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Fitness and nutrition fanatic, Natasha Kingsbury, relays her journey with plant medicine, open relationship, and motherhood. Sharing her story of a turbulent upbringing, and her struggles with eating disorders, she vulnerably explores her truth with us, leaving nothing off the table. We delve into how she and her husband, Kyle Kingsbury, wound up in an open relationship, and how they manage explaining their relationship style to their child with all of it’s twists and turns. With no shortage of love to go around, she gives us the details of her recent threesome with her hubby and her boyfriend, proving that turning fantasy into reality is possible with the right perspective and the right people.

We round this episode out by weeding through her X-rated tips for owning bedroom activities, how to increase confidence around your sexuality, and how to move toward a healthier body image overall. A patient and humble truth seeker, and playful nature lover, Natasha offers a beautiful example of conscience living and loving.

We hope you enjoy her light!

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