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#95 Evoking a Conscious Masculine Man, Feeling the Yearn, & Mindful Money w/ Energy Coach: Maddy Moon

Gracing us with her presence for a second time, Masculine/Feminine Energy Coach: Maddy Moon walks us through how to stop waiting for a “conscious masculine man” and instead she empowers us on how to evoke the desire within your partner to show up as his highest self. She teaches us to “be so present that anything conscious can’t help but be consciously aware of you”, by mindfully polarizing your sexual energy in order to attract its opposite. As we journey deeper into this episode we dig into how we can allow our vision of the divine to fill the god-sized void we as feminine bodied creatures are constantly craving to have fully satisfied. And as we wind down this conversation we touch on the importance of humor, playtime, and pleasure practices, before tasting some of Maddy’s delicious wisdom around Conscious Money and her very own rituals for financial abundance.

Book recommendation

-The Gene Keys by Richard Rudd

MAJic Tricks:

-Meditation to Connect to the Divine Masculine

-Stop Saying “I’m Sorry”

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Mon, 15 Mar 2021 12:15:00 GMT