating and telling our own stories is that the same as the four core strategies for coping it’s different the you can definitely see how the strategies show up so the four core strategies are pleasing distracting isolating and controlling and so when we get uncomfortable as humans what we tend to do is go towards a strategy to make us feel safe so we don’t feel safe we go i think of it as a template like we automatically go to i’m just going to
(05:18) control everything or i’m going to please everybody and that will make me feel safe if everybody else is happy then i’m safe so that’s a strategy and those really weave into our stories so we can get a story of i need to please everyone if let’s say you were the youngest kid and you felt like you didn’t get enough tension i’m just totally making up a story that you then decide as a kid okay the only way i’m gonna get attention is if i do better than everyone else in my family and i shine really brightly and i please
(05:49) everybody make sure everybody else is happy and then if you have a situation in your life where let’s say your boss is not happy with you around a piece of report you know report you did or you turned something in late instead of it just being the truth i turn the report in late we make up these huge stories of like i’m gonna get inspired i’m a terrible person i’ve never been enough i can never please anybody and that’s how we create the amount of suffering that we do so that’s really what the practice is
(06:15) about is helping us to get clear about one where we’re avoiding feelings because a lot of times what the strategies are also doing is they’re a way to manage our feelings so we don’t have to feel them yeah so instead of feeling upset i’m just going to try and please you and instead of feeling the grief i’m going to distract myself so there’s a lot of ways that we exit our feelings so that’s why the first chamber in the warrior heart practice is what are you feeling we start there but
(06:48) learning how to separate the feelings from the story which is a lot of us really don’t know how to do is to separate those two yeah absolutely yeah and i feel like we also don’t we tend to not even think what am i feeling in this moment like we don’t even ask ourselves we just immediately react go to those four crowded strategies yeah yeah exactly it feels like we have so much in our culture that asks us to look at um maybe where we need to eat differently or uh flex our muscles differently or work out
(07:25) in other ways and practices that allow us to grow physically a lot of the time but we don’t we just shy away from where we can clean our bodies out our minds out our spirits out from all this other toxic stuff that is not true and these stories like i think what you’re talking about here is that toxic story that is no longer serving you may have served you for a time right but we haven’t done the the work we haven’t you know flexed the inner muscle to remove those things yeah exactly and it’s like having a room
(07:56) where you never clear anything out right so it just gets more and more cluttered and crowded and then the emotions and the stories start mixing together and they start most of us live basically bouncing back and forth between the feeling and the story so we have a little feeling and then we distract ourselves and then we tell ourselves a story about it and then the story gets bigger and we blame somebody else or we feel ashamed of our past and then the story makes us feel the feelings more and so then we have to
(08:21) numb ourselves or manage the feeling so it’s it gets really messy so i do feel like this is like um you know spiritual kung fu to clean up the story yeah so that was telling the same story over and over over and over again yeah exactly yeah yeah and as we clean it up then we have the space to connect to our intuition and connect to our love and connect to our creativity yeah that’s interesting my sister today texted me is like i’ve cleaned about one third of my house out you know like she’s going through and kind of feng
(08:55) shui in her whole house i’m like that is awesome they say that um the the way that your house the inside of your house looks is a direct reflection on the way the inside of your brain looks so that’ll be really freeing it’ll free up some space for her to throw everywhere but my closet don’t look yeah look everywhere else i need some cleaning myself though so i do i was wondering if you would be able to maybe briefly lead me through this practice um releasing or looking at at least truthfully a story that i’ve been
(09:28) telling myself yeah absolutely i’d be so happy to do that cool okay so we i jade and i even my husband chris and i thought about some ideas that were things that i often seem like come up as my story whenever i get triggered okay this is the thing that always roots back and something that has been one of those that just seems to stick around is my father not choosing me i think is the essential like sentence i would use for that so how do we want to start on this heather ash great so the story is bother not choosing so
(10:06) where we want to start is in a feeling chamber so close your eyes for a minute so you can go inside and say that statement to yourself my father didn’t choose me my father didn’t choose me and then take a breath and ask yourself what do i feel about that so let yourself drop in and really go to the feelings like when you were feeling that story the most intensely what were you feeling in your body so go towards the sensations definitely sadness and anger and where’s the sadness i imagine it in your body low belly
(10:45) okay good so just take a moment breathe into the low belly where that sadness is let’s let yourself be with it and you don’t need to fix it or change it or understand it just say hello to the sadness good and what do you notice about the sadness how does it feel in your belly feels like uh warmth and kind of rageful um tense tense go towards the rage now so you said you also felt anger so noticing where the rage is in your body so maybe in your belly as well maybe in other places
(11:49) so just scan your body and then settle into where’s the rage where’s the anger my throat my jaw maybe my low back and even like my temple okay so all those places temples jaw throats low back breathing into the rage and again without a story just feeling the rage so just let yourself really go into the rage for a moment to explore what it feels like without justifying it or needing to understand it and if you notice a story coming up around it or pictures just say wait we’ll be there in a moment just come
(12:45) back to your body right now what’s my body feeling in this moment anxiety yeah yeah where’s the anxiety in my breathing okay so you can feel it in your breathing so noticing anxiety saying hello to anxiety breathing into it you’re not trying to make it go away just simply being with it for now all right scanning your body again is there any other emotion that’s present i want to say worry it’s more attention
(13:52) [Music] save anxiety worry and then tension so take a moment to breathe into that sense of worry and that tension in the body good and then when you’re ready you can open your eyes we’re gonna step into the story now okay so letting the emotions be and then imagine that you’re stepping now into another space and that space is the story that you’ve told yourself so what’s the story that you’ve told yourself that i wasn’t enough or good enough or worthy of my father choosing me over my stepmom
(14:48) okay so that you weren’t worthy enough that you weren’t enough for your father to choose you over your stepmom okay and is there any other place the story’s gotten tangled um uh it tangles i think the worry portion comes from a sense of worrying to be abandoned but also worry of needing to care for him because he wasn’t able to protect me against her and that situation and so i worried for his own safety and i think as the oldest child too it became an even stronger story the worry that i couldn’t protect my
(15:35) little sister who was you know just in a similar situation obviously with me um and then i think the other piece of the story is around sh grew into shame um of not being chosen or not being wanted enough or not being uh desired comes to mind you know like it turned into not just shame of uh feeling not worthy for so many different things like it could be worthiness for me around am i smart enough worthiness for me around am i sexually attractive enough to my partners i mean i think it all kind of roots back to the same
(16:23) story okay beautiful thank you so then the the tango is the initial he didn’t choose me he chose her and then what then also got woven in i’m not worthy enough i’m not enough but also i have to protect him and i have to protect my little sister against her because he didn’t choose me so there’s almost like there’s danger because he didn’t choose me for sure and and then the fear of the abandonment which is what she said then pulls into the present time abandonment and not enoughness
(16:59) yeah yeah and you can see how that ties back to the worry then all right so just honoring the story and just take a moment to to acknowledge that story and all the things that have gotten tied to it from your childhood forward to adulthood and just to just take a moment to really feel the the tangle now i sometimes think of the story chambers like for me my story chambers like um all these library books of all the rules and it’s really messy but like there’s all these laws so just for to take a second to notice
(17:34) what your story chamber feels like with that particular story it’s messy and cluttered not feng shui like we respect you again yeah yeah um a little overwhelming yeah absolutely yeah so acknowledging and then the next chamber we have to take a really big step is how i think of it is that you’re stepping out of the storm that you’re willing to step into what is true [Music] and so imagine that you’re stepping into now the truth chamber and the truth chamber is very simple truth is one sentence i always think
(18:25) about it one sentence period one sentence period so what’s true in this situation what do you know is true he was doing the best he could from where he was yeah so that’s true he was doing the best he could from where he was period so just sit with that for a moment and what’s also true he loved me yeah so just be with that he loved you period so if you just breathe into that for a moment let that settle in good and what else is true
(19:30) what else can you see is true he wanted to do better yeah he wanted to do better yeah period so without the story just you know he wanted to do better [Music] good and what else anything else that you can sense that you can feel is also true he loved my sister too left my sister too he didn’t know how to fix it yeah yeah he didn’t know how to fix a period okay so let’s hold with that for a moment so those are
(20:33) our beautiful truths he loved you he loved your sister he didn’t know how to fix it he was doing his best period so hold with that just that spaciousness and you may feel yourself getting pulled back into the story you know at any time we say he loved me but he should have done another we’re back in story so you just bring yourself back to truth he loved me period feel that in your body and you have to keep bringing yourself back into the truth and we’re not we’re going to step now into the fourth chamber which is the
(21:14) intent and that’s what is your intent in regards to this situation that’s been causing you so much pain what do you want for yourself what’s your word and the intent is one word that’s going to be your focus to feel safe safety safety all right so bring safety into your body right now what does safety feel like so breathe into safety that’s your intent that’s going to be your north star safety it feels like i’m strong and independent and capable yeah beautiful so safety strong independent capable
(22:09) able to protect myself and others yeah able to protect yourself and others so imagine now that that intent of safety is a a being it’s an energetic and you’re going to hold its hand so imagine that you’re holding safety’s hand and you’re going to step back now into the truth chamber and hold hand with the your other hand with the those truths that you came up with so the truth he did his best he loved me he loved my sister he didn’t know how to fix it so holding your intent for safety and
(22:57) those truth and what other truths is there any other truths that you can see now that you have your intent for safety imagine that you can look around the truth chamber and see is there any other truth there you didn’t want this to be the way it happened yeah he didn’t want it to be the way it happened yeah and there’s one more truth that i think is really important which is that you did your best and can you feel that as a truth yeah you did your best
(24:07) and so imagine now that you can take the truth and your intent you’re going to walk back into the story chamber so back into that messy room and now look at it through the eyes of intent and through the eyes of truth so your intent for safety and those truths what do you see now how can you look at the story differently what can you release and what can you rewrite or perceive in a different way i’m safe now so as an adult you are safe now yeah there’s no danger yeah there’s no danger
(25:15) and we’re all okay really so you can bring your adult self now into the story chamber and also then look at where is there part of you that’s still holding that story the child part of you that’s still holding the story that needs an adult to help her feel safe so you’re now the adult going back to find that little girl that didn’t feel safe and to find out what does she need to feel safe what does she need now to feel safe i think it’s relationships that support the new story to release
(26:19) the attachments to things and people that she’s built into something related to that story the old story yeah to trust people so to help her unweave the story from where she’s threaded it into the present where she’s pulled people in or where she’s perceiving through that story so to ascertain and to start clearing yeah yeah from that place of we’re safe now and that you can clean what’s what’s connected to the old that isn’t serving you as the adult and hold her help her help her turn towards you
(27:24) rather than towards the outside for safety or pull in people like you said or like really call the people towards you that are are writing a new story and that can support you in the new story yeah beautiful and then closing so go to that healing chamber you know you’re there you’re feeling and just let yourself really acknowledge what the feeling is now so there isn’t a right or wrong at all it’s just what are you feeling now going through the chambers and coming back out hopeful beautiful hopeful capable
(28:13) yeah not so in danger not so endangered yeah good good [Music] so when you whenever you have worry anxiety like those initial feelings that you said not enoughness to immediately go to how do i feel sick how do i help myself feel safe here so that’s going to be your intent going forward to unweave it because now you go into your life and you you now have some tools yeah you have the truth and you have the intent your intent your intent is gold because that’s gonna be everything how do i bring safety here how do i feel safe and
(29:03) a lot of that’s gonna be reminding yourself i am safe and so there’s a part of you that doesn’t feel safe what does she need right yeah yeah how does that feel really good really uh difference in just a few minutes but yeah it feels like i it’s just another tool in my tool belt to work through these things and release them because i know i know we know when things aren’t serving us it’s just knowing isn’t enough always yeah yeah and so often the knowing comes when the feeling and the stories tangled together
(29:42) and so to ha to bring in the truth and the intent changes everything yeah through the emotion from this yes the truth yeah yeah exactly thank you so much for being thank you yeah thank you i gotta grab a tissue now hold up [Laughter] thanks ed rash yeah sure that was amazing i like that you said the the truth is simple that there’s like a knowing you know even if it’s uncomfortable yeah i think that that’s true too is a lot of times um when it’s a story it’s over complicated yeah yeah always and i you know so often what we
(30:22) do is we go into the truth chamber we write a better story and we call it the truth but it’s just a better story right right and so to really start to to ask my ask ourselves what is actually true here what do i know is true and there’s you know feeling sad is true in the moment so it might be i feel really sad right now and we also understand that’s subjective it’s going to change and and there’s also truths that like they seem true but they’re actually not true right all the time like the sky is blue
(30:54) well unless it’s cloudy right right or unless there’s a volcano erupting somewhere and then it’s gray and water you know water is fluid unless it’s freezing and it’s ice so we get to it’s for for me that’s been an incredible part is to really fall in love with the truth and get curious about it and also understand the story is compelling you know to have so much compassion for our stories as humans yeah just so much love for ourselves as we untangle the story for me it seems that it’s like the difference between the the
(31:28) phrase fake it till you make it you know which is useful to some degree i understand that that sometimes can get you out of a funk or something or at least you know get you to maintain what you need to do for the time being but i think seeking the pain in the truth sometimes is also necessary yeah yeah it’s so valuable and and and sometimes when we’re playing when we’re doing the what i think of a spiritual bypass which is i’m supposed to be happy all the time i’m supposed to look good i’m supposed
(31:58) to not bring my vulnerabilities here and if i just keep shoving them down and smiling it’ll get better and it doesn’t it gets worse and we go into addiction i mean we exit our emotions in so many ways we go into addictions we go into shopping coming out shopping yeah exactly i mean anything cleaning like that’s my favorite exit cleaning my house again yeah so you know and then i’m like oh wait something’s up if i’m like thoroughly clean and i can feel the difference now of like cleaning because i’m grounding
(32:29) myself versus cleaning because i’m avoiding something yeah and you know and then i go all right sit down girlfriend what are you feeling what’s actually going on here what is the difference what does the difference feel like for you just can you put words to that i don’t know yeah i can’t like i just i’ve been traveling i just got home today and the cleaning is like this just meditative opening like i feel open i feel soft i feel present versus when i’m avoiding something i’m like frantically like this is in the
(33:00) wrong place yeah there’s angst involved in it there’s this this fuzzy energy yeah it’s really different yeah that’s interesting it’s interesting too because sometimes when i clean even um from the ungrounded place it’s like when i purge the most stuff and so then it’s like later when i realized that i’m like well at least there was something useful came of that because i got rid of all those things um it’s not a bad advice [Laughter] um i really liked the um practice that you led mercedes
(33:33) through and we’ve we’ve listened to your podcast where you’ve led a few others already on it it’s been so powerful and i um seeing at your workshop multiple there was so many open women there of all different ages and um walks of life and uh you had us pair up and we said our story in different tones like one tone was like um [Music] as if it didn’t matter in a way i guess and it was so interesting to maintain eye contact with everybody during telling our stories because it was almost like um uh
(34:14) even though it was a story that may not be true you were still like being verified i guess or being validated um and then then when you had us do the intent and the truth where we held hands and we walked into it it was almost like just being validated opened up for that you know so yeah i always know where i am in my healing process by who i call because there’s people i call who will reinforce the story with me like i’ll jump into the story chamber and be like oh god that’s true that’s the worst
(34:47) thing and i just know i’m not ready to let the story go and so and there’s other times when i call the person that’ll say so how do you feel about that or you know what’s what’s what’s the older story and i know i’m ready to heal it because of who i’ve called so i always tell people like if you’re calling the girlfriend that’s saying oh my god that’s the worst thing ever just go in like you’re in the story just be in it but watch what’s the result of being immersed in your story right because as
(35:19) you witness what happens by really living the story you’ll start to get realize you don’t want to live it anymore that’s interesting i feel like jaden i talk about that once in a while um the different people you know we reach out to different sites yeah yeah and you can kind of count on certain people for giving you the hard truth and you can count on certain people for like sitting in it with you for a while because you’re not ready to go but um i always think it’s interesting i as much as i’ve even tried maybe to be
(35:48) the person who can just sit with someone in it i i’m working on my empathy level because i think that’s what that takes is a lot of that um and i’m not saying that that’s like the right or wrong way to do it i just know i’m not an expert in that realm but i am an expert in being overly analytical and saying uh right away okay well what are we gonna do to fix this thing and then we gotta look at this [ __ ] and we’re gonna dig into it and it’s not gonna be fun it’s gonna be painful so if you’re not
(36:12) ready for that you probably should call me and i only call mercedes pretty much so i’m always trying to i’m always trying to heal i guess oh you look at your glutton for punishment i guess yeah that’s funny so your site also mentions cultivating creativity through sexuality um which really um caught my eye can you go into that with us yeah the our sexual energy is our creative energy so people separate out like sexuality and creativity but the truth is it’s the same energy yeah it’s in the same sort
(36:47) of life right it’s just the same chakra it’s our life force energy yeah exactly second chakra and so sometimes people will say oh well you’re talking about sexuality it’s just about having sex with someone else and i’m like that is like this much of such a much bigger conversation so when we’re in touch with our sexual flow this isn’t about who you’re partnering with or how you’re choosing to be sexual it’s about your connection to your life force energy and that you can choose to
(37:15) be physically sexual with somebody else or you can choose to put it into your writing or into your work or into your raising a baby like whatever it is that forces its life it’s there’s so much energy and so many women that i work with including myself i mean i used to so repress my sexual energy and was really struggled with it for many years and to to have done a lot of work with it and to get on the other side of having so much more energy and spaciousness i’m really dedicated to helping women to
(37:49) untangle that story around sexuality and come back into what’s their right relationship with their sexual energy not where it should be or um not the places that we’re repressing it or that we’re using it to get something but that is for us that it’s our nourishment what do you find is the most uh common stories around sexuality for women i would assume it’s like shame related often [Music] a lot of shame a lot of um i’m not doing it right i don’t know how to do it so there’s there’s kind of two camps there’s that
(38:28) camp and then there’s i’m not interested in it i don’t like it and i do it just because i have to so there tends to be and i’d say then there’s there’s the third camp of i’m using it because i don’t feel enough because i’m scared because i don’t want anybody abandon me so i’m just gonna use my sexuality to keep people connected to me as a way to stay safe so those tend to be the three top ones and and they all need different perspectives to unwind the story because it’s not just i think this is something
(39:02) that i see with women across the board is so often because we don’t talk vulnerable vulnerably to each other we don’t share like our deepest stories right that we think that we’re broken right right we think something’s wrong with me and when you really start talking to other women because this is how part of how i healed my relationship around sexuality with shame as i started asking women tell me your experience what’s it like and then i started talking to the the guys that i was dating of like what do i what i’m not
(39:32) like don’t compare me but like because i just didn’t know if i was normal or not like so it was fascinating to just start asking questions and reading and and being really honest with other women yeah it’s very true whenever you you open up to other people there i mean it’s like every time i think it’s maybe the circumstance that you’re opening up to you intuitively know that this is going to be a place where the reason you’re getting to that conversation and the reason you’re
(40:00) getting that thing to come out of your mouth is because it’s a place that it’s ready for that and the other person 99 percent of time is like me too i’ve just been afraid to say something about it or they have some other similar thing they’re ready to share you know don’t be forceful maybe with that but if it just comes then let it come out yeah what did you find out about yourself when you did talk to those women and the men that you were dating what i found is a couple things one is that like a lot of women were struggling with
(40:35) the same thing and and for me it was like when i’d first get into a relationship i’d be really sexual and then three or four or five months in it would totally taper off and i would totally lose my um my spark around sex at all and part of it i realized later was because there was so much emotion that i’ve been repressing that i couldn’t repres if i kept being sexual i couldn’t repress it and so i had to stop being sexual basically i just a healer a sexual healer really specifically around helping me get past
(41:15) the shame and the the way i capped my energy sexually and that just made a huge difference it was hard hard work but it was beautiful work wow will you just say again what you said after um you cut out you cut out for just a second right after you said uh that you knew if you were going to continue to be sexual that you would no longer be able to suppress this feeling yeah to stress the emotions so i realized i had a lot of emotions from childhood that i just shoved down but as i started being sexual if i stayed being sexual like
(41:52) there was like the relationship coming together but then once it started stabilizing and the relationship stabilized if i kept being sexual all this grief would come up wow yeah that’s fascinating i i i feel i i mean i think there’s a lot around sexuality i need to work through for myself but i noticed that i am in this phase of my life and more like i have an abundance of sexual energy all the time you know well not all the time but for a large majority of the time also i’d track my hormones and i’m very
(42:23) interested in hormones so i see where it correlates with that as well but um and then the story like i told you whatever might tie back to that root story around my dad and not being feeling enough not feeling worthy maybe it hyperlyzes my sexuality or my need to feel validated through um my sexuality and and with my husband he’s more calm he’s a little more calm when it comes to that he’s not you know he’s not overly aggressive when it comes to or underly but um it only highlights where i’m extra you
(42:59) know and then i feel like i’m too much i’m too much i’m too much so it’s interesting i flow from being not enough to too much trying to land in the middle yeah and that’s the whole duality thing like the moment you say i’m not enough there’s going to be someplace else your judge is going to say oh you’re too much here yeah that’s true hmm and so when do you notice when there’s like shame around some um of a woman’s sexuality so then her creativity is suppressed as well because
(43:29) it’s hand-in-hand a lot of times yes yeah then there’s there’s a fear of expressing that tends to be there of expressing in any way and so those t those again that story can very easily get tied together of like if i have to dampen my sexuality or if i’m ashamed of my sexuality then i’m ashamed of my my beingness my creativity my expression and all in all realms not always but a lot of times that gets tied together and it’ll get it gets freed up as we start freeing the sexual energy it’s interesting too then when we
(44:09) um go through the stage of being really liberated and we’re just like this is oh there we go when we’re in the in that stage of being liberated and we’re just like this is my body this is who i am i’m you know um i guess you’re stepping into um i don’t even know what i know you do maiden mother and crone and i don’t even know like if if that would be kind of crone-like where you’re kind of um just claiming yourself yeah your wholeness i guess but like unashamedly and just um it’s interesting how if that comes
(44:48) across too liberating to people then they try to bring you back into the shame yeah for some yeah for especially in our culture in america i feel like um that’s really interesting today jade uh posted uh her birthday’s tomorrow um for those of you listening we’re recording this earlier then we’re actually releasing it so don’t wish your happy birthday tomorrow or go ahead uh but she put out a picture today that she’s in her birthday suit you know she’s she’s um smiling and sticking her outer tongue in her
(45:22) birthday suit and someone was trying to you know shame her how dare you post something like this online and this type of thing and it kind of boggles my mind that we are still shaming people for the skin that they’re literally born in yeah i don’t know i don’t know what you know what’s what’s the fight there for us what do we do about that just recognize we’re in a much larger dream and the dream is really shame blame based like there’s a lot of shame there’s a lot of blame and that’s the
(45:54) story and the story is women shouldn’t own their bodies women should be subservient this is an old story but we’re still in the process of untangling it so to recognize that the personal stories that we have this is men and women are much larger stories that are generational stories and we’re you know we’re in a culture that there’s a big story around the main religion whether you’re in the religion or not but christianity there’s a lot of shame around sexuality because it’s not
(46:24) it’s holy to be modest yes but yeah yeah yeah but we’re in this weird duality right because you should be a maiden and you should be modest but you should also be like but you’re the sexual being yeah yeah right so much pressure on us so much contradictory but if you’re still trying to play all sides of it because your judge is going to run around going you know you’re being too modest you really should be a more liberated woman and then you start getting more liberated and you start stepping out more and then your judge
(47:05) and then also you see it on the outside then your judge is like oh my god look at you now like you’re being so [ __ ] and what you see is you’ll start pulling that out of the dream because the dream’s going to reflect both and you’ll start pulling the evidence from the dream even that word [ __ ] it’s like what does that even mean these days it’s not it’s not a word that should even be in the dictionary i mean so we’ve got a long way to go but i’m glad like we’re sitting here having this
(47:34) conversation right now which is proof that we’re on the journey there so it’s all good things yeah and i’m also curious too like with um women feeling liberated or feeling like they can celebrate their bodies or whatever um you know however we want to title that um how it makes their men feel like um they’re having to share you almost or that that um you it almost makes them feel not safe sometimes are with our men that we’re in a relationship with um that’s interesting too and i’m curious
(48:11) um where that comes from for them if that’s just cultural in the story yeah i mean i think that’s a part of the cultural as well there’s probably a piece of bio bio biology in there as well like i think it’s all mixed up together and so that’s for for men and for women that we get to look at what’s biology what’s my training what is what i’ve taken on uh and to really keep parsing it through and realize no being human is complicated yeah the stories that we create are complicated
(48:45) so if we can keep going towards simplicity but also understand there’s complexity so how do we honor the complexity of being human it’s usually not one thing it’s usually multiple things and that’s why we have to untangle them so that we can we can get to the truth yeah yeah okay so you also speak on sacred time management so what does that look like for you creating space we need ease and time for yourself yes this is like foreign to me at this point so what does that look like for you i really discovered this um gosh
(49:24) probably 15 or 20 years ago when i was running a center at a center in berkeley for many years and i realized at a certain point that it was really chaotic like i trained a bunch of teachers like everything that i wanted in my life was happening written my first book teachers were going out around the country teaching you know the work and i was unhappy everybody was super stressed out and i just had to take a step back and go something’s not right here and i let i went on a basically a pilgrimage for a year my husband at the
(49:56) time and i bought a bus and we an rv and we went around the country and i really started stepping back and looking at my relationship with time and how busyness like being effective and busy had gotten the story had gotten tangled with being enough being good enough if i was a good girl i was always busy i was doing things i was productive i was creative and so i started really unwinding that and what i learned from running a lot of experiments and really watching myself was that i could let’s say have a day
(50:28) where i could be super busy during the day and get nothing done and i could have another day where i would just get really quiet in the morning and i’d ground into myself and i’d get centered and i would wait and that the message would come do this and i’d go do it and things would happen like this wow and i’ve i’ve watched that over the years i still will go if through phases for sure where i’m busy but there’s an awareness now of knowing that when you slow down and when you really start listening to spirit to
(50:59) your own inner guidance you can make things happen so much more quickly and synchronistically than putting all the effort in and the old story is the only way you get forward is by efforting right you know there’s a big story around that one yeah yeah it’s a big one yeah and it ties into the not enoughness that we all have right so well i’ll be enough by doing and to get to that point of being enough by just being and you’re still in action like i get so much stuff done but it’s from a really
(51:33) different place now that’s beautiful i mean just in in taking a bath i think you can feel that as an experiment immediately you get in the bath you first of all to get yours to for me to get myself to take a bath it takes a work of god but once i get in this bath i’m reading my book or i’m just sitting there listening to me you know calming music or whatever it is i’m like this is this is something that i will not regret on my deathbed head doing ever you know this is the time that i want to be
(52:05) spending on this planet while i get to have this human experience because it’s beautiful and it’s where i feel the best you know it’s one of the places i feel the greatest so why don’t i make more time for that there is not really a good excuse except for the story this side that i’ve allowed myself to be completely encompassed by and stuck in yeah and to step out of that story and to start finding people that are doing work in a different way so to change a story i think about is you’re ripening the story and it’s just
(52:40) like you’re ripening fruit so if you’re going to ripen fruit you either put it in the sunshine put it in a brown bag or put it next to other fruit so putting in the sunshine for me is you tell the story to someone who’s like sunshine that they just witness you they’re not trying to fix you or change you or blame or go into shame they’re just they witness you and that can that can completely ripen a story to be to tell your story and have someone just receive it brown paper bag means stop telling the
(53:07) story sometimes to write in a story we’re telling it all the time yeah like i ran an experiment with myself to stop saying i’m busy to people yeah it’s really hard to do i’m trying to eliminate the word stress that’s one of my big goals next year this we’re stressed i’m stressed i feel stressed not allowed to say it anymore and it is so hard it’s so hard and that’s for me that’s brown paper bag you stop telling you go and you go inward and let it ripen and it’s uncomfortable
(53:35) but that’s what helps you ripen and then the third way is to be around other right people so if you’re wanting to write in a story around i never have enough time i’m too busy there’s i’m overwhelmed to be around other people that have figured out how to work without being overwhelmed is critical because if you’re just surrounded by people that are all overwhelmed you can’t learn anything new you’re right so i love this magic trick a very simple three steps okay i like it so sit sunshine brown paper
(54:09) brown paper bag another fruit other fruit yes okay so we have a question from the magic mob stacy on instagram asks what are some tips for raising a warrior goddess daughter number one tip do your own work and model what that means to you so that’s the the most important thing is put your focus on yourself so that you’re modeling the qualities you want your daughter to pick up because that’s she’s going to get the energy more than the words kids are so energetically perceptive they mimic what they see they
(54:48) do so be honest so you can it doesn’t mean don’t make mistake it means be honest if you make a mistake clean it up you know same thing you would do with with anyone else and to raise a warrior goddess daughter is to really help her understand her creativity and her strength and how to pick herself after she makes a mistake how to pick herself up after she makes a mistake so you know some so often we mistakenly i think train our daughters that they have to be perfect because we’re trying to be perfect yeah
(55:23) and if you can really show your vulnerability and your mistakes and then celebrate the mistakes my god to raise a kid that celebrates their own mistakes and then keeps going that’s what you want you want resiliency yeah you’re going for resiliency so think about what are the qualities of a warrior goddess that are most important to you yeah and then talk to her about those like what does resiliency mean and you can be really creative about describing resiliency or patience or courage and what that looks like how would you
(55:55) describe a warrior goddess it’s a great question you wrote the book on it so i figure you’re the person to ask so there’s the two qualities why your energy is your focus your clarity your commitment it’s that 100 i’m in i’m going nothing’s getting in my way okay and the goddess energy is opening it’s flow it’s fluidity it’s receptivity it’s it’s i’m going there but how can i have as much pleasure as possible and who can i bring with me we need both of these energies and to
(56:26) understand this is important for raising a warrior goddess daughter as well is that you want to know who she is you want to know who you are so some of us are much more warrior oriented that’s our wiring that’s our essence more warrior a little bit of goddess and some of us are really a lot of goddess and a little bit of warrior and there’s no right or wrong it’s not if i’m 50 warrior and i’m 50 goddess i can chuck it off it’s you’re trying to find what’s your natural state
(56:52) and then find what’s your daughter’s natural state and you might have you know a daughter that’s really warrior and you’re much more goddess and you’re gonna have to navigate how you communicate with her because it’s different communication styles so that’s him not trying to make make like there’s a way to do it there’s finding out what’s your expression and what’s your balance we need both of these energies in our life we need to be skillful in using them as well so essentially it’s two archetypes that
(57:23) balance each other out hopefully and you being able to identify where you reside a lot of the time helps you find ways to balance it as often as possible yeah i’d say that’s true and to honor the balancing is honoring what’s true for you yeah yeah what’s your balance what’s your right blend of those two energies that feels most authentic because we can create shells so if you’re raised if you’re much more goddess but you’re raised in a warrior family you’re gonna take on more warrior
(57:54) qualities and especially women now in corporations it’s very warrior focused it’s starting to change it’s starting to shift and women are now starting to bring in more of the goddess qualities um but right now we’re very warrior focused and a lot of women have really hurt themselves because they’ve gone in of like okay i’ve got to do it this way yeah it’s not their nature yes and i really feel that um even with the what you were saying earlier you know instead of being busy doing get
(58:25) busy being and it feels like the warrior is she’s busy doing and it’s very important because we need to get things done in order to be a progressive people and all these things but we’re so busy doing that that we forget to actually be here and now and be present and allow for all the beauty to happen um for us you know which is what’s happening so i love it yeah thank you for that explanation that helps me absolutely visualize it yeah your goddess training is one of my all-time favorite books and one of the
(58:58) ones i think of you know every now and then when you’re like trying to pull from your toolbox that’s like one that i always am able to pull from and i i think it was three years ago that i read it so um [Music] i’ve i’ve recommended it to so many women and i feel like um you when you read that you really feel it feels attainable it doesn’t feel um out of reach which is so amazing yeah that’s good that’s really my mission is make it practical yeah how do we do this and the real specifics yeah
(59:36) and think about it’s fun to think about warrior energy is if you think about like somebody who’s out hunting whether you’re hunting like truffles or whatever like but that what what goes into the qualities of warrior for me is incredible patience incredible stillness incredible waiting like we’re we’re in an excess of warrior right now excess is the busy and i have to do it but an actual balanced warrior is like super still right right and they wait for the right moment and then they act so that’s coming back into balance it’s
(1:00:13) true that word you know it’s so random but the first time i ever tried to do an ice bath i failed because it was so shocking of course as it is that’s what it does and so then the next time i got in and i was like literally envisioning myself as this aztec warrior like whatever my you know history nice aztec warriors that women that i know are back there somewhere so i’m standing in the ice and i’m like just stealing my breath and trying to just be in this moment not you know in the pain but in the moment like i can do
(1:00:51) this thing and then i did do it and it was i mean it’s a silly accomplishment maybe for someone who’s done a million ice baths but if anyone who hasn’t go and try it you’ll see where you have to pull that warrior out totally it’s perfect it’s perfect and that celebration like my my friend mary knight yesterday and two others serena and lynn we just walked from the basilica i mean from the pyramids in dante i just got back so we were in mexico we walked 25 miles yesterday day before yesterday wow
(1:01:21) to the pilgrimage to the basilica of guadalupe it was her feast day and you know the first 10 miles were like this is awesome this is so great we can do this you know mile 18 it starts to get a little rocky and mile 22 it was brutal i mean the last three miles were so hard and it was so funny because walking with my friend mary we’re in so much pain both of us and we’re laughing our heads off because we’re like listen to us we’re so funny and we’re so dedicated to get there but it was such a beautiful like warrior
(1:01:53) goddess moment of like we’re gonna do this but we don’t have to suffer to do this we can still celebrate funny too it makes you laugh at yourself because you’re like i can’t believe i choose yes to do this like i choose to do this to myself but tribe too having tribe around especially other women is so it just you get there together it’s huge yeah it’s i want to bring back um you know moon cycle caves or something you know the place where we all go together and just cackle and do what we need to do
(1:02:28) cackle the next moon [Laughter] all right heather there are short questions we’d like to ask everyone who comes on the show which you answered for us last time so it’ll be fun to see what you got for us this time around if you could hug your younger self right now what would you say the first thing that comes to me you rock girl yeah how old was she like six or seven that’s six that’s yeah i love that if you could have the whole world read one book which would it be um probably the four agreements that’s
(1:03:05) what you said last time yeah yeah staple yeah staple yes if you could whisper one phrase to everyone on the planet what would you say you are loved yes thank you for that now and thank you for that when i need to hear it again later i’ll replay before we let you go where can people find you online website is heatherashamamara.
(1:03:34) com and then all the social media so instagram facebook all places twitter fantastic and all the books are on audible yes and i just read this is the first time i got to read one of my own books so the warrior heart practice is in my voice that’s so cool yay i love that yeah you have been as jade was describing with her you know the last three years using your your books and your work as tools to guide her um that’s the same for me the the work you’ve done has been such a guiding light just being on our show last time
(1:04:11) around in the conversation you had with us has been such a guiding light um and people come up to us all the time and say heather ash really had something that was special to me you know and then they usually go and read your works as well and so you are just being such a light and i’m so thankful that you’ve come on our show again and shared that with us again and thank you for existing yeah thank you both so much it’s always such a delight to come on your show and play with you and celebrate and thank you for all the good
(1:04:39) work that you’re both doing thank you and thank you for my little mini session today i promise yes all over my face but i’m so glad for it and i know a lot of our listeners love um eric gotti show the myths that make us heather ash’s show um she kind of leads through people through it’s kind of a very similar practice it’s it is different but it’s what she did with mercedes but it’s on her show and she’s aired a couple episodes so far you mean similarly because she pulls a story out that you have been holding on
(1:05:12) to and has been creating your really past present and future or will continue to if you don’t and they’re all very relatable so they’re touching and moving really beautiful stuff yeah so thank you yeah thank you all right heather yay cool thank you so much for coming on again so um i know last time i emailed serena the videos that we made um so we’ll do that again we’ll email serena or sarah we’ll email them both i guess the okay the promo videos that we make and it’ll air um about a week after your book releases
(1:05:49) so it’ll be perfect timing so yeah great good and i’ll send you guys both i just got my first ah i just got the copies of the duplicates awesome yay yes yes i have your address i don’t think mercedes i don’t think i have your address though okay i’ll send it over i just got your email for sending you this um link so i’ll send it after okay okay okay perfect thank you so much all right thank you heather much love to you bye bye okay um all right so exactly she just got off i always wait for you tonight that’s
(1:06:25) what happened [Music] whenever i go straight into it and you break character one of them character um sat in on one of your therapy sessions i know you really did i was uh i still i can’t get them at first of all this mascara is good stuff it really stuck on there uh but i mean it didn’t it leaked down my face and then i stuck underneath i tried to wipe it off my screen at one point [Laughter] thanks for trying to wipe my tears you know sweetie no that’s powerful stuff she’s got some real medicine in that practice that
(1:07:05) she’s built i know that for anyone listening you know it’s of course different when you’re experiencing it yourself but i think you can even just see how those steps if you do allow yourself to go through those steps you can pull out some real truth of the stories that you’re running the old background scripts you’re running and do some self-healing um you know i think i actually heard her on one of her shows say that she has a pdf i think on her website where you can just print out the little method and write it all out for
(1:07:33) yourself so yeah and it’s i’m sure that half of our listeners didn’t feel chosen by one of their parents so you know when you listen to someone else’s story if you’re like brought to tears or if you’re moved a lot of times we think it’s empathy but it’s als a lot of times it’s because the story resonates with us and exactly it’s it’s touching a part of us that we you know need to look at as well yeah yeah if it triggered you or made you feel any certain way maybe that’s
(1:08:01) somewhere to start looking but i’m sure like i said if you just just try her her system whatever comes up is going to be something you need to look at so just start there so what do you have for a magic trick today okay well if i hadn’t had enough crying and today then maybe this will pull out the rest um my magic trick is something that is very personal to me because well we’ve made a promise on the show to share very vulnerably with our magic mob especially if it’s something that might in any way be helpful to someone else so
(1:08:34) i’m going to share it um what it is is to write a letter to any ex of yours that you feel may have been done wrong by you um so as an example i’m gonna read the letter that i recently wrote to my ex whom while we were together i was not my best self and he suffered because of that um okay so i titled it thank you for being a light in my life and it reads dear ex so-and-so whose name will be unnamed i suppose that since it’s been more than seven years since we parted ways this letter is way overdue i hope it finds you somewhere in your
(1:09:14) life where you’re full to the brim i’m writing to say how dreadfully sorry i am for any hurt i caused you i want you to know that in any of the ways i might have made you feel you were to blame for any of the strife in our relationship i was wrong you are the only person i’ve ever known to this day who is so so solidly in his mind and body that light radiates from you that light shines sometimes too brightly on the wounds of others the wounds that they are trying to conceal instead of heal and that was me
(1:09:49) i was of course unconscious of my wounds as they’d been with me for the better part of my life but the ways in which i blamed you for the lack of passion between us or the places that i’d point out where i wanted you to be more or where i wanted you to be less in actuality were my own shortcomings blaming you for all the things wrong in me was easier than owning my [ __ ] and finding a way to heal my wounds i deeply regret dragging you through my traumas they weren’t your responsibility to muddle through
(1:10:20) i want to thank you though for always i want to thank you though for the ways in which you shone your light so brightly that it made me uncomfortable because although it took several years for me to see it clearly your character assured me that people like you do exist which gave me the hope to be able to find more balance in my life and continue striving toward becoming a better more whole human so even though this letter may come to you as an apology i hope it also holds the message of how grateful i am that
(1:10:49) you were and still are a part of my life i hold you dearly in my heart as one of my most important teachers thank you for being a shining star on this planet and for helping to light my way your presence here matters and this world is so much better for it i wish you all of the love happiness and peace thank you i’m sorry i love you mercedes um i love the way you ended it it’s like the hopo honopono it was interesting when i wrote it i had put in my you know to-do list that i wanted to write it for probably years
(1:11:30) and and had been in the back of my mind that i should do something like that for even earlier than that but one day i was feeling some sort of way i think it was probably where my hormones were at mixed with you know something happening in my household that kind of stirred up where i needed to really address my old story you know like my old way of being and blaming others and um blaming others for the way i felt um and so i just picked up my phone and said you know what i’m gonna write this right now i feel like this is just like the time
(1:12:09) it’s going to flow out of me and i wrote it probably within just a few minutes it just came exactly yeah word for word out of me and it was so if you ever are feeling like you know what i really need to get that cleared because you feel that you were a bad person at some place you know you were someone you were not you’d not be proud of in the past write the letter even if you don’t have somewhere to send it write it get it out of your body because i think it really can be healing yeah i agree even if even if you don’t send it
(1:12:43) um and it just kind of opens your eyes to what the story is i guess exactly and i think you can like for me it’s like this is a circumstance where i felt i was being a shitty person but also you could write a letter that you wish the person that was shitty to you would write into you or would have ever written to you or said to you kind of to self-heal because that’s kind of that’s all we have is ourselves at the end of the day we are the ones who have to be responsible for the way we feel so if there’s a way that
(1:13:16) you can you know adjust that in your brain and help yourself heal from it by self-love like that writing yourself the letter you needed to have i think that that helps as well yeah what’s your magic today jay so mine i pulled from heather ash’s new book the warrior heart practice and it’s a practice to do before you do the four heart the four chambers that um uh and the warrior practices that she did with you yeah okay um so if you were going to you know pull up her pdf or if you were going to listen back to the
(1:13:51) questions she asked mercedes or the questions on her own show if you were going to do that for yourself which we highly recommend of course this is a practice in her book that um you’re invited to do prior um and so she has something called the big soul in the little soul and like basically the big soul is wisdom and the little soul is fear um so before you move into the four chambers of the warrior heart practice she asks that you take a few moments to just write in a journal to help you uncover the little soul stories that
(1:14:25) you’re telling yourself in the first place so that you are able to do the warrior art practice and um she has questions to guide you and she asks that you just answer without thinking like don’t uh you know put too much thought into it just see what comes up and see what you learn about both your foundational agreements and the walls that your little soul has created to feel safe so these are the questions um you can listen back to journal or you can just see what comes up when you hear them what sort of experiences do you find
(1:14:59) happening in your life over and over again what beliefs or agreements did you learn from your parents how do you feel about yourself how do you feel about the world what things do you judge about yourself the most how do you judge others and what beliefs or agreements are limiting you and i feel like this is kind of like an imago exercise for when if you were to write these answers down just what comes up immediately and then read back over them you can kind of see how they all kind of go hand in hand and correlate so
(1:15:49) um so yeah like what the first word is that comes up for each one type of thing because they’re big broad questions and they feel overwhelming if you think too hard on them yeah and and um asking yourself how you judge yourself and then asking yourself how you judge the world right it’s probably pretty similar you know so yeah those are powerful i had my eyes closed while you were asking them and i could see just like as soon as you’d say it even though my my logical mind’s like well that’s a big
(1:16:21) question let me think about that let me put all these you know things together for it but i could also hear a word coming up for me for each one that was pretty concise so i think if you just write that down and see whatever that means that’s a good place to start if anyone felt like that’s too big of a question to ask yeah um yeah i love answering questions though that that all of a sudden it gives the light bulb and the other like like once you see it on paper and you’re like all these answers go
(1:16:46) together yes it’s a story it’s a story that’s repeating yeah and you and you’re stuck in it and that’s the beauty is that you can get yourself unstuck you have the tools guys you can rewrite your own story yes we love you we want you to do that let’s all make it muddle through this [ __ ] together sink the pain for positive gain all right fam before we sign off i want to remind you we got a little giveaway going on for our magic mob basically all you have to do is leave us a rating and
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(1:18:18) to know what’s lighting you up yes and we release a new episode every monday so you can catch us again next week or go listen to some of our past episodes in our podcast library now including heatherash amara our guest today’s episode with us um last time around until then guys thank you to at rayton royal for our intro jam and the john aaron garza from real in motion productions for producing the show stay magical friends do you want to do the intro again one more time yeah i thought you didn’t like it this week
(1:18:54) oh you did yeah but let’s just do it and we’ll have it okay hello and welcome boys and babes to the magic hour podcast a place where we navigate through life’s peaks and valleys with all the vulnerability and shamelessness we can muster with the help of world-class guests from all walks of life we uncover new truths and valuable tools for manifesting our highest potential i’m your host mercedes terrell along with my partner in shine jade rice hey you guys so if you’ve been listening since the start of the show you’ve
(1:19:33) likely heard our previous interview with today’s guest which was all the way back episode number three she’s had a new book come out since then which we’ll pick her brain on today yes i can’t believe it’s already been a year since we last interviewed her um i don’t know about you jade actually i do know about you the conversations we’ve had in the last year here though have as we’ve talked about completely reshaped who we are um i know that at least speaking for myself i i’d like to say i’m a different person i
(1:20:04) don’t know why that doesn’t seem humble at all when i say that but look that is true i’m a much better human at this point hopefully i’m getting even better um and i’m just ready for all the knowledge and wisdom that the new year has to to offer us and especially our guest today she’s always got some beautyful stuff to say on the show and to offer us some truths so let’s get her on jade yes today’s guest is the best-selling author of warrior goddess training and the warrior goddess wisdom
(1:20:35) series awaken your inner fire the little book of big freedom in her most recent book the warrior heart practice which is a simple process to transform confusion into clarity and pain into peace over the past 15 years she has taught workshops and apprenticeships traveling the world working with women to integrate the feminine wisdom of the ancients into their modern lives the heart of ammar’s teaching stems from her long toll tech apprenticeship and teaching partnership with don miguel ruiz author of the four agreements
(1:21:07) she says when we bring our attention back to discovering who we are on the inside not who we wish we were or who we think we should be we begin a sacred path of transformation toward our innate authentic embodied power she teaches us all how to be the heroine of our story and not the victim heather ash thank you for being a tool in so many women’s transformations helping us wake up to the beautiful goddess within all of us welcome back to the magic hour okay stop on the recording i didn’t record on audacity so it’s
(1:21:44) gonna have to be yeah zoom anyway um i’ll send you mine you don’t have to because we can’t cut it with yours that’s true so it doesn’t matter won’t even save it then