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#106 Living mask free, & surrendering the outcome w/ Michael Brody-Waite

As a student of addiction who’s realigned his own life in order to better serve, Michael Brody-Waite specializes in teaching others to live “mask-free”, both as a business leadership mentor, as a new father, loving husband, as a thriving entrepreneur and CEO of The Nashville Entrepreneur Center, AND as the author to his radical new book: Great Leaders Live Like Drug Addicts. He is a man who is handing us the crow bar and showing us how to torque the mask we’ve been wearing, up and off, giving us the FREEDOM to be who we truly are! 


In this episode we discuss: 


•what it means to be wearing a mask


•Gossip as a form of wearing a mask and people pleasing


•Why some addicts recover and some don’t


•why addicts have an advantage on the rest of us when it comes to living mask free?


•having difficult conversations 


•surrendering the outcome 


•“action over insight”


•how the ability to remove our masks makes us better leaders


Book recommendations: 

The gifts of imperfection by brene brown 

Daring greatly by brene brown 

Great leaders live like drug addicts by Michael Brodie-Waite 

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Mon, 14 Jun 2021 12:15:00 GMT

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