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Gracing us with her presence for a second time, Masculine/Feminine Energy Coach: Maddy Moon walks us through how to stop waiting for a “conscious masculine man” and instead she empowers us on how to evoke the desire within your partner to show up as his highest self. She teaches us to “be so present that anything conscious can’t help but be consciously aware of you”, by mindfully polarizing your sexual energy in order to attract its opposite. As we journey deeper into this episode we dig into how we can allow our vision of the divine to fill the god-sized void we as feminine bodied creatures are constantly craving to have fully satisfied. And as we wind down this conversation we touch on the importance of humor, playtime, and pleasure practices, before tasting some of Maddy’s delicious wisdom around Conscious Money and her very own rituals for financial abundance.

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-The Gene Keys by Richard Rudd

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majic hour episode #95 transcription


greetings boys and babes it’s the magic hour a place where we navigate through life’s peaks and valleys with all the vulnerability and shamelessness we can muster with the help of world-class guests from all walks of life we uncover new truths and valuable tools for manifesting our highest potential i’m your host mercedes tarot along with my partner in shine j price hi you guys today we are having someone on that has made such an impact in my life through her work i have become more unapologetically myself and i have


learned to love with more grace i have learned to keep my heart open when i get triggered to withhold it and she truly is just such a walking permission slip and the more i work with her the more i become the same yes i still think about our last episode with her two years ago i can’t believe it’s been two years already and thinking about all the growth that’s happened since then and being able to talk with her again today from this new place is pretty exciting i feel like both you and i jade are totally


different people now um you already know this but her soul being both really old and quite young at the same time somehow allows her to access wisdom beyond the present society and catalyze it into digestible earthy knowledge for modern women and men this woman is a soul igniter and a devoted teacher her podcast mind body musings is ranked in the top 50 of all self-help itunes podcast yup her mission is to help women and men unify all parts of themselves including feminine and masculine light and dark introvert and extrovert and finally flow


and go teaching us all to marry our innate feminine energies with our masculine guidance please help me welcome one of our favorite love queens to the magic hour mrs maddie moon good job alright guys i’m recording all right and we are so thrilled to welcome one of our favorite love queens maddie moon to the magic hour hi thank you so much for having me yeah we’re so excited yeah we are stoked to see your face again we are both uh well we’re already big fans of you of course but we both are in your women’s group or


i guess it’s kind of ending now the cc society but transitioning yes transitioning so good to see you both in there though yeah yeah so speaking of that and us following you there’s a post that kind of pushed jade and i over the edge and made us say we got to talk to you again um and it was the one where you invited us to stop waiting for a conscious masculine man to take you where you want to go so let’s talk about what inspired this perspective in you um yeah a lot of things um it’s specifically that post was inspired from


hearing my girlfriends wanting a conscious man because when they get a conscious man then they will feel themselves be [ __ ] open to god right meeting that space where sexuality meets spirituality and no man is ever going to deliver that to you and i’m all about feminine and masculine polarity in relationship like certainly when i’m with a conscious masculine partner my feminine is deepened and that doesn’t come without me first learning how my masculine is the one that does that and holds that for me it’s not


actually a masculine that’s outside of me it’s it’s within me and then feeling the presence of another masculine partner who is doing his own work in this world simply deepens it and certainly like i’ve had partners in my life that have been conscious and and masculine and and showed me tantric breath work that opened me up and really brilliant deep safe beautiful nourishing ways and um that is a huge lie that so many women i’m noticing are buying into is that it’s it’s that that’s what’s needed is


like meeting that conscious man in order to access those parts of themselves that get deeply penetrated deeply open deeply spiritual and it’s just a way you’re withholding that’s really what it is it’s you withholding your pleasure your ability to open it’s you creating excuses that he’s not where he should be so therefore i won’t be open all right yeah or just on to the next even or whatever the way that you decide to avoid doing your own stuff and looking at your own stuff so if if you were in a partnership


though and you feel the difference when you’re with a partner and you feel like your feminine is maybe a little bit more suppressed rather than like more awokened or more like expansive i would say like you feel like the contraction instead of the expansion um what would you say what would you say to a woman that’s like feeling that you would say that it it’s something that she needs to cultivate in herself or it is something that she can bring to her partner and ask him to meet her there so you’re asking if if a woman is


feeling if a woman is with a partner who is more in his feminine what does she do or maybe just maybe he’s just not leading he’s not he’s not being that conscious masculine and meeting her in like the depths of intimacy that she wants to meet him in um and but she also feels that her like feminine is i don’t feel this way currently but i felt this way in the past so i wanted to ask she also feels like when she’s in his presence and her feminine is more contracted instead of expansive like she feels smaller instead of more


fully herself and his presence so with that perspective that you just you just brought up would that be something that she would need to work on in her own practice or is that something that she needs to work on in her relationship um well i’d say both so there’s two different layers to this um the first one is how can you open regardless like this is this is the biggest practice the second is going to be a great practice too that i will share or more like a something to consider but the first one is if if love could not be


lost how then would you act maybe you’ve been with this person for 13 years and they’ve seen you be one way for so long and you’re now interested in this polarity world you’re interested in revealing your feminine more but you’re scared that your partner will judge you for opening up in these really new ways what if love could not be lost and only gained only more of yourself will be discovered through this process of revealing different parts of yourself like i have clients who come to me who


have been married for a while for a while and and i’m giving them assignments to do that are just like way out of their comfort zone and one of the first thoughts is what is my partner going to think about this this is going to be weird you’re withholding though if you continue to let that story run the show of how open you are and how expressive because most feminine primarily feminine beings want to be relentlessly open like wild free and it doesn’t mean necessarily that your god is dancing around a fire naked


that’s not what it is it’s more that you are um expressive you know like that’s what it is like i i have so much i have so much love for expression because we as women have dulled our expression a lot for different reasons like maybe your father just really looked down on an expression and called it crazy or too emotional or maybe it’s the corporate world or maybe it’s that our our expression was one time seen by a very untrustable person who then took advantage of it because he wanted a piece of that


beautifulness right there’s a lot of reasons why tender vulnerable women have shut down their expressiveness but now as we get older as we we learn how to create um containers and we have safety and structure and we’re financially independent we’re safe to open we’re safe to express so we have to re-teach our bodies how to open so that’s number one and and that means oftentimes to your question jade out feminining your man because we live in a world where women are are hyper masculine and a lot of men


are hyper feminine they are scared to take the lead they are scared primarily because many women expect them to do it perfectly because we can lead so well we can lead so well and many men are scared by that and because we can lead so well it we have chronic and this is an issue that we as women need to start paying attention to we have chronic disapproval and so they’ve already lost before they’ve even tried because we can make the reservation for 7 p.


m and we won’t [ __ ] it up for tuesday night yeah it’s easy but he might forget might make it eight i don’t know it’s just it’s there’s a thing that’s going on i’ve noticed where it women are already upset with their partner because they can do it better and faster and quicker and it’s another way that we’re simply withholding even withholding our gratitude i want to know that issue that for sure i’ve experienced in my own relationships over and over and that’s been a pattern for me and it’s been a


pattern to be the leader and then to be disappointed when he doesn’t show up to be the leader which obviously isn’t reasonable from my uh you know what i’m asking isn’t reasonable of him what is it that’s happening for women growing up i think you spoke to a little bit there and for men growing up that’s putting us in these two polar positions that are not necessarily um in alignment with with the the energy we want to embody so if we’re a woman we don’t grow you know we don’t


grow up in a situation where we become very feminine women or for a man we don’t grow up to become very masculine men a lot of the time because we many reasons but it all comes down to our um our shadows and what we’re afraid to look like so i’ll give a great example um i don’t mean to have a whole bunch of gender stereotypes here but i am a feminine masculine teacher i teach men and women primarily so that’s the kind of verb that i’m going to be using here um but at all different genders and all


different relationships this same polarity works i’m just using these pronouns for simplicity um so a lot of women are hyper masculine because of it could be so many different reasons like religion or they watch their this is a great example they watch their mother and their father’s relationship and it was toxic so you’re a little girl and you’re watching your parents and daddy brings home the bacon mom doesn’t have any financial responsibility or power because she stays at home and she’s a stay-at-home


mom she’s a housewife she’s raising the kids and dad then has all the power let’s say dad actually is deeply wounded himself and he doesn’t have a support system because he’s a man and he was told not to cry and not to feel his feelings and he was raised in that toxic masculine environment so he doesn’t even know how to handle his own feelings so he takes out his anger on mom and on the kids and so you as a kid you’re growing up and you’re watching oh men have power and money and that they are not to be


trusted women who don’t have money or power will end up being beaten and hurt and abused i’m going to grow up and i’m going to make a whole bunch of money and i’m never going to rely on a man ever so this girl grows up she gets a corporate job she climbs the ladder she becomes ceo she’s not very expressive because expressive equals very vulnerable um even if it’s just like pleasure like that’s scary don’t show it um she ends up kind of repelling a lot of the good men because she’s the masculine so all the


men that that all the men who really could take care of her aren’t really attracted to her because they want to conquer something with love like the good conscious men and they want to protect their woman and and keep her safe but if she’s so hardened that they’re going to be like i want to find a softer being to love on and it’s fine that she is she’s tough and it’s fine she’s a strong masculine that’s good we’re not trying to trade that in we’re actually trying to add have have as much of us available as


possible so that woman in this example who is very relatable to a lot of us what her deepest fear is is to be seen as the housewife right as the housewife who doesn’t make money and that’s going to determine how she acts in the world how she walks how she talks how she answers a phone call how she takes a sip of water everything she does will be lived through the archetype of strong independent woman you’ll feel it in her presence so the deepest healing for her if she wants to learn how to come back home to her


feminine it’s for her to look at how do i relentlessly adopt welcome in the archetype of devotional housewife for fun that’s the beautiful thing she’s not submissive by force she doesn’t have to do that no one’s in charge of her so she’s actually empowered to make the choice to welcome in the part of her that could be barefoot and pregnant the part of her that could stay at home and make pasta and food for her husband and greet him at the door it’s playing with the energy and bringing it in because only once she


starts to realize that oh yeah there’s a part of me that can be devotional housewife through love and through empowerment only then will she actually be empowered because her life is is being lived currently in reaction not in response and reaction in reaction to i can’t look like a housewife i can’t look like i’m repressed i can’t look like so everything she does all of her choices the men she dates is in reaction rather than in response yeah so when we dig out these old narratives doing our


shadow work or whatever modality you want to use to get there we can identify where we’re afraid to identify like we’re literally afraid to identify with the housewife or for me it was like the nurturing mother um you know places where we saw vulnerable and we didn’t want to be seen as that way so because of an old narrative so when we can what i’m hearing from you is when we can finally delineate what those narratives are we get to release them or choose if we’re going to keep carrying them or release


them but when we finally become aware we get the choice to rewrite it there’s just there’s more of us available to love too yeah to be loved and to love like my partner gets to love my my like my like fire breathing dragon but also my cute little fun my powerful empowered business owner but then also like my submissive sacred [ __ ] like you know i can be dominated and i can dominate so many of us human beings walk around with just like this is who i am that’s it and anything outside of that scares them triggers them makes them


reactive it’s just not a way to live yeah you know agreed i think i call it full spectrum living is where you know the goal is so as much as you can be why not do all of it while you’re here open to all of it stay open stay open um i did want to bring back around just jade’s question as well because you said something that i have actually written down here in my notes that um maybe jade you were pulling on the thread when you were asking that question about how to evoke the desire in your partner to finally


stand up you know and become the masculine man that you’re you’re wanting to pull into your life or attract into your life and that he probably wants to also embody himself um yeah like what is the right way i get like quote you know right way to evoke that maddie has a quote that i literally wrote down that says be so present that anything conscious can’t help but be consciously aware of you so matty you want to pull on that at all yeah well i’d love to hear i’d actually love to hear an example from one of y’all


um and then i’ll work from there an example of where like what’s something you want to evoke what’s a what’s a property equality that you want to evoke um it could be in your specific partner or like yeah actually you’re in your partner maybe a place where you feel you take charge too much and you or he doesn’t take charge enough yeah so for me it would be like leadership like we were talking about where i can be so forward and um like i don’t procrastinate so you know what i mean so it’s like as soon as the thing


is is on the docket i’m like okay do that thing and and it’s right away where it doesn’t give him enough space sometimes to even try to lead if he was going to like there’s never been a chance so um yeah i don’t know if that helps at all but bringing up that leadership what’s it what’s an example of even something more specific like maybe you had um papers that needed to be signed for the two of you in an apartment you were gonna rent or um something else that you you wouldn’t procrastinate on yeah okay so well we


could talk about the house thing because you brought it up but just as another example would be um doing couples work together couples therapy together like i’m huge on using therapy talk therapy especially as a modality for healing and i know he’s open to that but then when we have a conversation about it it would be like i mean we’ve worked through a lot of these things we’ve been married for eight years so you know we worked through a lot of these things but that was a huge thing for me like i


wanted him to take the initiative to then find the therapist and for us you know like or even for himself to do his own work i don’t want to be the person who feels like a mother pulling him along like i always say i don’t feel like your mom pulling you through ikea because i know that was a thing he hated doing when he was younger and i don’t want to be his mom it’s not sexy yeah so i’m thinking actually of a very simple example for this and we can go we could do another example for something


that would be more artistic but for this one particularly what i would say is it’s it’s quite simple it’d be more um maybe i i love so much when you take initiative around around therapy and healing it’s really beautiful kiss that’s it you walk away so there’s a certain level of detachment you have to have of whether or not he does it or not and as my teacher john weiland always says you have to hold the pose you have to be holding the post simply like if you’re doing yoga and you’re


holding a pose until the teacher says it’s time to transition you have to do that with your praise so if you want to evoke within him the desire to be a leader in y’all’s your therapy sessions or your together healing praise the [ __ ] out of him even when he doesn’t do it i mean that is the way of the future is we’re getting rid of punishment being a thing that we use anymore at all gone we have to be determined to let go of punishment which requires immense generosity and willingness major willingness this is the path of


the willing of joan of our level willing um and so for him like because that this is this is um this is not so much this is a little more challenging to evoke than doing the dishes or something like that where like this is psychologically infused there’s some resistance in him to probably getting help getting help for the two of you so there’s more involved there and it it will take like a little bit more directness of the praise of just baby i love so much when you when you book our therapy sessions thank


you kissing him and and if he doesn’t you being someone who’s very clear on what you want i i would encourage you to to do it or to do it with him and leave any punishment or any resentment for him not doing it in the past all gone you just do it because this is ultimately what you want right it’s what you want this is the thing that you want and you have to own that that you want this maybe he doesn’t want it as much as you do but you do and that’s all that matters so you own your own desire for having


therapy which also includes owning the experience of booking the sessions as you praise him for when he does especially when he does if he does book it i mean that’s one of the biggest mistakes women make is that they don’t praise afterwards after they finally get what they want why do you think that’s so hard crazy because it feels hard for me it makes me feel mean but it’s very no it’s very challenging it’s very challenging because that we have the thoughts in our head well it was that so hard right you know should have


done it anyway yeah should have done it anyways like that’s just more for me i think if i i think in my head it’s like well if i praise him he’ll stop trying i think yeah in that interesting so it just that’s something very it brings a curiosity to me because it’s not just you that’s you’re reflecting something of our culture is of if we get praised we’ll stop doing the thing so let’s just keep punishing that’s how our society has worked as a whole and that’s why it’s so good we’re having


this conversation because it’s making us take a double look at like wait a minute that doesn’t make any sense to be praised for something is leading is leading us to think that it won’t happen anymore because they just got love right that’s crazy love is actually the greatest motivator yeah there’s this um are you all familiar with omroupani yeah oh right here okay great that’s mirabai but you probably have it there somewhere yeah it’s right okay go ahead yeah yeah that um omropani talks about how


weird have y’all talked about this in the podcast before the green light red light no okay so he has a chapter about how every man has a green light well they have a light in them and it either goes green or goes red and if his love is turning on the red light by saying i should have done it anyways or not rewarding after he does the thing his light’s gonna go red and he’s gonna think to himself and this might sound harsh but it’s true he’s gonna think why am i with her like i’m not like i’m this is chronic


disapproval yeah i just did the thing she wanted and i feel like [ __ ] i need to go find a woman who makes me feel like a king you know and it’s the same thing for women i’m focusing a lot about what we as women are responsible for but it’s the same thing like if a man is constantly turning on our red light in our body we’re gonna be like why am i with him he makes me feel like [ __ ] yeah and what does that look like because a lot of our followers are men so i’d love to get just the other


perspective as well let me think of personal examples because i’ve been with yeah i’ve been with people who have it’s all different you know maybe we all three can can share what what yeah red lights are whenever we are with someone um typically it feels for me it’s a lack of communication i get a red light when i speak my my thoughts or it could be something super simple i just speak sometimes i just speak and i’m met with a heart closure resistance the most painful thing for me is is a complete


shutdown because i am so full spectrum that if my shadow side my darkness my like kinkiness let’s just use that example if my kinkiness makes my my partner at the time whoever he is maybe a bumble date that i’ve been seeing for a while feel really uncomfortable because he’s not used to to you know choking or he’s not used to spanking because that’s that’s asking him to enter a place that he’s uncomfortable he’s the good guy if he relates to being a good guy and all of a sudden he has this


beautiful woman in front of him saying choke me he’s going to be like i can’t because remember men are now being feminized they’re more feminine and so them entering their primalness is going to feel scary if they haven’t welcomed that part of themselves in so the thing for me i turn into a red light whenever if that person that i’m with just completely shuts down and shuts me out then i’m kind of or shames me even more shames me for my openness and my sexuality you know their shame or um


definitely gaslighting like obviously that’s a huge one if like turning it back around calling like you’re making up or you’re crazy or you’re hearing something that i never said that’s a major major one i’m never gonna be with someone who turns on that red light and makes me feel like oh i’m the crazy one because i’m not do you all have ones yeah the the book i was reaching for was pre-prerequisites to ecstasy was the one that um he wrote omrapani right um yeah that that makes sense um


[Music] does that mean they answer your question mercedes about how the men do it well matty’s asking if we have examples in our lives i think mine would be something around like my husband is ha you know i say he’s fairly securely attached but he has an avoidant tendency as well and i have an anxious tendency attachment style um and so whenever he does things to escape essentially which is what i call it you know whatever that is where he goes away or he goes away mentally or you know he finds different ways to escape whether


physically or mentally spiritually all the things i feel abandoned and that’s a closure for me i mean maybe that’s too esoteric maybe it’s too far out there but yeah so i mean to bring it into like context it’s like hey um you want to go on a hike this saturday and they answer me oh well the waves are probably going to be good so i’m going to go surf so like before even which is okay but like if i if i get into the place of i’m feeling like he’s doing it because he doesn’t want to actually be around me


maybe we’re not in a good place at that moment or i don’t know but for me it’s like if it feels like he’s going to shut down connection with me and choose something else if the something else is especially not um healthy i guess surfing’s not a good example because it’s pretty that’s a pretty great thing to go do i could choose to go to the beach or whatever with him but if he chooses to go do something that is not gonna it’s gonna be toxic for him in the long run over being with me then it triggers me


into this old wound of like i’m feeling um abandoned i’m feeling like he’s choosing something over me and part of that is my work to do so i understand that but also um this is a tendency of his this happens over and over and over so i know it’s also a thing where he wants to get away because he’s feeling like it’s going to be too intimate of a situation and he doesn’t want to get into that zone this is stuff we work on in therapy so yeah i don’t know is that bring anything else yeah i want to pause on


that because that’s this is really good we can work with this to bring more um texture to what we’re talking about here with yeah so i’ve been i’ve been reading it a lot recently i i’m very familiar with anxious attachment styles and avoid it and i think um if we reframed them it’s actually feminine and masculine yeah huge aha moment like realizing how similar they are it’s it’s truly just feminine and masculine because the feminine in all of us is a black hole for more and more closeness and love and


intimacy the feminine in all of us is like a glutton for love and it’s never [ __ ] enough yeah the core of the feminine she wants everything and all of us men or women and then the masculine in all of us is um it’s it’s consciousness it’s time it’s it’s space and what the masculine’s biggest desire in is in all of us is to be free of burden gone free of burden avoidance taking a break that’s all of us so like that’s why so many of us connect deeply with meditation we sit we close our eyes


we leave for a bit we’re gone we go into the part of us that’s never changed we go in nothingness we drool we drop our heads we lose ourself it’s so nice it’s bliss it’s death the masculine’s deepest desire basically is to die right you ever just want to crawl into a hole and never come out yeah that’d be easier you know that’s the masculine on all of us so whereas your feminine goes i want closeness come to me because you’re primarily even if you relate to being a go-getter you know


across the t’s death eyes you’re primarily feminine because you want more intimacy and love you’re you’re an anxious attacher and he sounds like he’s primarily a masculine being if he craves to go out and surf just like my teacher john ryland does that’s his main thing is to go and surf just that he and he’s in the feminine when he does that he your partner’s in the feminine in water when he does that and it helps ground in his own masculine so instead of so i just want to really okay pause there


because that’s really cool like any time that we are in relationship with people and we’re like i’m anxious he’s a void and actually you’re feminine he’s masculine great that’s exactly what we wanted so it’s good and i love that reframe because it’s kind of a a nice twist on it to realize oh actually we have all the ingredients for polarity so a typical response might be for for you or for any of anybody else listening to this shutdown you know if you are hurt that he chooses that over you


or if you know how most women would react in the world today they shut down they don’t say how it actually makes them feel they repress it or they explode it you always go surfing or fine whatever it’s one of the other for a lot of people not saying you but for a lot of people that’s it’s either repression or explosion very first stage as david data calls it it’s first stage it’s just like closed-hearted and it’s not the it’s a disservice to your connection above all it’s not honorable to repress how you


feel it’s actually terrible it’s really detrimental to the relationship and so many women think i’ll just i’ll just hold back my i’ll just hold back that that hurts my feelings because that’s the best thing to do for the relationship it’s not it’s [ __ ] killing your relationship because you’re creating resentment and he doesn’t have a chance to help it so the second option would be the second stage of communication around this would be for you to say oh but i really wanted to hang out with you


i really want to hang out with you it’s tender it’s truthful it’s soft i really wanted to see you and it’s also quite simple i really wanted to spend time together kiss that’s it and um it’s it’s truthful and it’s um sovereign and it’s like it’s talking so while it’s lovely and it’s where a lot of people should try to be at it’s not hot so what if we could find a way to reveal our truth your truth in this instance is i want time with you i don’t want you to go out


surf like that’s the heart of your truth what if you could reveal that while also creating sexual attraction that’s polarity so you can artfully begin to discover ways to reveal your truth to him that you want him to stay by embracing some of these shadow sides so um for example five stage klinger archetype you could play with that he says i’m gonna go surfing and you just drop to his feet and you hold on to his legs and you go no i’m never letting you go ever ever ever i’m a five-stage clinger


and you kind of create this whole artistic piece out of it blown out of proportion like really you have to stick to it you have to commit to the theater of it and it’s it’s that’s when we go back to the question of evoking that’s what evoking that’s how evoking happens is when we actually create art out of what what it is that we want or how it is that we feel we end up evoking within them oh my god she’s so cute she’s doing this thing i’ve never seen her do before i don’t want to go surf i


want to stay here with her we can do tons of examples on on things like that that’s just the first one that comes to mind for what you shared yeah i love the playfulness in that and i i love how you’re able able to make humor so spiritual like and i know you’ve said that it’s the highest level of spirituality but i know for me playfulness does not come natural so how can people who like when they hear that example they’re like oh that feels so phony to me or that just like that’s that’s not my


personality how can they open up more play in their hearts [Music] yeah well i have to say this that that that’s the big lie my personality it’s like that’s the box you made of who you are that’s how that’s what makes you feel safe so what that really means is that doesn’t make me feel safe no it’s not your personality because your personality honestly is partly how you were born but also partly how you were bred to be if you were raised in morocco the completely different family what


your personality is even if this with the same soul same body be wildly different so we have to also understand that we’re comfortable with certain parts of ourselves and uncomfortable with other parts because of the family we raised in the environment the culture the time of our lives that’s beautiful because it’s malleable your nervous system doesn’t know how to be playful there’s a big difference your nervous system is like um i mean i don’t know i was was jaden your and your upbringing was humor


either all over the place everywhere so never everything was funny or was it not really not really present at all was there one or the other extreme in your life growing up um out of curiosity i myself was not allowed to be playful um because it uh i wasn’t allowed to express at all there was no like no speaking period just stay in your room you don’t i don’t want to see you always was the situation but um i know for me and my healing journey uh what was uh what came up around play was that that was where my sexual trauma happened so


that’s where i stopped playing um and so i have worked on a lot of healing around the sexual trauma but i’m still working on opening up the play yeah so great example and it makes total sense so one thing i would love for you to invite into your life is the idea that you’re so playful you’re so funny you’re so playful you’re so funny because you are it’s just it’s your your nervous system [Music] has an association right now with play unsafe play death you know it’s very closely related in


your body you know the body keeps the score so your body is keeping tabs on how expressive you are because how expressive you are might be associated with how close to danger and death you are without being able to breathe right suffocation you know whatever your body is storing right now so my first um you know besides just like the talking to of like it’s in you i promise there’s also major compassion we send to our bodies and and um and love and understanding and and there’s no need for you to be


any kind of way playfully or humor humorously there’s no comparison that we need to do if we’ve made it there to being funny there’s there’s little tiny things we can do to begin to bring just a little bit more playfulness in into our lives um and i’m trying to think of an example right now it can honestly be like sounds something as simple as sounds or like if you if you feel a little bit needy and you want your partner’s affection or or you’re not even needy you just want to try making a sound and


see how your body feels you can go up to him go and just like scratch at him and that’s it like literally that’s it and just go walk away it’s awkward and it’s funny and it’s cute so there’s these little tiny things like i want to be a little bit of an animal today you just walk over and you like rub your face against your partner and then you go on your way or you wear i know y’all like to wear ridiculously cute outfits all the time but like you you can like order yourself and your partner like a onesie like


something that you would never expect and then you could just be wearing it at home and then have it for him and it might have something to do with like your relationship dynamic or an inside joke that you have um i don’t know and then continue to watch watch other humorous skits like i am obsessed with skits so add more humor into your life more spiritually and humorous people and snl skits and just start watching how other people do humor and create awkward tension and play with things i don’t know it’s the best thing i’ve


got right now on the top of my head because it really is something that just comes with time and love and compassion with yourself and the ability to not to know that if you don’t take something so seriously you’re okay you’re actually doing god’s work i mean god is the like the major comedian it’s like he’s he she is the best comedian in the entire world and the way that our world works like men having nipples and just like things i don’t know there’s lots of cosmic jokes that are entwined into our


universe yeah i don’t know if it’s helpful either or harmful but a lot of it when i see myself getting too serious like taking things too seriously not being playful enough not taking a break not relaxing into my feminine i ask you know literally what is this all for because the answer is always nothing there’s like no real answer to that at the end of the day so if i should spend all my time here being really serious and having no play time like no i i i that is not the option i choose so it’s like getting back to the


present moment where i actually get to choose what happens from here and what happens right now instead of when i’m projecting into the future constantly a lot of that comes with so much suffering because i’m like just trying to want things out there and want things and like you’re saying that yearning for that feminine yearning that never ends that feminine longing that never ends and is is just this void that sucks in anything she can get and she’ll just continue taking and when you can remember that like


life is has a a time limit on it and you don’t get it forever and you don’t know when it’s gonna end then playtime becomes the only option almost you know reminding myself of that yeah yeah what one more thought that i have for for playfulness i don’t know if you two already do something like this but for everyone else listening um when if you’re if you’re quick to go into your masculine or you’re quick to get anxious about getting things done you’re going to that kind of state


give your partner permission to call you out on it and to say hey put your hands on the table and give you a spanking i love it when when men do that and they’re just like stop that put your hands on the table giving you three spankings it’s my favorite thing because it instantly puts me in the feminine yeah if i’m getting anxious about things or sporadic and then and then and then my response is always oh okay yeah and then and then it’s just and then i just allow myself to stay in that new state i don’t snap back into


i’m like oh that that served a purpose now let’s like stay open to this energy of just got spanked i’m a bad girl like um try that it’s something yeah [Music] yeah i’ve been lately noticing whenever i am in a suffering to see like if i’m nervous or anxious to like be with that feeling and actually stay open to the fact that instead of trying to get out of it and escape it all the time like what i worry about my husband doing um try to stay in it and see how it feels to hold it and then what i can transmute


it into and it’s been pretty cool to watch what happens yeah i want to move us on to another topic because i know we don’t have much more time with you i want to discuss conscious money with you and maybe some of your rituals around finance i know jade and i both um sat through one of your talks about it so i know you have so much to offer there wherever you want to dive in unconscious money um can you give me like a little bit more yeah conscious money so just generally maybe you can describe for our listeners what


it what that what conscious money is like how can we see our money through consciousness or maybe just your your perspective on money um i know you do a lot of like thank yous to your money and you’re like flirty with your money so things like that yeah my journey with money has um come a long way i’m definitely i was set up very well by my father it wasn’t my family wasn’t rich by any means but he did pay for or he made sure my college was was paid for and i i have so much gratitude for being


able to to be given that kind of foundation so i always want to acknowledge that because you know everyone’s in their own space and state with with healing their money wounds and i grew up in that regard taking care of but also at the same time they were so many beliefs around money not coming easily not coming through things that you love like work can’t be fun that was a huge belief in my household is like i remember when i’d be like i want to be a coach my dad would basically be like la dee da you know


and um he had a lot of fear around me being financially capable of creating my own money and i was ne there was never i wasn’t raised with like belief in me being a strong independent woman it was there’s a lot of language about please go get married madeline and go get a corporate job and and like just you can’t understand these things on your own so there was a lot of work i had to put into believing that money absolutely wants to come one wants to come to you wants to find you wants to love you wants to be your lover but it


also wants to come to you through ways that bring you joy like that’s a huge one for me is that money is truly trying to find me and find you through the things that you love to do like that’s the that’s the chemistry that’s the polarity and more recently like where i’m at where i’m at now right now is is seeing money as a spirit i know both y’all were in the call that i i did with my friend rana she does um spirit of money meditations and i’ve cultivated over the past year this idea that money really is like um


like an entity it’s it’s its own spiritual entity it’s it’s like kind of it’s very feminine and and she is she’s very motherly actually and so i see money as this motherly um energy that comes into my life and i i then tenderly hold so all the money in my bank account i’m like i’m like a lighthouse for it i actually see myself as the protector and the guardian of money like when i get it even if it’s going going like i have a separate bank account for my taxes and i don’t really


touch that it’s just 25 30 whatever of everything i make i put it into there and i just look at it and i kind of just think like i’ve got like this mama in this account and i want to take care of her and i want to love her when it’s time to send her to the government when it’s quarterly tax time that’s a very important time for me because i watch all this money i made leave me and go off to the government and so it’s very important for me to have rituals around sending that off going like


i’m so grateful that i got to hold on to you thank you for coming to me and thank you even though i’m not i didn’t get to spend you myself i’m really grateful that you were there because even seeing you in there brought me a lot of comfort thank you and i’m gonna send you on your way to the government to make parks that are beautiful and to help homeless people i hope you don’t like work just like i hope that this goes to like cleaning up the streets in california right now and like in like health and and i know whatever


you do it’s going to be magical right and that’s very counter opposite of the language i grew up very right-wing very conservative like the government was the worst thing ever for taking our money and uh i’ve had you can only tithe yes only tithing and tithing you must do and and so and that was only the one way to tie with just putting the money in the big bowl that you passed around at the big six flags over jesus church that i went to with a massive like it just was a show still healing some wounds there


riggers um yeah so seeing her as this precious entity that gets to come into my life and and in in regards to what you were saying about the thank you when i receive any money at all i just do a whole host of thank yous thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you and like if i want to take it up a notch and bring it into the feminine embodiment work that i do i’ll actually open my limbs and i’ll feel it coming into my body through my root i’ll feel money seep into my body and


penetrate me my heart my mom my sacral my third eye i don’t really normally go super high actually i just really want to keep it there in the womb space because it feels good but i bring the energy of money into my body literally opening my limbs and i do that with a lot i do that with grief i do that with if i hear a poem i really love i will open my entire body and feel it fill me that’s one of my favorite practices it’s just letting my body feel penetrated by xyz whatever it is whatever yeah feeling it come in that was beautiful uh


that you you walked us through a meditation like that or i think it was rana who walked us through the meditation on your on your um workshop and i saw some visions for sure of what money looks like to me and who’s living in there you know uh gosh i want you said you know allowing something to fill you up and it just made me think of this this amazing um holy love-making meditation that you walked us through as well which you talk about the the forefoot [ __ ] of consciousness and i thought we’re all turned on by the idea


and and it goes back to you know what we’re speaking of course of this feminine allowing the divine to fill you up yeah and that differentiating between what’s reasonable to ask of your human partner and what is you you know the work you need to do with the divine communing with the divine and asking it to fill you to your brim because your brim is always you know overflowing if you’re allowing the divine to fill you um whereas with your partner it’s it’s not so reasonable to ask them to fill that void


can you give the listeners though maybe like um a magic trick or an example of how to be filled up with the divine before we move on to our staple questions let’s say maybe they haven’t taken the ccc yet yeah um gosh yeah but you know the i don’t know if i mentioned this on the last podcast that we did oh but like i was saying earlier there’s a there’s a bottomless black hole pit so we all if you’re if you’re a primarily feminine being which most most women are especially probably the women


that listen to this podcast um even if you are operate with to-do lists and you’re logical and you’re and you’re you take action you’re probably still a feminine being if you deeply crave love and intimacy one thing to first acknowledge is that that is a black hole it is not going to be filled ever even if your partner mercedes said yes to you every single saturday you would not feel filled i would still find a way to be you might even get annoyed yeah don’t even get annoyed when you get what it is that you


want and then you’ll crave the opposite you’ll crave for him to start setting boundaries and saying no to you because you’ll miss which i do sometimes also yeah so i understand i’m a void that i’ll never be fooled [Laughter] yeah so one is like learn to love the no because every time your partner or a man says no to you consciously of course with respect you’re actually getting the gift of feeling your own feminine actually when you’re with a feminine man who has no boundaries and he’s the one


who craves more and more closeness and he’s an anxious attacher that you stop feeling your own longing so earthly men who are in the masculine are giving us the gift of feeling are feminine because we long for them so learn to love the longing when you get a no and he sets a boundary and you can’t hang out with him on a saturday and you want more honor your own heart for wanting more thank him for giving you the opportunity to feel your feminine by him setting a boundary and then move throughout the day the week the


month like move with the feeling of of longing for god it’s like honor and acknowledge that your longing is actually something longing for so much more no matter what it always is it’s a longing to be unite united with the beloved is there a moment where i will i have that i you know i have this concept in my mind i listen to yours you tell me it all the time you know is there a moment i want to know is there a moment where i will have the switch happen where i can sit with that longing yearning it almost feels


like grief in me a lot of the time and have the bliss of it the thankfulness that comes with it you know the gratitude that comes with it being and actually enjoy an enjoyable experience does that happen or i just have to be able to yeah yeah yeah yeah it happens it happens it definitely happens like i find beauty and the grief you know i find beauty in the i mean there’s moments it things can be so beautiful that they make you sad like when i’m a great example is like looking in my dog’s eyes like i feel so much love and the love i


feel from him and to him is heartbreaking because it’s temporary yeah like this life is there’s a thing that john always says at the end of workshops when you’re staring into your lover’s eyes and it’s been an hour and a half of deep practice and where everyone’s crying and open and like oh and he says this thing he says look into your partner’s eyes without moving your lips just say through your eyes let’s love each other because we don’t have much longer and it just like breaks me open yeah


when i hear him say that it’s just in my mind this doesn’t last forever so let’s love each other this doesn’t like that to me it fills me up it’s not just grief it’s like it’s beauty yeah i think all beauty has a tender sweet sadness to it because it is temporary and that’s what makes it so magical so we have to to learn to love our own grief and not be afraid of it that is beautiful that example of joy or beauty on the opposite of grief but really they’re just sitting so closely together you can almost taste


the other um when you when you sit with it long enough you know it kind of transmutes itself beautiful stuff man i’m going to have to integrate more integrate more see with it more uh so we want to wrap up the show here and we like to ask a few short questions as we do that so first off if you could hug your younger self right now what would you say oh i would hug her and i would say oh oh my god i just i’m so so basic i just say i love you that’s really what i need i love you i had this little i don’t know if


younger me would would get it but i would say i love you for free love you for free i had a lover that would tell me that after i broke up with him because i was so afraid that i would always lose love yeah if i was a bad girl or i did something wrong or i broke up with you like i would always lose it and he just would tell me all the time i love you for free and that’s like my favorite thing now i was like you don’t have to do anything it’s free i love you you love that if you could have the whole world read


one book which would it be um man what books do i got there um uh i would say actually yeah i would say gene keys the gene keys book oh okay yeah it’s a massive book it covers a lot so it’s kind of cheating do you favor gene keys over human design do you feel really okay majorly oh my god yes so much okay i just uh signed up for the you and your like um file that you send everybody you have a gene keys course and i just signed up for that so i’m super excited yeah awesome the golden path uh-huh yeah cool yeah it’s it’s uh it’s just


amazing and for those of you who haven’t uh maddie had richard rudd on her podcast and it’s amazing oh i didn’t know twice okay the author of the creator yes he’s like jesus he’s really channeling it i’m gonna pack a rucksack bag and just like follow him like i’ve thought about like asking him can i just come like live in england and like that’s how we feel about eric gatsy yeah oh i don’t know who that is we’ll have to introduce you yeah um i’m about halfway through gene keys and


i have to kind of just go back and sit with you know one chapter at a time and just feel into it i mean there’s so much in there you can just live in one chapter your whole life i feel like that’s amazing you’re halfway through i’ve only i only read one at a time like slowly yeah i read five keys total because like yeah yeah i mean that’s probably how it should be done but i i just keep going while i’m jogging every day i like that approach um i figure it it integrates in there at some point it’s all getting in there um


okay if you could whisper one phrase to everyone on the planet or at least everyone who’s listening now what would you say [Music] one phrase um oh man i don’t know why this is this doesn’t make any sense probably to people listening but i would just say um i’m really obsessed with again richard rhodes said this divine drunk drunk on the divine yeah i would just say get drunk on the divine don’t know why i just i love that to me get drunk on the divine shoot it in i love that um before we let you go


where can people find you online you can find me at that’s m-a-d-d-y i’ve got a free feminine embodiment practice on on there maddie maddiemoon.comforwardslash feminine and you can find me on instagram madeline moon that’s m-a-d-e-l-y m-a-d-e-l-y-n moon and my podcast mind body musings has been around for seven years there’s three hundred and thirty episodes now thing uh yeah so those are the main spots awesome thank you so much yeah thank you maddie your work has been so impactful for for


my life i know for jade’s life as well and we are still learning from you so we’re just thankful that you’re out there doing not only feminine relaxing into your feminine but you’re also out there doing that work because we are getting so much from it and passing it on to our listeners as well through yeah changing so many lives yeah thank you thank you so much both of you i wanted to ask you super quick what is the meaning of the honey in your profile picture on instagram like where it’s on your mouth


to me it’s so being being raised in the south um conservative and also with very narcissistic abusive family um everything needed to be clean prim proper perfect and to me a very big edge in my life has been to be um really messy and insects specifically messy grobbly open wide swelling just like just embrace everything that is like the sexuality of like hands in the soil earthy and there’s something about to me honey dripping down the face it’s sticky it’s like it’s messy it’s gonna mess


with your skin but it’s so sweet it’s so erotic and to me it’s it’s the perp perfect representation of what a sacred [ __ ] does which is me um so that honey in me is is like i get turned on looking at myself with honey going down my face and so it’s just it’s yummy it’s indulgent it’s intoxicating it is the feminine yeah yeah okay i had a ceremony where um mary magdalene put honey on my lips and then um i saw your profile picture and i was like oh i’m going to ask her what that meant to her so thank you for


sharing that she’s my guide she’s yeah so it’s maybe yeah there’s some there’s some magdalene and honey perhaps yeah maybe it’s that messy playtime that jade you’re working on right now incorporating into your life yeah what i got from it was like tasting the sweetness of life but yeah yeah i like that that’s beautiful thank you thank you maddie you’re amazing thank you appreciate you yeah so we will basically do what we always do we’ll create our little promos we’ll send you over all that good stuff


and we’ll tag you in the store yeah perfect thank you so much thank you enjoy your visitor yeah you know if you need anything at all i mean okay okay thank you talk to you soon okay bye ladies bye i don’t like when we’re constrained only an hour with anybody wow everything’s hard it gets it’s really hard rigid rigid i know not in a good way well it’s i don’t i don’t like the word richard but um but i just feel like when working when we’re like i mean and i respect her boundary i’m i know like


this is no shame to her for like only giving us an hour but i feel like when we only have an hour with someone that we really want to talk to i feel like the more time that goes by the like deeper in this black hole that i’m in where there’s like all these questions swirling around my head in the hole and i can’t ask anything yeah i think we have to just practice patients and kind of go where the conversations take us because otherwise we get lost in trying to fit in all the topics because we want


our listeners to get so much out of it but they’re going to get like their being in this energy with us is going to be the most valuable piece no matter what actually gets ourselves an hour is a long time for people to listen i know so i don’t [Laughter] thank you for listening we love you and i hope it’s bringing value to your life that’s all we want all right what is your magic trick okay my magic today is super sweet and simple it is to stop saying sorry for lots of things but i’m gonna give you


just four the four that i’m going to bring to your mind today because we can all hold four things in our mind to stop saying sorry for right stop saying sorry for being busy and owning your own time stop saying sorry for setting boundaries for yourself stop saying sorry for being uh excuse me stop saying sorry for not being perfect always stop saying sorry for crying or showing emotions so this came to me because i have um several friends actually jay you’ve even talked about this on the show uh where you noticed yourself doing it a


lot of like saying sorry and you’re like what am i apologizing for like taking up space like being alive like is it my existence i tend to leave yeah i tend to leave really long audio messages and then end it with sorry this is so long and sorry i cussed so much but i try instead to say thank you for listening to this whole thing yes there you go so and thank you’s a great replacement for sorry if you have to feel that feeling but in this case when i’m talking about these four um specific examples you don’t need to say sorry for


crying or showing your emotions like you’re allowed to exist yeah you’re allowed to be a lot and whatever you think too much is you’re allowed to exist um so please especially women but also men who might have this tendency to but stop saying sorry for your existence that’s really what at the end of the day like if you sit with it you might be apologizing for um taking up too much space essentially and it’s amazing that you take up space you have you are worthy to take up space i just want this to be a reminder i hope


it doesn’t come off as like annoying but i i know that if something you expressed it happened for you before i know i’ve heard it a million times i’ve probably done it a million times myself so hopefully it’s valuable what’s your magic today so mine this can be mixed into any meditation that you do this isn’t like a meditation in itself it’s just something to involve in your meditation so and whatever you know that you’re sitting with to um you know as you’re taking your big belly breaths


to feel this is this is what i like to do and um so for me every day i do a different meditation i don’t have this one regular thing that i do every single day i have a notes in my phone with different links to meditations and i just go down the list and when i end it i start all the way over and but in all of those what i have been doing and i got this from maddie moon is in the middle of that meditation or whatever feels right as i’m taking big belly breaths i imagine that like i’m leaning back into


the divine masculine and that can be whatever the divine masculine is for you it could be for some people i’m always surprised but for some people they say it’s their partners for some people they say christ i’m always surprised for some reason i’m always like oh that i don’t know i just ain’t enough i know it sounds so right but i just i like to picture like honestly i like to picture christ um some people like to picture like saying matty’s point earlier we long for more than a human can offer


so it is kind of interesting that they think of the divine as when they say their partner i’m always like wow like for some reason i don’t know although christ was human i’m just gonna put that out there yeah i know so i mean i don’t know how who i don’t know he wasn’t you know i didn’t know him and we’re in we’re all divine as well yeah yeah but that’s who i picture is christ i lean back so okay so in this meditation you’re gonna do be during your big belly breath


you’re gonna imagine that you’re leaning back into whatever the divine masculine is for you and then you’re staring in front of you into the eyes of whoever the divine feminine is for you okay so for me that’s mary magdalene for some people that’s cauli for some people that’s you know durga whoever and and just let them see all of your triggers all of your transgressions all of your sadness whatever it is that you’re feeling that you that you want to release or that you want to give to them


and then hear them both the divine masculine and the divine feminine say i love you i see that and i love you and then just receive that love from both of them and for me i feel very wrapped up by the by the masculine and feminine energy in that space it feels almost like for me it feels almost like motherly and fatherly so okay i just envisioned because i was thinking from a listener’s perspective and from my own perspective when i first did maddie’s uh holy lovemaking meditation that it the same thing is asked of you like to


to envision the divine masculine or feminine in this case you want us to envision both and from my perspective when i did that it was really hard for me to come up with i got really caught up on trying to figure out who that person or figurehead or vision is that is the divine what masculinity well who do you picture when you picture the [ __ ] of cautiousness i picture xerxes from 300.


that’s right who is also like the bad god in that but whatever that’s who i picture kind of also mixed with leonidas though so it’s kind of human but what i was going to say is right now when i was listening to you i envisioned the masculine and feminine divine as a whole a tribe of super strong females standing in front of me as the feminine and yeah you can do that as men standing behind me like kind of holding me and you know yeah holding me or receiving what i need to give or whatever it is so i kind of like that where it’s a


collective you don’t have to like even pin it on one that’s fine yeah i love it okay but i like your magic anyway i just wanted to add that to because sometimes i know i got lost in like trying to figure that out and i was like losing yeah i can see that practice yeah all right magic moppers thank you so much for tuning in and taking this journey with us if this episode held some magic for you please share it with your friends and family this would mean so much to us and don’t forget to join us on our instagram page at the magic


hour and let us know what your favorite episodes have been so far we appreciate all of your feedback and want to know what’s lighting you up yes guys and as jade mentioned there we absolutely adore you for sending us reviews on the podcast app and on uh and writing us excuse me leaving us ratings and reviews so five stars of course and leaving us a review if you liked the show with just a quick little something something about it just say love ya fam and we will be so appreciative that’s the only way that this podcast gets to


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